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Gillard's "under the table" legal work for Wilson and Ludwig commenced in 1990

Prior to posting the second instalment of our work on Slater and Gordon's work on the sackings of Mick Baker, Sue Ellery, Len Gandini et al, I thought it might be useful to refresh our memories on GILLARD's "under the table" legal work for Wilson in the "stalking" of AWU WA Secretary Joe Keanen.

Gillard told Peter Gordon in her 11 September 1995 departure interview that she'd provided legal assistance in Wilson's manoeuvres to oust and replace his predecessor.  She reiterated that position in her evidence to the TURC.

These two posts show the extent of that legal work.

So who paid?  When did they pay?  And how?

$57,000 came from the AWU WRA and went to pay for Gillard's renovations.

She knew what the AWU WRA was for.  And when 9 AWU WA branch staff members made legitimate complaints about Ralph Blewitt's ineptitude as the puppet WA Branch secretary she went after them while protecting Blewitt.

Bruce Wilson paid $60,000 to encourage his predecessor to hand over the leadership of the AWU

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.49.26 am

Don't feel too sorry for Bruce being $60K out of pocket. 

Once he become the boss of the union.............

Now here's the full story, as told by the players in their own words.

Recorded 11 September, 1995 - GILLARD speaking to her boss Peter Gordon

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.24.02 am

And this is former AWU Secretary VJ "Joe" Keanan, taken from a statement he made at the time.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.00.48 amScreen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.00.48 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.00.48 am

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.00.48 am

The February, 1991 Branch Executive Meeting minutes record this deal:

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.07.00 am
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.07.00 am
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.07.00 am

So Wilson's going to take over on 31 July at that stage.

He'll start as acting Secretary on 1 March.

But Bruce just couldn't wait.


Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.49.37 pm

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.49.37 pmScreen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.49.37 pm
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.49.37 pm

By May Keenan was gone and the Slater and Gordon slush fund games began.

Every touch leaves its trace.

More soon.


An open letter to Bob Kernohan on the AWU Scandal - Part One

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Dear Bob,

It’s great to see you and so many Facebook friends maintaining the rage over The AWU Scandal.

It’s so important we don’t let that passion dissipate until the whole truth is laid out for all to see.  

I share that passion too.  Having seen your recent posts about the AWU and Gillard in particular, I thought I'd write to let you know where I'm at in pursuing the shared goal of justice. You may know I've a private prosecution of Ms Gillard pending - more on that in my next letter.

Back in September 2011 I told you I’d stick with investigating the scandal until the whole truth was disclosed.  We’re approaching that goal but we’re not quite there yet.

We are however able to see a much better picture of the whole affair than when last you and I spoke - so here’s a quick progress report of what I think happened in The AWU Scandal.

It all started in 1989 with Gillard giving Ludwig/Wilson legal advice

Gillard told the Royal Commission she met Bruce in April 1991 - but that’s not true.  

She had a strong motive to lie about the date as you’ll see shortly.  

She was formally asked about meeting Wilson during her recorded exit interview with Peter Gordon on 11 September, 1995.

Gillard said they met in April 91.  She said she’d “gone to WA to run a full bench appeal for the TCFUA”  and Graham Droppert, a Slater and Gordon solicitor asked her to stay on to give legal advice to Bruce Wilson who was “basically stalking” the then WA branch secretary.

“….Bruce had been an organiser of the Western Australian branch. He had a falling out with the then secretary. The secretary had dismissed him. He had been appointed as a national organiser ‘cause he enjoyed national support. He had run in the elections as national secretary contender. He hadn’t been successful in that but he had run it close. He was AT THAT POINT basically stalking the then WA secretary with a view to getting him out and taking his position, and he needed some advice about arrangements to do that. And Graham Droppit asked me if I could give him some advice when I was over there about those things. So I ran the full bench appeal like a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, something like that, and I stayed on in Perth on the Saturday for the purpose of meeting with Wilson.”

There was no TCFUA full bench matter in April 1991, nor the whole of 1991, nor 1990.

On 16 October 1989 the Full Bench heard a TCFUA respondency matter with Graham Droppert listed as the TCFUA’s solicitor.

On 20 October 1989 nominations for the AWU December 1989 elections closed.  Wilson nominated as National Secretary on a joint ticket with Bill Ludwig National President.

On 18 December 1989 Wilson was defeated for the national secretary role.  WA State Secretary Joe Keenan then sacked him as a WA Organiser.

Wilson had no job, no office, no income -  but he clearly enjoyed the support of running mate Bill Ludwig.

