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Part Two on Slater and Gordon's efforts to remove or silence AWU whistleblowers who reported financial mismanagement

Part One of this story (covering June/July 1993, the 9 member staff delegation who wanted Ralph Blewitt removed as WA State Secretary, allegations of financial mismanagement and the Slater and Gordon directed sackings of staff members who raised concerns about Blewitt's role) is here.

Bruce Wilson was back in Perth just over a fortnight after the marathon 19 July executive meeting for a 5 August Executive meeting which ratified the decision to remove Mick Baker.

0091.AWU WA Minutes 5.8.93 by Michael Smith on Scribd


On 13 September 1993 Mick Baker commenced proceedings in the WA Industrial Relations Commission alleging that Ralph Blewitt's removal of him was unlawful.  Baker's legal team alleged that while Ralph handed over the paperwork to Mr Baker, it was Slater and Gordon that was directing matters.

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ON 21 September Len Gandini distributed this flyer to most workplaces with large numbers of AWU employees.

1st Gandini Flyer by Michael Smith on Scribd


A few days later the Executive was again assembled for another marathon session - directed in large part by Slater and Gordon.

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Gandini, Sue Ellery, Mick Dayes and Tony Lovett were sacked on the spot.

0094.AWU WA Minutes 1.10.93 by Michael Smith on Scribd

While much was made of the urgent need for cost reductions - that didn't apply to the costs of running Gandini, Baker, Ellery, Lovett etc into the ground.

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Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 6.23.44 am

ON 13 October 1993 this second flyer was circulated by Len Gandini and friends.

It contains some very specific financial allegations including the $100K+ Drive for Dignity donation to Carmen Lawrence's campaign in which Ms Gillard had featured.

It beggars conventional belief that the substance of this flyer was ignored by the union's lawyers Slater and Gordon - who preferred to sue the AWU members who were raising the concerns.


2nd Gandini Flyer by Michael Smith on Scribd

On 15 October the Executive again sat for a marathon session - there was only one order of business, sacking Mick Baker.

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0093.AWU WA Minutes 15.10.93 by Michael Smith on Scribd

One week later Slater and Gordon brought defamation proceedings against Len Gandini and others, including the mailing house which had been used to mail some of the flyers.

Download Blewitt defamation file 1st batch

Download Blewitt defamation 2nd batch

Download Blewitt defamation 3rd batch