Deputy PM Michael McCormack campaign ad - he'll fix health, education, aged care, roads and other unique goals.
Trumps & Turnbulls - presumably snapped after getting to know each other

Senator (sic) Kimberley Kitching keen to put the spotlight on jobs for the mates of political leaders



Today Senator (I still find that difficult to write) Kimberley Kitching is leading the charge in detailed Senate Estimates questions about Barnaby Joyce's staffer/lover Vikki Campion.


Fair enough, it's a legitimate issue.

But Kimberley Kitching may not be the wisest choice of Senator to draw attention to the issue of jobs for mates.

Just like Shorten/Labor's choice of Kitching for the Senate hasn't the slightest trace of wisdom about i.

But we don't hear a whisper about Kitching's legitimacy from the wusses in the Government of Turnbull.

So the Left, once again, sail carefree through the sorts of storms that sink conservatives.



David Asmar, who denies ducking slush fund questions, now working ...
Jan 24, 2018 - David Asmar, who also has close ties to Mr Shorten, is now an aide to another of the Labor leader's factional backers, Senator Kimberley Kitching. The Daily Telegraph has confirmed Mr Asmar is now listed as an adviser to Ms Kitching, who is married to Victorian factional player Andrew Landeryou.

Diana Asmar: Bill Shorten's no 1 union mate - The Australian
Nov 7, 2016 - Asmar, backed by Landeryou and his wife, new Labor senator Kimberley Kitching, is a political operative loyal to Shorten. She became Shorten's candidate to reclaim control of the HSU No1 branch after Shorten fell out with Jackson and her acolytes because Jackson refused to vote the way Shorten told ...

Unravelling the myth of new Labor senator Kimberley Kitching
Oct 29, 2016 - There was a buoyant mood on Tuesday evening during a brief joint sitting of the Victorian parliament when Kimberley Kitching was formally ... It is true that Asmar and Kitching inherited a mess from an underling of the now disgraced Kathy Jackson — but the HSU No 1 branch did not recover during ...

Four Bill Shorten allies could avoid conviction after polling booth ...
Mar 15, 2017 - Andrew Landeryou and his co-accused have escaped conviction. Photo: Ken Irwin. One of the accused, Shorten confidant Andrew Landeryou, is the husband of recently installed Victorian Senator Kimberley KitchingDavid Boutros-Asmar, George Droutsas and Dean Sherriff are also accused of taking part ...

Friend of Bill Shorten charged with vandalism offences at polling ...
Dec 28, 2016 - Andrew Landeryou, the husband of the Labor senator Kimberley Kitching, will face Melbourne magistrates court in February on five counts of theft and five counts of criminal damage. Two other men have also been charged over the incident – David Asmar faces the same 10 charges, as does Dean Sherriff ...
Photo of MPSenator McKENZIE (Victoria) (13:47): I rise to place on the record my concerns about a pattern of activity around the office of the member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby. This involves claims spanning a decade that he has housed a taxpayer-funded 'dirt unit' in his electorate office.

On 25 November last year, journalist Brad Norington with Rosie Lewis published a story in The Australian revealing that a blogger by the name of Peter Wicks, who runs a website called Wixxyleaks, is actually a taxpayer-funded staffer working for the Member for Melbourne Ports. Mr Wicks' Wixxyleaks website claims to be independent, but it often smears members of the Labor Party, the Greens, coalition parties and others, while promoting certain Labor factional players, like Senator Kitching.

According to the story, Wicks is close to new Labor senator and Danby ally, and now senator, Kimberley Kitching, as well as being close to Ms Kitching's husband, Andrew Landeryou, the backroom operator, former blogger and friend of Labor leader, Bill Shorten. According to The Australian:

Mr Wicks has not disclosed his role as a paid political staffer on his Wixxyleaks website—

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT ( Senator Reynolds ): Senator McKenzie, there is a point of order.

Photo of MPSenator McAllister: I ask that the senator refer to senators and members of the House of Representatives by their correct title.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I would remind speakers to use the appropriate salutations.

Photo of MPSenator McKENZIE: So that would be Labor leader Mr Shorten.

that often makes defamatory and factually incorrect claims in attacks on the Coalition and many others.

Nor has he revealed his personal ties to Senator Kitching and Mr Landeryou, both firm backers of Mr Shorten's dominance of the ALP Right faction in Victoria.