Wilson along with Ralph Blewitt worked from the offices of Labor Senator Michael Beahan in Perth.  Their purpose - with Ludwig’s express backing - was to destabilise and replace the Hodder-friendly Joe Keanen as AWU WA Branch Secretary.

Wilson secured slush fund monies to unseat Keanan with donations from Julian Grill, a Minister in the Lawrence WA Government and Graeme Campbell MP, the Federal Member for Goldfields.

And Gillard provided Wilson with legal and political advice to achieve that end.  

A problem arose for Gillard because she was also the lawyer of record for the AWU itself in Victoria.  Unseating an elected state secretary in WA was hardly something the AWU itself could engage her and pay her for.

And so her informal, under the table legal services for Bruce and Bill Ludwig kicked off.  The AWU WRA Inc was just another step further along that path.

The AWU national convention in January 1990 discussed a paid role for Wilson as a national organiser in certain specific industries.  The Convention moved that further research and legal advice on the rules be provided before moving forward with the role.

On 28 June 1990 a legalistic rules based motion was put to the Federal Executive of the AWU for Wilson’s appointment as a National Organiser working out of the WA Office.

On 2 July 1990 the appointment took effect. 

On 3 July 1990 NSW AWU Secretary Ernest Ecob (who’d run with national Secretary Errol Hodder in the election where Wilson was defeated) filed an urgent motion in the Federal Court challenging the validity of the Wilson appointment.

Gillard provided legal advice to Wilson in that matter.  Justice Einfeld heard Ecob's application.

I think it's worthwhile to pause her for a moment before we get too confused.

This extract from the BRW’s Portrait of a man, Portrait of a Union is a helpful summary of where we're at:

.......(in 1989) Wilson was using his Perth-based position as organiser to extend his influence to the gold fields and to other significant sites, including the Kambalda gold and nickel mine and the construction industry, within the union events were moving nationally that were soon to engulf him. The Queensland AWU secretary, Errol Hodder, had replaced Gil Barr as federal secretary in August 1988. But before moving to Sydney Hodder had made an enemy of his Queensland successor, Bill Ludwig, as a result of having attempted to have Bob Boscacci from the northern district (the huge Queensland branch is divided in six districts) fill the powerful Queensland position.

All state and federal officials went to election in 1989. Hodder and Ludwig each ran tickets, with Hodder enlisting the New South Wales secretary, Ernie Ecob, as his running mate for national president; Ludwig put himself forward for the presidency with Wilson as secretary. The organiser from the west, who had never been a state secretary or president, was playing at the big table.

The outcome was the worst possible result for the union. Hodder retained the secretary's position, and Ludwig won the presidency. It guaranteed disunity, especially as the left had come to power in Victoria by pushing the right wing, under Ian Cutler, from office. Worse, Hodder wanted to introduce central funding in a union in which states had always jealously guarded their rights, especially their financial rights, none more so than Queensland.

Wilson says he had no burning ambition for the national secretary's position. "Hodder had created plenty of enemies and these people were looking for a candidate to run against him. None of the state secretaries wanted to run so it was suggested I put my hand up. I did, and nearly won."

Although Wilson now had a national profile, he also had a more immediate problem. In Wilson's words, Keenan, who was loyal to Hodder, in effect sacked him after the election by making his position as organiser redundant. "He gave me what amounted to a 'Dear John' letter on the flight to a meeting in the east," he says. (In the 1989 election Wilson had secured the position of vice president of the WA branch, as well as a delegate to the national convention.)

But the national executive, where Ludwig had the numbers and Queensland about 25% of the vote, had Wilson appointed a national organiser, based in Perth. It was the first time such a position had been created, and sent a message to the union that Ludwig would support anyone who opposed Hodder. It gave Wilson the time and resources to organise the numbers on the WA executive to ensure he was Keenan's successor.

Even by the AWU's standards of bitter infighting, the struggle for the secretary's position between Wilson and Keenan's preferred choice, branch president Joe Isherwood, set new lows. In correspondence with Hodder in February 1991, Isherwood detailed the campaign being orchestrated against him: "Because of the crap that has been meted out to me by way of pamphlets organised from within this office and distributed widely throughout the north-west, where the vast majority of our membership is, it has made it impossible for me to function effectively (as president). As an example, the cowards that they are, in early 1989, put out a pamphlet titled Joe Isherwood: An Agent for the Bosses."

Isherwood was not exaggerating. Among other things, the pamphlet alleged that Isherwood was:

  • *assisting Woodside to pick and choose union officials;
  • allowing Woodside management to spy on union officials;
  •  participating in private and secret meetings with Woodside's management to prevent members from pursuing legitimate claims.
  • The pamphlet concluded: "The man is a deceitful traitor to the AWU and the union movement --against those who should be able to trust him I He must not be allowed to continue under the banner of the AWU. He must go."

