Tony Abbott's speech on something other than Barnaby
Front Page of The Australian - AWU claims: detective breaks silence on fraud scandal


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Up The Workers!

Another string to Juliar's bow.

D.P.P. - Director of Pulled (or Poxed) Prosecutions.

It's just as well the former Federal Leader of the Australian LIARS' Party promised to lead an open, honest and transparent Government, or otherwise people might have confused it as being one led by a bunch of liars, forgers, perjurers and crooks.

Slater & Gordon had the right idea (eventually). Her Federal Parliamentary Labor(sic) Caucus colleagues had the right idea (eventually). The Australian electorate had the right idea (eventually) but the party-hacks who pulled Det. Sgt. McAlpine's investigation and who nobbled the T.U.R.C. are not yet behind bars.

Let's hope that situation is soon rectified.


Kaaaaplop, is that something hitting the fan.

Jeff of FNQ

Well done Smithy and Dave McAlpine.

seeker of truth

Finally we have discovered who had the conduct of the sale of Kerr St, Fitzroy. It was Irvin Gold whose office was at North Carlton down the road from the real estate agent G.A. Thompson & Co. Gold was at 641 Rathdown St, Nth Carlton while Thompons were at 393 Rathdown St, Carlton So much for Thigles. Irvin Gold's office at North Carlton was a 9 minute drive from Gillard's house at St Phillips Street or a 45 minute walk. His office was a 5 minute drive from Wilson's Kerr St, Fitzroy house or a 19 minute walk. Take your pick as to which one of the two set up the sale.

Mr Irvin Gold still practices law. He has a Linkedin profile

seeker of truth

If Dave McAlpine is intending to request the WA Corruption and Crime Commission to investigate Thiess, Jukes, Trio and Albrecht's behaviour in this AWU fraud as well as the Minister for Corporate Affairs then he might hit a brick wall because there is another conflict of interest problem. The Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission is John Roderick McKechnie appointed on 1 April 2015. He is the same McKechnie who was the WA Director of Public Prosecutions who stopped McAlpine from executing the Victorian search warrants.

McKechnie was appointed WA's first Director of Public Prosecutions in 1991 by the Carmen Lawrence State Labor government.

There is always a mountain to climb to get any government investigative action in this matter. Ralph Blewitt wrote to McKechnie as Commissioner in January 2017 and got nowhere. Maybe Dave McAlpine will have better luck.

Concerned Senior

No one needs to ask anymore "WHO IS MICHAEL SMITH?"

Keep up the good work Michael.


Maybe McKechnie needs to be brought to trial for the wilful concealment of a criminal acts.
Maybe John Cain Jnr in Victoria needs to also be brought to trial for the concealment of criminal actions.
These people subvert the very institutions which are there to protect the people from criminal acts. They should be behind bars.
The law has been politicised and used by criminal politicians and bureaucrats to rort the public. There is no justice while these people are left in office.

Up The Workers!

This information should be on the front page of "The Australian", as well.

If it's not hand-picked, selective blind Police Chiefs who repeatedly nobble crime statistics and deny the existence of rampant gang crime and acts of murderous terrorism, it is Party-hack D.P.P.'s or D.P.P.'s Solicitors shutting down investigations and protecting crooked Party mates

The same old crew...the same old brick walls.

It's time somebody took a wreckers' ball to those brick walls.

Even IF this bloke is as honest as the day is long, he should stand down from this matter and let somebody without his connection to the Party and possible connected individuals, handle the matter. Judges with a personal interest in matters before them, have to do this. Why should the D.P.P. in a matter such as this one, be exempt?

Or is it the case that in this instance - as in so many OTHER matters touching on the institutionalised corruption associated with the Crims' Party, an exemption should be made here, so that only Party-appointees sit in judgement or positions of power and influence when the A.L.P. is itself in the dock?


Good man. There's nothing worse than feeling powerless while power is abused. Many thousands of us know, or have known, this feeling in our workplaces. Men like you lift our hearts.

Steve J

Thigles was a misreading of Hughes solicitors.
They acted for the purchaser Christopher Thomas.

Antoine D'Arche

way to go boys

Up The Workers!

Tis the joyful sound of a steaming fresh load of A.L.P. hitting the rotary impeller.

(Those bladeless Dysons just don't have quite the same aural impact).

Just hold the nose; stand well back and "Let her rip, Boris!"

Up The Workers!

Ah yes, but 'All that glitters is not Gold'

(or was that vice-versa?)


They all seem to be tarred with the same brush.


Ahhhh, I love the smell of fear in the morning!

Rob Greer

Well done Michael, tenacity reaps it's rewards.

Methinks there is a major change in the weather with a huge gathering of Cumulo - Shitticus Cloud ... torrential downpours and winds bordering upon hurricane force are predicted. In short - There's a major Shit Storm on the way!


With every stumbling block they erect the corruption becomes more obvious.

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