Senior ALP and union readers of Mr Wicks's blogsite say it has become more clearly identifiable lately as propaganda for Mr Shorten's side in politics.

They suggest it could serve as a front for Mr Landeryou, who closed down his own 'poison pen' Vexnews website in 2013 at Mr Shorten's request—but could be back in business if he was using Wixxyleaks as a new outlet.

Vexnews talked up Mr Shorten while publishing allegations against people regarded as critics or opponents. "You can see the hand of Landeryou in some of the latest posts," one reader claimed.

Melbourne ABC radio broadcaster Jon Faine said during one of Ms Kitching's earlier bids for a prize Labor seat in 2013 that she brought "baggage" with her husband.

"There are many people intimidated by Andrew Landeryou and the way he uses Vexnews to bully and undermine and ruin people's reputations," Faine said.

The Australian sought comment from Mr Wicks about his dual roles as a blogger and political staffer and whether he was receiving assistance with his blog. A fellow staffer in Mr Danby's Melbourne office said Mr Wicks was in a meeting and not available, possibly for hours. Mr Wicks did not return later calls.

Mr Danby defended the blog and praised Mr Wicks's communications skills in his role as an electoral officer.

"As a zealous champion of free speech, I, of course, will do nothing to interfere with his highly regarded blog-writing, although, of course, expect this would only ever be done in his own time, not while at work," Mr Danby said.

Mr Danby subsequently wrote a letter to the editor, stating that, since joining his staff in October, Wicks had only blogged three times and not during work hours.

Mr Danby's letter to the editor does not conclusively refute the claims that Mr Wicks' blogs are simply a private activity. If one looks at Wicks' posts since his employment by Mr Danby, three out of five are devoted to defending Kimberley Kitching and the HSU's Diana Asmar from media criticism or attacking Kathy Jackson—hardly causes removed from the factional interests of his employer, Mr Danby.

Before commenting on the Member for Melbourne Ports' history of hosting such operators in his office I wish to examine the relationship between Mr Danby and Kimberley Kitching's errant husband, Andrew Landeryou.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Senator McAllister, a point of order?

Photo of MPSenator McAllister: Again, Senator Kitching is entitled to be referred to by her correct title.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT: I would remind Senator McKenzie to use correct titles.

Photo of MPSenator McKENZIE: My apologies—Senator Kitching. He is notorious for his Vexnews blog which operated from 2008 to 2013. Vexnews claimed to be 'First with the worst'. It was an amalgam of defamation, vendetta, rumour and fiction, often aimed at opponents of the Shorten faction, who by contrast were promoted. There is no doubt that the Member for Melbourne Ports is a political ally of the Landeryous. Indeed, Mr Danby acknowledged Landeryou's help in his maiden speech to parliament in 1998. After the recent federal election Andrew Landeryou and David Asmar, along with two other men, were arrested for allegedly vandalising Greens and Liberal polling material at multiple polling stations from Elwood to Port Melbourne and allegedly driving at volunteers who tried to stop them. Fairfax Media reported at the time that the men had been released without charge but were still being investigated. I understand this matter is presently before the court so I will not comment further. According to Fairfax:

Mr Landeryou is understood to be a personal and political confidant of Mr Shorten—

the Leader of the Opposition—

All four men were heavily involved in the election campaign of Michael Danby, the Labor MP for Melbourne Ports who fought a close three-way contest to eventually declare victory, in a campaign he described as "ugly".

So it is clear that there are strong links not only between the member for Melbourne Ports and the Landeryous but also between the Landeryous and the opposition leader, Bill Shorten.

The member for Melbourne Ports has been an unashamed booster of Senator Kitching's ambitions to attain a Senate seat, regaling ABC viewers with a tale of her using Argo-like sleuthing abilities to clean up the HSU, which has subsequently been debunked. Everyone knows that Senator Kitching's Senate candidacy was supported behind the scenes by Mr Shorten. One might be tempted to dismiss the member for Melbourne Ports' association with both Peter Wicks and Andrew Landeryou as just poor judgment about staff and associates were it not for the fact that Peter Wicks' exposure as a part of a dirt operation centred around Mr Danby's office is actually a case of history repeating itself.