The blood between Wilson and Isherwood had always been bad, a reality that Wilson still acknowledges. So it was no surprise that on Wilson's accession to power, Isherwood was made redundant. By this stage Hodder, having failed to get the concept of central funding accepted, moved sideways to the Industrial Relations Commission in April 1991. His successor, Mike Forshaw, was quickly drawn into the dispute.

Gillard, Wilson and Ludwig were effective in convincing Keenan the time was right.

On 19 February 1991 the AWU WA branch Executive formally approved a motion to appoint Wilson as Branch Secretary, replacing Keenan - effective 2 May 1991.  All the “stalking” of Joe Keanen was complete prior to 19 February 1991.

On 22 March 1991 Justice Einfeld handed down his decision in the Ecob application.  He found in Wilson’s favour.

On 3 April 1991 Bruce Wilson opened a new AWU WA Branch bank account at the CBA with himself as signatory

Account 6001 1002 0466 styled AWU WA Branch A/C (opened since 3/4/91)

Wilson had access to slush funds from Julian Grill, Graham Campbell, arrangements with Woodside and others from the Pilbara - and now he had the top WA job with Ludwig's support.   The future was bright.

On 15 April 1991 Wilson signed a contract to purchase a house at 57 Hampton St Burswood for his PA Christine Campbell to live in.  He bumped up her salary $200 per week to cover rent payments to him.

On 17 April 1991, just two days after Wilson's property purchase, Gillard purchased the run down 36 St Philips St Abbotsford property.

On 29 April 1991 Wilson refinanced his marital home and the Burswood property with the Bank of Melbourne.  The BoM did not have any branches in WA.  Wilson’s loan and other account transactions were conducted in Melbourne.

On 2 May 1991 Wilson formally became branch secretary and he set about installing his team and removing those loyal to his predecessor.  

Wilson immediately set up a payroll deduction election fund and the WA Branch accountant immediately commenced deductions from the salary of every member of the Wilson team (with one exception).  Russell Frearson (the AWU WA finance guy) confirms that here. The one member who wouldn't join the fund was Peter Trebilco who described his reasons and his exceptional recall of precisely when the fund was set up (immediately Wilson took over) here.

On 20 August 1991 Ms Gillard wrote this detailed 4 page letter giving legal advice to Wilson on installing his choice of person to fill a vacancy.  She shows a detailed understanding of the AWU's arcane procedures in the letter.   In her departure interview she spoke in detail about her understanding of union elections and the operation of payroll deduction election funds.

At that point Slater and Gordon were yet to be confirmed as the official branch lawyers for the AWU in WA.  

In the process of giving Wilson legal advice for the takeover and later for filling positions with his chosen candidates it's likely Gillard and Wilson discussed the team's payroll deduction election fund.   But whether they did or not, the fact remains - from May 1991 the Bruce Wilson WA Team members (minus one) were contributing money by payroll deduction into an election fund. 

On 25 November 1991 Carmen Lawrence's cabinet decided to withdraw a public tender process and directly award Thiess the $60M Dawesville Channel contract.  Wilson had lobbied for that to happen. Hugh Morgan then CEO of Western Mining states Lawrence said Lawrence did Wilson's bidding because he'd threatened her with losing her job if she didn't.  Wilson had the numbers in the state's Labor Party to do just that.

Sometime in the second half of 1991 Wilson's AWU WA Branch formally engaged Slater and Gordon as the branch solicitors.

It’s important to note that Bernard Murphy gave sworn evidence that Gillard introduced Wilson to Slater and Gordon as a new client.  Gillard said it was the other way around, that she was introduced to Wilson by the firm’s solicitor Graham Droppert.

SUMMARY to this point

By mid-1991 Gillard had been providing legal services to Wilson and Ludwig for 18 months.

In the December 1989 AWU elections Bob Smith (one) and his team were elected to run the Victoria Branch - and Slater and Gordon were appointed as the branch lawyers.

Gillard’s provision of legal services to help Wilson stalk and unseat Joe Keanen (which she admits to in the exit interview) was self-evidently against the interests of the AWU membership, i.e. the AWU itself.  The members had only months earlier made their decision to vote Keenan in as State Secretary.  While it was in Ludwig’s Wilson’s interests to unseat him - it was manifestly not the desire of the membership - i.e. the AWU itself.

