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It's time we started talking about the corruption in Victoria's criminal justice system

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In May 2013 Victoria Police executed a search warrant on the law firm Slater and Gordon - the warrant is here.

Slater and Gordon's client Bruce Wilson claimed legal professional privilege over some of the files  - this Affidavit from DET SGT Ross Mitchell explains.

Police opposed Wilson's claim on the grounds the documents and communications between Wilson/Gillard and/or Bernard Murphy were made in the furtherance of fraud or a criminal offence. Victoria's Chief Magistrate agreed with the police.  He made a written finding that all of Slater and Gordon's communications with Wilson were made in the furtherance of fraud - here.

In his affidavit, DET SGT Ross Mitchell gave sworn evidence that he believed Bruce Wilson, Ralph Blewitt and others had committed serious indictable offences in Victoria -  including

  • obtaining property by deception,
  • secret commission offences,
  • making and using false documents and
  • conspiracy to cheat and defraud.

Now, almost 5 years on and despite much more evidence coming to light, no one has been charged -  and no one looks like being charged in Victoria.


It's only now that the scale of the corruption in this matter is becoming clear.

I say corruption because of a mountain of evidence of the commission of serious indictable offences in Victoria - crimes which are being ignored and concealed by authorities.

Ralph Blewitt has been charged in WA with defrauding Thiess in WA.  As part of the criminal justice process in WA, Ralph is entitled to receive copies of all the evidence authorities hold in the matter.  

That means he has much of the evidence Victoria Police gathered.  I've seen that evidence and there is no doubt in my mind that serious offences were committed in Victoria by known offenders.

At the heart of the Victorian offences is the law firm Slater and Gordon.

Here are a few extracts from the hand-written notes of former Slater and Gordon managing partner and now Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy taken from the file he opened after Wilson's Victorian misappropriations were discovered.

(Wilson) instructed us to set it up (Workplace Reform Association).


he had then received monies into it improperly.

he spent the monies improperly

he involved us in criminal wrongdoing, re the house (Kerr Street Fitzroy purchase)

Met with John Cain Jr - JC indicated money from employers was arguably secret commissions

Cain stated if Wilson didn't resign he would be charged internally, there wld also be press & matter likely to find its way to police

9 August 95 - met with Wilson in conference with Hinkley QC.  Re Workplace Reform Association account in WA, Wilson said that the monies from the account had been misspent on a no. of things he did not want to tell us about. Indicated that if that a/c ever investigated he wld go to jail & so would other officials.

Agreed with Hinkley that I wld contact John Cain from MB on behalf of Wilson to negotiate a redundancy package + resignation for Wilson in the hope that if he left there wld be no further investigation.

Wilson told me then that S&G had set up the W.R. Association on his instructions as an election fund and also said that WR Assoc monies misspent by he and Blewitt on purchase of 1/85 Kerr St. 

WA $300,000 from Thiess went into an incorporated association

The $20,160 cheque from Thiess was made out to this association.

However, it could lead back into these other drama’s.

There would be a problem re “secret commissions” with this. Money spent on all sorts of things

Murphy was involved in a scheme to conceal Wilson's offences from police and from the AWU.  Murphy undertook to negotiate a redundancy and resignation package for Wilson "in the hope that there would be no further investigations" into the matters that "involved us in criminal wrongdoing".

Murphy and Cain presided over the return of money each agreed was "arguably secret commission payments" to the firms that made the payments - in an attempt to conceal Wilson's corrupt behaviour.  At law secret commission payments are the property of the principle for whom the corrupt agent works - ie the AWU.  Taking that money from an AWU related account and dealing with it as Cain et al did is theft.

But there is much, much more.

All of the AWU WRA money that went into the Slater and Gordon Trust Account was fraudulently accounted for  - by changing the name of the provider of the funds from the AWU WRA Inc to Ralph Blewitt.  More seriously, the funds were laundered through the firm's trust account and through its collateral mortgage provider into real estate at Kerr Street - and where did the proceeds of the sale go?

Does anyone believe the Kerr Street purchase was a genuine commercial transaction?

That transaction involved serious criminal offences wholly committed in Victoria.  But the crooks appear to be getting away with it.

Over the next few days I'll be posting examples of evidence that supports the case for criminal charges in Victoria.

But I need your help.

The Left is very good at getting angry and getting even.

Conservatives are not.

Take the example of Cardinal George Pell and his appearances in court in Victoria recently - and compare and contrast his treatment with GILLARD's.

Now is the time  for action and, yes - anger.

Please write to or call politicians, journalists, the IBAC, friends, Facebook, radio stations, clubs and anyone else you can think of.

Turnbull said the last double-dissollution election was about trade union corruption.

So how can we tolerate Victoria's conscious encouragement of just that - corruption.?


In September 2016 Victoria Police closed its AWU Scandal investigation and handed its files to Western Australia's Director of Public Prosecutions.

No charges have been laid in Victoria and none are planned.  Police haven't even interviewcd the main offender, Bruce Wilson.

Then i March 2017 Victoria Police disbanded its trade-union investigative squad, part of Operation Heracles which arose from the Trade Union Royal Commission.  That decision beggars belief, particularly as the unit was fully funded by the Federal Government with $21M in addition to Victoria Police's state budget.

Attorney-General George Brandis, Employment Minister Michaelia Cash and Justice Minister Michael Keenan wrote to Victoria's premier to express "grave concerns" about the "incomprehensible" decision.

In April last year the Herald Sun carried this report

VICTORIA Police is under pressure from the federal government to reverse its decision to quit a joint operation that was investigating union thuggery and intimidation. 

Attorney-General George Brandis, Employment Minister Michaelia Cash and Justice Minister Michael Keenan have written to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to say it is “incomprehensible” that he has not stepped in to ensure the state’s police remain a part of Operation Heracles.

The Herald Sun revealed last month that Victoria Police had informed the Australian Federal Police of its intentions to end its role in the operation, which was spawned out of the royal commission into trade union corruption.

A strongly worded letter from the trio, seen by the Herald Sun, raised “grave concerns” about the prospects for the enforcement of criminal laws in Victoria in relation to corruption and misconduct by unions.

The task force, funded by the Commonwealth, had recently been provided with $21 million to continue its investigations over four years.

“It in incomprehensible that your government has not stand steps to ensure your police force remains within the police task force and continues to investigate and pursue the kind of serious criminality touched on by the Royal Commission,” the letter says.

There were 30 criminal referrals to Victoria Police and the Victorian Department of Public Prosecutions made by the Royal Commission with a further three made to the Commonwealth DPP in relation to Victorian conduct.

Nearly 90 per cent of the 30 Victorian referrals related to the Australian Workers’ Union and its dealings with employers.

Vic Pol leaves union corruption taskforce

Senator Cash said any government’s first priority was “enforcement of the law”.

“It appears that the Victorian Labor Government is more concerned with protecting its union power base than protecting its people,” she said.

The Gillard perjury prosecution is pending.

It's time to make some noise about The AWU Scandal again.

Read these documents and pass them on!

I'll have more soon.