In 2006 another taxpayer-funded adviser to Mr Danby was accused of blackening the names of MPs and compiling dirt files on them. Specifically, Dr Adam Carr, who worked for Mr Danby, was accused of doctoring the online biographical entries of dozens of Labor MPs and Liberals, including then Treasurer Peter Costello and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Two Labor MPs, Julia Irwin and Jennie George, complained to then Opposition Whip, Roger Price, that Dr Carr had placed unpleasant biographical material about them on Wikipedia.

According to an article in the SundayHerald Sun, Mrs Irwin, the then member for Fowler, said she believed Dr Carr was 'getting dirt on people'. The article went on to say:

"People who are ALP staffers should not be doing that type of thing," she said.

Ms George, the member for Throsby and a former ACTU president, is believed to have complained that Dr Carr wrote she was a member of the Communist Party in the 1970s.

The entry was later changed to describe her as an "alleged" former member.

The Whip would not comment, but it is believed he warned Mr Danby to rein in his staffer.

At the time, the member for Melbourne Ports denied the allegation, and Mr Carr claimed that, while he had edited the Wikipedia entries of many MPs, Mrs Irwin's Wikipedia entry had been changed by an anonymous user. Despite his denials about Adam Carr's activities, Mr Danby has shown himself more than eager and willing to use his material when it suits him.

In 2011 Mr Danby became involved in a war over edits to Senator Lee Rhiannon's Wikipedia page, with user 'Intelligent Mr Toad' duelling with NSW Greens staffer Chris Maltby over Maltby's attempts to expunge details of Senator Rhiannon's communist past. In parliament, Mr Danby denounced both Maltby and Senator Rhiannon but did not refer to 'Intelligent Mr Toad', who was editing Senator Rhiannon's Wikipedia page to include the references being expunged. The thing is that 'Intelligent Mr Toad' was an alias used by Adam Carr, although he had at this time moved from Mr Danby's payroll onto David Feeney's.

If one were so inclined, one could trace an unbroken line of defamation linked to the member for Melbourne Ports, starting with Adam Carr and continuing up to today with Peter Wicks. The unfortunate thing about the activities of Mr Carr, Mr Landeryou and Mr Wicks is that truth is often dispensed in favour of smear. To call it muckraking is rating it too highly. And the thing is that, when such online operations are being deployed not so much against the coalition but against the internal opponents of the Shorten faction, as well as Labor's Green rivals, they are not being used to promote friends of that faction, such as Senator Kitching. It is no wonder Labor has been on the brink of exploding over such shenanigans.


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Political speedbump

A great thanks from the criminal left to the weakest Pm in our history ,and his mate the disgraced Dyson Hayden and their ship of corrupt Legal fool types who gave the Labor party a free ride on the TURC's criminal gravy train .

How truly galling that people have to refer to outright criminals like the dreadfull Kimberly Kitchins as the "honourable" or even "Senator" ,makes my skin crawl and my blood boil . She and her gang are no more than 2 bob crooks who continues to be protected by our fully corrupted judiciary to continue protecting the big fish .

When will the truly gutless schoolboy Malcom consider draining our festering swamp ? ....oh that's right he is a closet leftard .

Liz of Vic


This is really unacceptable I would have thought, these cohorts of Danby and
Ms Kitching are the absolute pits!

These are in our Parliament? Or their advisors?

If so, I have no idea, who could save us from this scum.


Gee, I wonder who gave her the tip to go check with the clerk?


Why is this crook (Kimberley Kitching) sitting in judgment of others?

Old 2RAR Digger

Once again words fail me .How the [email protected]#^ do they get away with it? Well we do know, eh.

Up The Workers!

She should know all about jobs for "little maaates" who don't deserve them.

She happens to be in one, right now.

It was Kitching who reportedly fraudulently sat the mandatory safety tests for the "Right of Entry Permit" for six different union goons.

Even Mark Doofus threatened to resign if Bonking Billy brought Kitching in to the Senate on a "Captains' pick"- but Doofus, as usual, was only gillarding.

Is a $200,000 per annum Senate seat now available to ALL liars, crooks and frauds - or only to A.L.P. ones?

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
If you can't stand dishonest hypocrites, liars and frauds, get Kitching out of the Senate!

Dennis Thompson

Keep filling those buckets with truth and keep throwing at opposition side both houses.


This only goes to confirm my opinion that Australia has a very corrupt system of government which is becoming more corrupted by the day. The legal avenues to end the corruption are all in the hands of the criminals.

seeker of truth

Maybe it was a best friend in the former Senator Sam Dastyari. He took her under his wing when she first entered the joint. You can't tell me he still doesn't have his nose in Federal politics.