Thus Gillard’s lie about only commencing work for Wilson in April 1991.  By nominating the start date as April 1991 Gillard might make the argument she'd been properly engaged by Wilson.   She faces a problem with that - Gillard didn’t have the minutes of the WA Branch Executive in front of her when she lied to Peter Gordon about stalking and helping to unseat Keenan.  Had she, she’d have recalled that the deal to unseat Keenan and thus the stalking was completed before 20 February 1991.

Gillard had  a strong motive to conceal her involvement with Wilson and Ludwig acting against the union's elected official Keenan.

It was unethical and improper of the AWU’s lawyer (Victoria Branch) to work against the interests and wishes of the same union’s WA Branch - so as to advantage two officials (Ludwig and Wilson).

It was also not possible for her to have been paid for that “work” by the AWU.  By her conduct she demonstrates a willingness to do ‘under the table’ work in her own right for Wilson and Ludwig - not the union itself.

When the Dawesville Channel Project slush fund with Thiess was discussed late in 1991, it was second nature for Gillard to continue with her under-the-table arrangements with Wilson/Ludwig, just as she’d been doing for almost 2 years.

And that is the lead in to the off-the-record, no file opened initial round of work Gillard did in the first application to incorporate the AWU WRA Inc.


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Dennis Thompson

Fair go, she was young and naive.

She did not know right from wrong.

Bachelor of Laws.

nothing to lose

Lock her up!

Dennis Thompson

The sooner the better.

Get rid of the cancer.

Michelle Two

On reading the minutes of the meetings on 21 June 1993 it sounds like Mick Baker had felt intimidated by Bruce Wilson and that he was running the show, even though he was from the Victorian Branch he still had a lot of input in the running of the WA Branches of the AWU it even mentions in the minutes that things for Agenda 6 were taken care outside of the meetings sitting hours.. He was over seeing things for Ludwig who was the one that was also in on this arrangement..
Mick felt like he had no control over his part within the union he was trampled on and have no say in the running of things or what should be your duty within the organization as written out by the rules..
The bully rules put into the workplaces by the unions would be an incentive for some souls to use those rules to make their own rules.. just thinking of the work situation that is in my workplace where the new cleaner made a formal complaint of bullying about the leading hand whose job is to tell and instruct her on what needs doing, but in the first few days of her joining the team she made the complaint so put the leading hand in a position where he can't do his job and she does what she wants.. the teachers are complaining about her not doing her job, she starts and leaves when she likes so gets paid her full hours and is only their for half the time, she talks more then works has her nose in every bodies business then bullshits and makes things up so staff will try and avoid her if they can or if can't are holding back profanities and want to tell her were to go.. She is a narcissist in action so I do avoid her if possible and don't even see her on some days.. not sure how much longer she will last it will be up to the principal because of the position she put the leading hand in he is letting nature take its course along with karma,he is a bloke that speaks his mind but holds back when dealing with her as he learned his lesson of the snake early on..


HI Bob K,
I remember your first recorded interview with Michael. You were not the confident strong man that you became over the following months and years. Without you this quest for justice that Michael has pursued would not have eventuated. I know Michael has not always made the best of decisions but knowing him via his blogging he is a decent man dedicated to achieving justice while exposing the blatant fraud, perjury, lying and other criminal behaviour which infests much of the union movement and has, and is reaching, to the top level of Australian politics. You deserve to be front and centre when the plaudits are handed out for exposing the corruption in the Union movement and how, and by who, it has been covered up. Please if at all possible mend your bridges with Michael. You are part of this family and I for one would love you back.
Regards and take care from another Victorian who passed through you lovely town on the way to Bendigo a few weeks ago. If I knew how to contact you it would have been great to buy you a drink. Take care and keep well.


Michael you are a marvellous sleuth and courageous ,and relentless in the pursuit of justice and may it hit those who are guilty right in the face. May it clobber them when critical mass has been achieved. All those you have covered up for that rotten woman and her lover should pay the price also It’s the same with Hillary. One wonders why people put themselves in such a terrible position defending the crooked Perhaps it’s for something to do with their own skeletons in closets. Go you wonderful man and please look after your health. I’m in Thailand and spreading the word of this blog and it’s champion at every oportunity

Up The Workers!


Do you reckon the other half of her crooked Party that is already IN prison, will be desperately lonely without her?


Hi Bob, trust you are well. Hope you know that Michael has never let go of his pursuit for justice and truth, especially where Gillard is concerned. Those of us who have followed him all the way, are still amazed at the
time and effort he has put in, sometimes detrimental to his health.

Michael wont let you down Bob.

Bob Kernohan

Michael thank you... You are a man of your word. I am here as always to assist you and everyone here to get justice. My immediate concern which I know you share is Shorten and 'moder labor' moving into the lodge. I hope you post my comments ... And yes I agree with some of our friends here the we do indeed all make mistakes.... Me included absolutely.

