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Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin - internet troll on our website - must be dismissed. Today.

This is Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin.

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Yesterday he admitted to Neil Mitchell on 3AW that he was the author of vulgar comments in our story concerning a win a good copper, Paul Mullet had in court over Christine Nixon.

The Age reported that story yesterday.

Guerin created a fictional person for his posts - Vernon Demerest.

Vernon Demerest was Dean Martin's character in the 70s movie Airport.

Brett/Vern must think he's pretty good.

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I don't think he's any good at all.

Guerin/Vern made several posts to this site, over a 4 month period.  

This was no accident.

During February and March 2016 I wrote a number of letters to Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.  

I wrote as the original complainant in what led to Operation Tendement - the AWU Scandal taskforce headed by DET SGT Ross Mitchell.  

For several weeks ASHTON's office simply did not respond to my requests

I was denied progress reports on my complaint - reports which should have been made to me as a right.

I wrote to Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin of the Ethical Standards Unit to lodge a complaint about the management of correspondence in ASHTON's office.

I've published my letter at the foot of this post - and I also made this public post about the matter.

GUERIN, using his Vernon Demerest persona posted this comment to that post.

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The "whole thing" which Assistant Commissioner Guerin refers to as "crap such as this" and a "politically-driven stunt" is the investigation of The AWU Scandal.

His own police were then in possession of considerable evidence of serious indictable offences involving named offenders in the matter.

Guerin is a member of Victoria Police Force Command.  


Just like some of the other comments from his IP address.

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Assistant Commissioner Guerin/Vernon can expect a whole heapin' helpin' of heartache headed his way.

It would be in all our interests for him to leave the Victoria Police today.  

And Ashton should follow him.


Assistant Commissioner Brett Guerin

Professional Standards Command
Victoria Police Force
Dear Assistant Commissioner Guerin,
ASHTON, Graham - Chief Commissioner of Police 
Complaint regarding correspondence management and customer service
On 16 February I sent the following written request for feedback regarding my 2012 complaint to Victoria Police (which led to the establishment of Operation Tendement).
I included this proviso "I propose to treat this note as a public communication along with any direct response Victoria Police sends to me."   I make that declaration in relation to this note too.
 As well as email transmission, I published the request to ASHTON to the internet and it was widely disseminated on Twitter and other social media platforms.
I have received no response from ASHTON's office.
Further chaser
On 14 March I sent a further follow-up note to the Victoria Police media unit, enclosing the original note to ASHTON.   I have received no response to that note.
That you cause an investigation of the of the Commissioner's correspondence management, including the registration of incoming correspondence and the Commissioner's adherence to reasonable timeframes in replying to his corro.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Smith