Those gormless bed wetters in government give free kick after free kick to liebor. Not one of them will get up off their arse and climb into the hypocritical opposition about their office affairs, abortions, marriage and family break-ups, expense rorts, jobs for their maaates et al, the list is endless. Why are the bed wetters sitting there too shit scared to do anything about the opposition? You nit wits are going to be visiting centre-link after the next election because shortone won't employ you, so why don't you all grow a pair and go down fighting? I was a life long Liberal voter until you sorry, gutless lot of cowards rode the coat tails of that embarrassment Turnbull. TA had liebor in opposition for the next 10 years, and what did you idiots do? Ruined the best chance you had to keep paying for your kids' private schools, the new car and house, the botox and beauty parlours for your wives. You dills will lose the lot! Never again will I vote for the coalition.


She's a piece of work alright.

Michelle Two

Does Barnaby know on a personal level what he done to Turnbull to want his removal by stealth.. Was he stopping any policy direction from going through.. I am just curious of the chairmans game plan besides ridding the Parliament of conservative voices at the most influential places within the house..
I know the Chairman is working on reforming the whole Parliament he would love nothing more then a republic with one rule of law, his own and the Globalist masters.. I wonder what instructions he got while out of town.. I guess it will show up soon enough among more chaos that is going to follow as night does day..

Still not feeling myself this energy needs to shift, I will work on it tonight when I retire to bed so sending love, light and healing to soul and all that need it.. Unfinished Symphony is the card reading I just done on FB.. so a message on soul finishing the current lessons and soul searching to know where it is up to so you can steer it where you want to as it already you already have a soul plan and life purpose.. which your soul will reveal when you are ready to take on that challenge.. love and light xx


I am so disgusted to see Andrew Bolt, for whom I have had the utmost respect over these past many years. give this woman a weekly spot on his 'Bolt Report 'panel. I like to hear what Andrew Hastie has to say,but will not watch this programme on Tuesday whilst she is allowed to dispense her opinions, crook and cheat that she is.


" So the Left, once again, sail carefree through the sorts of storms that sink conservatives."

Well said. Why is there this double standard, why the Left is NEVER held to account?


I am SPEECHLESS. How dare that woman utter one word in contempt of anyone else.

Jeff of FNQ

I understand the Fair Work Commission found she had a case to answer for her alleged fraudulent behaviour whilst with the HSU, which backed up the recommendations from the TURC that she be prosecuted.


He is the frog on the liilipat of the swamp. Ribbit ribbit ribbit. Stop


Seriously, does Australia really need a Senate? The Senate aka 'House of Review' is no longer worthy of continuing to exist as it has morphed into a taxpayer funded gravy train for people who lack the ability to find employment in the real world. Former Trade Union leaders/organisers & ALP powerbrokers et al. We have Kimberley Kitching, Penny Wong, Clive Palmer, Sarah Hanson Young and others of their ilk now sitting comfortably in the Senate. What use are they to Australia?

Then there's the army of political 'staffers/media advisers etc' who are costing taxpayers billions$.

Labor-Unions have turned the Senate & State Upper Houses as a retirement package for Trade Union leaders/organisers. How much longer can Australia afford to continue this rort. Enough is enough.

12 Senators representing each Australian State, including 12 Tasmanian Senators, 12 WA Senators. Why? Surely, COAG should be able to provide the necessary representation for each State & Territory through the regular meetings in Canberra between State Premier, Territory Chief Ministers & the PM.

Every State Parliament has the Legislative Assembly and the Upper House(Legislative Council) - Except Queensland which has only the Legislative Assembly. It may be time for all States to follow Queensland's example and abolish the Upper House in each State.

Time to abolish the Senate in Canberra. Exactly how much is the Australian Senate costing Australian taxpayers? New Zealand does NOT have a Senate or Upper House and has been able to operate efficiently.

Maybe a Royal Commission into the Australian Parliament could examine the efficiency in continuing to operate with both the House of Representatives as well as the Australian Senate. We already have the elected Government members & the Opposition members.

Australia has one of the highest number of politicians in the world per head of population. Australia can no longer afford so many politicians - Local Council/State/Territory/Federal. The billions$ spent on The Senate & State Upper Houses could be used to fund our ADF instead.

