Vernon Demerest helps with who, what, where, when and why Victoria dropped the AWU investigation without charging anyone
Shaz of Christmas Island with some snaps from the Christmas Island "Where are they now" file

Ralph Blewitt to enter plea in Perth Magistrates Court today on charges he defrauded Thiess 31 times - all by himself

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Wish Bill was here to see how the saga ends!

Survivor - Workplace Reform!  

Who had the smarts to lead the operation?

Was it "The bagman"?

Was it "The burger-flipper"?

Or was it the "There's a list. I am of course a former Prime Minister and do a number of things associated with that. I am an author. I am the Chair of the Global Partnership For Education. I am a non-resident Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington. I am an Honorary Professor at the University of Adelaide".

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