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Dan Andrews was playing from the Bill Shorten copybook in election rorts - here's the sworn evidence

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Fiona Ward with Shorten.


My apologies first up to Brisbane's Fiona Ward.  I mistakenly published a photo of the wrong Ms Ward yesterday, and thanks to John Ward for pointing my error out.


Fiona Ward worked full time to get Bill Shorten elected.

Only Bill Shorten didn't pay her.

Fiona was paid by miners, cleaners and mushroom farmers.

The problem for Bill, Fiona and the mushroom people - just like Dan Andrews Victorian taxpayers - is that Bill never thought to tell them.

Here's Fiona's secret evidence to the Trade Union Royal Commission.

WardMFI 1 FionaWard Private Hearing by Michael Smith on Scribd


Here's the incomparable Seeker of Truth putting it all in perspective.


Ward was working for a Victorian politician who was about to retire so she needed to find another job. It was Bill Shorten who personally approached her and offered her the job of campaign officer. Ward was involved in the right faction of the party. Shorten then had an employment contract prepared for her by an AWU staff member. Her job description was "tasks as directed by the National Secretary and focus on community and political campaigning as per National Executive decisions." Her role never involved working at the AWU office; at all times she was based at Shorten's campaign office in Moonee Ponds along with his dodgy campaign manager Lance Wilson. She worked on the "Labor for Maribyrnong" campaign. She admits that she did not see herself working for the AWU; she just worked for Bill Shorten in connection with his campaign and part of her job was recruiting volunteers. Ward admitted that her role did not encompass any services for the Union.

After completing her work as Shorten's campaign officer, Fiona Ward then scored a job with Federal Minister Nicola Roxon as a media adviser. Upon Roxon's retirement, she worked for Roxon's replacement in the seat of Gellibrand. She then moved across to work for Wade Noonan as the State member for Williamstown. Upon his early retirement, Ward nominated for pre-selection for that seat and later another State seat but was unsuccessful. She has now been rewarded for her services to Vic ALP with a job as Senior Government Relations Adviser (Regional Rail Revival) - ‎Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA). Sounds a bit like Gillard's girlfriend Robyn McLeod.

It is a pity that Fiona Ward's evidence to TURC was taken in private session. The media never had the opportunity to read it at the time. It proves that it was Shorten who had instigated and controlled this rort with AWU members' money; it was no internal error by AWU staff.