Unfortunately, Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have what it takes to bring changes & modernise the operation of our Parliaments - State & Federal - operate more efficiently in the 21st Century & advanced technology.


Kimberley Kitching has a a big fat hide to question Barnaby Joyce's situation, when Kitching herself has been accused of fraud, lying & cheating for a long time. She got the Senator's job because Bill Shorten personally gave it to her. The Kimberley Kitching appointment as Senator was fixed and a personal "Captain's Pick" by Shorten. How about the Senate question Kimberley Kitching and her involvement in the Bill Shorten factional team in Victoria?.


David Asmar.. David Asmar..

What was the surname of that woman with the long, dyed reddish hair who was called before the Royal Commission around the same time as Kitching's activities were coming to light?

Up The Workers!

Yes, but between the Prime Quisling and Brandis, not a single testicle could be rustled up for fortitude's sake.

seeker of truth

Kimberley Kitching should know about creating jobs for mates. Her very good friend, Dianne Asmar, did exactly that for her. Diana Asmar was elected to the position of Branch Secretary of HSU No. 1 Vic Branch on 21 December 2012 and immediately appointed her good friend Kimberley Kitching as the General Manager of the Branch which was a position that did not previously exist and the duties were those normally done by the Branch Secretary and her office staff. The job was not advertised. Kitching was given a salary of $120,000, a car and fuel card and mobile phone even though the Branch was walking a tight rope financially. In other words Asmar created a job for her because of the work Landeryou and Kitching did in campaigning for her union election and because at that time the Landeryou family (Kimberley and Andrew Landeryou) were under financial stress because of Andrew's failed business dealings.

When I say immediately appointed to the position of General Manager, I do mean immediately. Asmar was elected Branch Secretary on Friday 21 December. Kitching was appointed General Manager in a temporary capacity on Sunday 23 December 2012 following a resolution of the Branch Committee of Management held on that Sunday. She commenced work on Monday 24 December (that is Xmas eve so she would have been paid for the Xmas/New Year break when the office was closed). The job was made permanent on 3 June 2013. Now I would say that is well and truly above and beyond creating a job for a mate. It was a stitched up package approved by the ALP and Shorten.

Michelle Two

I just wanted to put those lies and links of the Social Butterfly under this post as well for any visitors that want proof of how easy these souls lie to you and those they work with..

Julie Bishop claims not to know Catherine Marriott but I have found links that say otherwise..
27 Feb 2018

Claims leak ‘distressing’

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says it was “very distressing” the identity was leaked of a woman who lodged a sexual harassment claim against Barnaby Joyce.

Ms Bishop this morning said she hoped the person who leaked Catherine Marriott’s identity regretted their actions.

“That is very distressing for her, I don’t know her, I had no idea about these allegations until I read them in the press,” Ms Bishop told ABC radio.

“But clearly if someone wanted these allegations to be investigated and wanted them to be confidential then it is very distressing they have been made public and I certainly hope the person who made them public regrets it.”

16 Aug 2014
HIGH-profile Culcairn cattle identity Lucinda Corrigan has been appointed to the board of the prestigious Commission for International Agricultural Research.

The commission provides expert, strategic advice on priorities for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

It plays a critical role in the Australian government’s new aid policy by encouraging Australian agricultural scientists to use their skills for the benefit of developing countries as well as Australia.

The announcement of the five appointments to the board — Don Heatley OAM (chairman), John Cook, Mrs Corrigan, Dr Tony Gregson AM and Catherine Marriott was made by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop on Monday.

Ms Bishop described the members of the new board as highly qualified commissioners who have made substantial contributions to Australia’s agriculture and food sectors.

Posted 10 Oct 2012, 6:27pm
Catherine Marriott, second from the right, with Julie Bishop and other rural women from WA

Liz of Vic

Yes you are so right Senex, it was Dianne Asmar.


Why have Kitching and Asmar NOT been charged with perjury after the Royal Commission into Union Co0rruption. Just by the pub test, neither of these women (a term used loosely) pass the Character Test and should be behind bars.


Aha.. Diana Asmar created a new position of Branch General manager for Kimberly Kitching in December of 2012, and now David Asmar (husband of Diana?) is now an advisor to Kitching.

This lot are so inbred it's a wonder they don't all have three eyes and fourteen fingers.

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