Bob Kernohan.

Bert Albert

I echo these remarks by Boolean.

Bob, you really deserve to be front and centre when this sorry saga runs its course and justice is meted out.

Bert Albert

Up The Workers!

You go to a supermarket and buy an item costing $10.99. All you have in cash is a $20.00 note, so you hand over your $20.00 and the cashier gives you back some $9.00 in change. The money you get back, is NOT some sort of shifty “dodge” or tax avoidance measure – like all the unmarked notes in the brown paper bags of dirty employers’ cash that Bull Shitten corruptly pocketed when he blatantly screwed the Union Members in the Chiquita Mushrooms, Unibuilt and Cleanevent E.B.A. negotiations.

That is, in essence, the nature of the transaction being talked about in this instance. It is change. It is YOUR money; not theirs that they are returning you, because you paid them more than the transaction required.

Superannuants and self-funded retirees have life-time savings invested in Private Companies. The Government taxes those companies at the Company Tax rate of 30% or so. Superannuants and retirees pay a tax rate which is lower than company tax rates, so their savings have effectively been “overtaxed” by the Government and therefore a refund is due of the tax which the Government has overcharged them. THAT is what this cash-grab by Bull Shitten and his troupe of highly-trained performing pea-brains is all about.

He wants to steal the change from pensioners, as he reckons that greedy pensioners (unlike himself and his Parliamentary A.L.P./Greens colleagues (mostly legal shysters, ex Union “fugs” and P.R. wonks who have never had a real job) on their lucrative taxpayer-funded Parliamentary super scams) are not entitled to refunds or “change” for their overpayments of tax.

This is tax accounting done by a Party so dumb; it has been misspelling its own name for 100 years.

This is tax accounting done by a Party so stupid, it spent $750 MILLION of hard-earned taxpayers’ cash building the “North/South Pipeline” in Victoriastan – against all advice – to pump water from a place that hasn’t got any, to a place that doesn’t need any, and now that they finally realise that the utterly unused pipeline has been built arse-backwards, they calculate that it will cost another $277 MILLION of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash to dismantle the whole pipeline and reassemble it and the massive one-way pumps, to pump the water in the opposite direction.

This is tax accounting done by the only Party dumb enough to regard as “World’s Best Treasurer”, a Goose who was so comically innumerate that he couldn’t tell the difference between red ink and black; between the six consecutive massive DEFICITS he gave us, and the six consecutive SURPLUSES he promised us.


Well said. It's been a long march but in the end justice has to prevail.


Michael, you now have all you need. You can be sure Gillard will be losing sleep waiting for the trap to be sprung. She must be squirming.

I recall the Knighted chief commissioner in Qld getting his cumuppance some years ago. We all await in anticipation the result of your relentless struggle against the system and somebody that intimidated free speech and the press and from my reading of this, the pathetic press are still intimidated.

When will they actually show some courage and get their teeth into this?

You are a hero.

[Roger you've been a tremendous supporter and I know of the extent of your own work in contacting authorities - only to receive incredible responses telling you "there's nothing to see here".

You may be right in saying I now have everything I need, however there's one specific document request now with a body which to my certain knowledge holds a specific document which is central to proving the Gillard conspiracy. I've been told I will get it. I don't have it in my hands and the brains trust consensus is to wait so the DPP has no grounds for picking up the private prosecution and dropping it.

So I cool the heels, but not for long.

When it hits, it will hit like a ton of bricks. It's one thing to have stories on the front page of The Australian. It's another when the stories become affidavits and exhibits with a court registry stamp on them and Informations for Offences are served by the Sheriff.

Every touch and all that.



Hear, hear.

Time to mend bridges.


Since it is the Buzz word of the moment can I say "ME TOO"
best of good wishes Bob and MichaelXXX

seeker of truth

Julia Gillard joined Slater & Gordon in October 1987. She was a law graduate, graduating the previous year then did a six-month course at the Leo Cussen Institute as an alternative to being an articled clerk. She had no work experience in a law firm. She was placed in the industrial unit so she had to learn on the job. Two years later (1989) it appears that she believed that she had enough knowledge and expertise to advise Bruce Wilson on AWU National rules with his legal battle with Errol Hodder & Ors as to the creation of a previously non existent National Organiser position to be located in WA just to give him a paid position because he had lost his paid job with the AWU WA branch. At the same time she seems to collude with Wilson to devise a legal pathway to unseat the old guard on the AWU WA branch and install Wilson and his team on the branch executive. All the time offering her services free of charge, even when she is made a Partner in Slater & Gordon in 1990 working under Bernard Murphy. Julia claimed that Bernard Murphy was introduced to Bruce Wilson in 1991 after he had rose to the position of Branch Secretary and that S&G then became the Branch's solicitors. Though, in his TURC evidence, Murphy states that it was Gillard who introduced Wilson (his AWU WA branch) to the firm as a client.

