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Raymond Crake - fraudster who bodgied up $500K in WA workplace reform funding - now in Bali with GoFundMe campaign

The fraudster Raymond Ernest Crake appears to be a piece of work.

He was recently convicted in Western Australia over a $230,000 false invoicing fraud.

The judge said Crake's conduct "involved significant corruption and large amounts of money -  the corruption was very high".

Now he's popped up in Bali with a GoFundMe campaign underway to "employ more Balinese" in his new coffee shop.

As he says in his GoFundMe page - "Help spread the word"

Assist to employ more Balinese

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Grab Me Bali is a coffee shop & Cafe located in Seminyak in the main tourist region of south Bali. Open only for 5 months we currently employ 8 Balinese people plus contract local accounting and human resource businesses. The main business result of the Mt Agung Volcano eruption was that there has been uncertainty concerning the airport being operational (was closed for 2.5 days in early December). This result of this uncertainty has lead to a 80% or more drop in tourist numbers across Bali. Socially this has resulted in huge unemployment as businesses have struggled to stay operational. The unemployment creates poverty which magnifies existing and creates new social issues. Grab Me Bali has supported the local Balinese people by keeping all staff employed but not replacing those 2 that have left for relocation reasons. We believe with the previous 30% growth per month in the business and an expansion in trading hours we would have employed 15 Balinese by January 2018 in the Seminyak location. The business owner takes no salary or drawings. We offer our customers local Indonesian coffee, an Indonesian and European menu focusing on fresh, healthy food and drink utilizing where possible local organic produce. We utilise only recyclable or composting packaging and support ocean - beach clean ups at a direct local level through a donation of business turnover. Turn over has dropped considerably since the Mt Agung eruption. We wish to main staff levels until tourist numbers return to normal and also start planning for and opening a 2nd Grab Me Bali location in May 2018. Funds are sought to continue operating and employing our existing staff until tourist numbers return to normal (tourism experts suggest March 2018) and to lease and open another location that would employ and train an additional 15 Balinese people. Grab Me Bali employs only local Balinese people. We employ Balinese of all religions. We have a belief of supporting fair pay equity. We pay above government regulated minimum wages and support employees training and development. This gives our employees future options for career development. Any monies donated will provide financial stability to our existing and future employees and provide personal and professional development opportunities for employees & trainees both in Bali, Indonesia and overseas

Update 1
Posted by Ray Crake
1 month ago
Thank you. The campaign is officially launched. We all at Grab Me Bali thank you
Look us up on Facebook: GrabMeBali
And instagram: grabmebali
Our upstairs area overlooking Seminyak village Bali


Will you help spread the word about Ray and his fundraising efforts?