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George Moore and Paul B Kidd move to 2GB


Congratulations George Moore and Paul B Kidd!

Next Saturday their weekends radio show moves to 2GB after 15 years at 2UE.

What a team - and what a lovely pair of blokes.

George and Paul have been a phenomenal success at 2UE - in spite of being at 2UE.  It speaks volumes about the place that their slot is the only one on the station that's remained "unimproved" by the Errol Flynn management that's turned 2UE into a shadow of the Sydney institution we loved for decades.

George and Paul have been on top of the weekend ratings for as long as I can remember - as Jason Morrison pointed out to me over the weekend, that's no mean feat when you're on the number 10 station.

Here's Jason's recording of their last moments on 2UE - along with sounds like the latest Morrison addition in the background!