Slater & Gordon was struggling financially in the early years of Julia's employment yet she makes the decision to do free bees for Wilson probably on a promise that as soon as he takes over the branch, S&G Melbourne office will be engaged as its solicitors. You wonder what union client was being billed while Gillard was devoting her time to resolve Wilson's problems.

Gillard made one mistake with her advice to Bruce. His Acting Secretary appointment was for 3 months from 1 March to 1 June 1991. At that time the relevant Rule prescribed that the appointment could be for no longer than 3 months.

Rule 43(f)(i)of the rules of the union which provided as follows:
"Branch Executives or Delegate Meetings shall have power to:
Appoint an Acting Branch Secretary or District Secretary for a period of no longer than three calendar months to perform all of the duties of the Branch Secretary or District Secretary in the event of the Branch Secretary or District Secretary being required to be absent from duty on any approved leave. Any such person appointed in an acting capacity shall be a member of the Union and in addition shall be qualified to hold such position in accordance with Rule 68."

To extend it would have required an interpretation of the rule by the National Executive.

It was only in the Palma court matter in 1992 that the Judge determined that this period of time as Acting Branch Secretary could be extended if the Branch Secretary had to take further leave due to extenuating circumstances.

But what extenuating circumstances would Joe Keenan have had that necessitated BCOM extending the term of the Acting Branch Secretary Wilson? Keenan wasn't under police investigation, he wasn't hospitalised or ill. His circumstance revolved around getting a favourable financial outcome tax wise and that probably wouldn't wash.

Bruce and Julia were not to know this when they devised the plan to oust Keenan by the Acting Secretary method in 1990/91. Therefore under this Rule as at 1991, any issues involving the Secretary were expected to be resolved in that 3 month period. If they were not, then the matter would be referred to the Executive Council for determination.

Keenan resigned as WA secretary in May 1991 during his second four year term of office.

Joe Keenan's resignation had to take place while Wilson was Acting Secretary due to expire on 1 June 1991. If it were to take place after Wilson's term of Acting Secretary expired then that greatly complicated matters. According to the 2 May BCOM minutes, there was to be a Special Branch Executive meeting on 30 July 1991 to deal with Keenan's resignation on 31 July. To avoid complications they needed to get him to resign earlier and that was at the next scheduled BCOM meeting in May. This is one of the reasons why the resignation was tabled at the 2 May 1991 BCOM meeting.

Joe Keenan could not afford to take leave for a further 3 months or a lesser time. He was looking for a big lump sum to buy a house; obviously he didn't own a house. Wilson offered him a financial arrangement that he couldn't turn down so Keenan agreed to resign in May 1991. Wilson could then be appointed Branch Secretary in one smooth transaction.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx How are you? soul has just had this void feeling not sure what is coming or going maybe a vacuum in the energy that will be filled in time.. but I did have a pretty peaceful dream not sure what it was about just that you were more relaxed and you were putting up different posts like colouring in pages and images of pools it looked like some sort of resort, so maybe scenes of things that are coming and being settled down..

