Update on the prosecution of Ralph Edwin Blewitt in The AWU Scandal
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Important update on the promised GILLARD prosecution over The AWU Scandal

In the past few days there's been a major development in The AWU Scandal investigation.

A very senior official who was as close as anyone could be to the centre of the scandal in the mid-90s has now retired from public service.

An intermediary contacted me last week to explain that the former official was keen to talk to me.

The person concerned has moved to another country to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of service.

I've made arrangements to travel this week to the place where the person has retired.  It's quite a way to go, but on the basis of the notes we've exchanged in the past 24 hours I know it will be one of the most worthwhile trips I've made in quite a while!

After that trip I will return to Australia to file charges - as promised - against GILLARD.

In framing the charges and preparing the brief of evidence I've followed the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions policy document "Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth".


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As a general rule any person has the right at common law to institute a prosecution for a breach of the criminal law. That right is recognised in section 13 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth). 

My legal advisers and I have extensively tested the brief of evidence against Gillard.

We believe it makes out a prima facie case with a reasonable prospect of conviction.  

I am convinced the prosecution is in the public interest.

May I ask you now whether you are prepared to support me in travelling this week to interview the witness and then to return to Australia to file charges?

I am very proud of the quality of this brief, will you help out to get the charges filed in the court registry?

Michael Smith

National Australia Bank

BSB: 084855

Acct No: 537650476