Sounds like you might have some decisions to make with the cards I just drew.. "Thinker" is one of them so looking at what information you have and putting it altogether with the reality to come up with the conclusion you want or not so much want but one that will work out for the best, so a feeling of knowing the right thing to do and just doing it without looking back at what you could of done different or better, it is no good going over old ground but to come back to the here and now and working with what you have learned along the way and running with that feeling and knowing you have within that will rise when you are not overthinking and trying to control an outcome, you have to lay all the cards out and tell the truth and let those cards fall where they may, as it will be totally out of your control once you hand any information over as it will be also up to others and their decisions which you can help guide by being truthful, honest and telling it like it is, in a simple version as you can to get all the points across that need to be told, you know what they are so don't confuse the situation by adding more information then is necessary to get the truth across to the right souls that will take it the next step forward.. "Five of Michael - This situation doesn't serve you! Release your attachment to the outcome. Consider taking a more uplifting approach." this is written on the card so it is saying don't try and control by letting fear govern your choices but to rather focus on the positive outcome to bring about positive results because you really don't have control outside of yourself and once you put your work and energy forward that is your job done, so it will be up to others so don't worry about what it is you don't know or can't really see yet as divine intervention will have it that your thoughts will bring it home.. So hold no energy attachment on the results you want or see from your fear point of view as the total opposite might happen if it is not your souls energy it is out of your hands.. So release it and the right course of action will be known to you, trust in your own instincts and intuition to get you through the challenging times because change is coming 5 means changes whether it is a change in your own thoughts about a situation it will change the perception and your own belief system of events as you will have drawn to you the answers or experiences you need by the soul energy you are giving to a situation and seeing it at the higher vantage point and maybe seeing things others don't because of your own knowledge of the situation that is what you have to relay but they may see things differently so you add their input as well and the truth will come out and something you all agree on, so things will eventually flow again with the natural current of the collective consciousness that will unite in the same cause for justice.. So you don't have to be right but honest in your approaches and have an open mind to seeing things that others might point out that you might of missed.. so don't dismiss but put all information at the back of your mind and when other things turn up it might join the dots to give a final conclusion to what it is you are most worried about.. let go of fear and control and the energy will flow right to you on the wings of an angel and your answers and what you seek along with it.. love and light xx
On the five of Michael card it looks like a storm is brewing in the background that would be your fears and ego that you have to detach from and then you will see the light you might of missed while going through the storm of ego that tends to create illusions that aren't there.. The heart always holds the answer so follow it and you will know what to do even in the storms, with a calm mind that is not overthinking the solutions will always come so will the ideas to help you move forward.. Have faith that everything happens for a reason and the energy will flow and bring in what you need at the right time with anything that soul is working on and towards.. love always xx

Up The Workers!

Erection Day coming up in the powerless Mendicant State of Greater Snowtown.

The second-hand Eveready AA batteries in Elon Musk's eye-wateringly expensive giant carpet-bag, will be doing overtime while the Labor-affiliated Union Members at the Erectoral Commission count, double-count and triple-count the ballot papers with the always-reliable assistance of S.A.'s Chief Erectoral Officer, Mr. Gerry Mander, to make sure their donkey gets up yet again - DESPITE the will of the mug voters.

As I recall, the Liberals LOST the last election despite polling 57% of the vote. South Australia's Erectoral system sounds like something designed by Robert Mugabe. I wonder if they'll break that record this time around?

You've heard of: "The fish that John West Rejects"; well Jay Weatherdildo is the dysfunctional sex-toy that Benny Wong rejected - around about the time when he made him/her/it what he/she/it is today.

Should have listened to the old admonition: "STOP IT BEFORE YOU GO BLIND!"

Meanwhile, in Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra, there is an erection for bi's (Labor & Brown Movement-types ONLY!) in the Erectorate of "BATMAN", which either Michael Williamson's staunch pal Ged Kearney or some Greenie professional-loser will end up stealing.

That seat should be re-named "ROBIN", rather than "Batman".

It's MUCH, MUCH closer to the job description.


'Young & naive' socialist, political activist, proud atheist - riding the generous taxpayer-funded gravy train for life.

Now on the election campaign trail in Victoria for Labor candidate for Batman by-election this weekend, Ged Kearney, former Trade Union official.

Her former staffer in the PM's office now employed as 'adviser' to the ACT Chief Minister. The links between Labor-Union comrade/contacts in high places across every State-Territory-Federal Australia pays off, every time.

Up The Workers!

Looking at the map of the Federal House of Reprehensibles' Victoriastan Divisions, if Bonking Billy Short_One were to leap-frog three Seats to the East from his current Seat of Maribyrnong, he would then be in the Federal Seat of Jagajaga, currently held (inappropriately, I fear) by frumpy Angela Merkel's lookalike Aussie cousin, Jenny Macklin.

How much more appropriate would Bonking Billy be in THAT Seat - they could even rename it "Jiggy-Jig" in his Dishonour!

seeker of truth

That would be Tony Hodges who stirred up the Aborigines to riot against Tony Abbott while he was at an Australia Day function at a restaurant on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Security had to whisk away Abbott and Gillard for their own protection. Hodges was forced to quit his position and rightly so, and now he has the hide to take on another political position with a Labor representative. His advice was rubbish back then and it will be the same for the ACT Chief Minister. He just couldn't resist easy money, and what sort of person would give him another go as an adviser. Hodges must have found it difficult to get a real job.

seeker of truth

Good one, Bob

Helen from Sydney

Hello Bob Kernohan. Good to see your post.

Michael's response to Roger is terrific news and reminds us that all has to be in place before causing the ton of bricks to fall.

God bless you and Michael, the brains trust consensus, and the whole "family" here.


I am so thrilled Bob to see your reply, knowing that you are still following and reading what Michael is doing and pursuing for the benefit of all of us.


Jeff Kenneth, are you watching?


Bob - I am so pleased to read your comment. I have appreciated all that Michael has done since the beginning with his determination and quest for justice. I too want to see justice prevail. Both you and Michael have suffered during these years, but I pray that justice will finally prevail. I have repeatedly stated that I believe those who have covered up the crimes are just as guilty as those who initially committed the crimes - that includes, former Prime Ministers, Leader of the current Labor opposition, other politicians, the judiciary, lawyers, union leaders, the media, Managers of Construction Companies etc etc. I look forward to the day that Michael wins some Australian Award, and also for the book he will write, that will make him Millions and you will finally have peace of mind and be rewarded for the position you took all those years ago. God Bless you both.

Jenstar of docklands

Good to see you back Bob


Thank you Bob. It is a huge task and the problem is a serious one as it has, over the years, increasingly tainted Parliaments & Govts from coast to coast. Code of conduct, due process/diligence, ethics, rule of law, seem to have been completely disregarded while pursuing personal gain through a lifetime ride on the parliamentary gravy train via the political arm - the ALP. 'Whatever it takes'.


Thanks, seeker of truth.
She was providing legal advice/services free of charge and no files were kept.
It was plainly a deliberate act to avoid details being found on the files at S&G. If legal fees were charged and the legal advice/services being given to Wilson, her client, were recorded on the files - then the evidence would have exposed her lack of ethics and her fitness to continue as a lawyer.


Bob, well done.

You are so important in this whole terrible saga.

I will never forget the look on your face when TURC commenced. You were brimming with smiles as it seemed that your biggest wish was about to come true.

But the forces of evil had penetrated the legal system further than either you or I had imagined and it was a compromised Royal Commission that undertook the review. Michael Smith was shattered but he wasn't going to lie down though; its not in his DNA. And now he has a hugely powerful ally in McAlpine.

I have followed this from day one and I have provided Michael with a little bit of money along the way to see it through. I will continue to do so until the bitter end.

Bob, I am confident the day of reckoning is now near and the blinded lady with the scales in hand will be called upon to deliver justice the way it should be, and the ramifications of which will shake the very foundations of our existing stinking rotten political class like no other time in our history. Australia and its democracy will be better for.

I will attribute this massive outcome to the commitment and sacrifice that you and Michael have made and your love of our great country.

Thank you to you both.

Michelle Two

Law firms to launder money now that must be a coincidence and why the Unions have their own firms that stand up for them in their time of need with solidarity.. picture the meetings that were mentioned in some articles I have linked over the years of Corporate, political and lawyers in political matters having fund raising affairs and donations to political parties in that action..

In the USA Trey Gowdy must have a scent to follow over the ways and means a darkforce uses to gain power.. the Club of Rome is made up of politicians past and present, policy makers, lawyers, academia from all area's including science, political sciences a new invention and all area's the agenda of the UN work on in our lives..

However, he is currently pursing the possibility that Hillary and the DNC laundered money through a law firm to get cash to Fusion GPS that created the discredited Trump dossier. So Hillary remains in the news for all the wrong reasons.

“Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Gowdy said that the Clinton campaign and the DNC might have committed money laundering through the law firm they hired which paid Fusion GPS to do opposition ‘research’ on then-candidate Donald Trump.

“‘I’m not an election law expert, but the good news is you don’t have to be to understated the absurdity believing you can just launder all of your campaign money by just hiring a law firm,’ Gowdy told Wallace. ‘Imagine if you and I were running for Congress, and we just hired a law firm and said

Michelle Two

I just seen the Sally McManus ad campaign they put it on twice in the space of 5 minutes.. sly.. the membership money are paying for this shit to try and increase their membership numbers.. very negative in nature when I was listening to it the thoughts are that big business isn't interfering or have much power in our lives it is the government and unions that are overstepping the boundary of what is fair and just..
The unions are fighting for relevance as souls are awakened to their scams.. and their self interest only on boosting their seats in parliament, Ged Kearney has been given the vote to now enter the parliament it was the same weekend as the SA state election..
So watch for the Turnbull team to be in meltdown and on the attack..
The ASEAN summit is also on so more Globalist gooblede gook and more giving away of Australian borrowed dollars (being called investments at the moment by the Globalist teams).. The Philippines PM has his hand out for some of those Investment dollars..
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has launched its biggest ad campaign since its ‘Know your rights at work’ ads, which ran from 2005 to 2007 in light of the Howard government’s WorkChoices legislation.

First airing on television yesterday, the ad campaign aims to promote more secure jobs and wage rises by calling for Australians to join the movement and “change the rules”.

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