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Ralph Blewitt speaks after appearing in court today

Ralph Blewitt appeared in the Perth Magistrates' Court today to enter pleas of Not Guilty to 31 charges of fraud on Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd.

He says he didn't defraud Thiess. He says Thiess willingly paid bribes concealed as sham training payments into the slush fund set up by Julia Gillard.

Ralph now has the support of the WA Police detective responsible for the original investigation of this matter in 1997 - 42 year veteran former Detective Sergeant Dave McAlpine. Dave is contributing statements and is now actively involved in pursuing lines of enquiry he was stopped from pursuing in 1998.

The charges were adjourned until 25 May to the District Court where trial dates AND SUMMONSES FOR OTHERS will be discussed.


The lapel badge on Ralph's left breast is the "Returned from Active Service Badge" issued by the Commonwealth of Australia through the ADF's Directorate of Honours and Awards.

It's awarded to men and women who've engaged - on behalf of Australia -  in operations "with the objective of actively repelling an invading force or bringing to an end hostilities of an identified enemy or belligerent force". 

That takes guts whether its with a rifle, bayonet or through standing up for the truth when the rich and powerful want you stopped.


Ralph served with the Royal Australian Regiment as an infantryman.

He is a member in good standing of the strongest support network in Australia - the men who've fought our battles, closed with and killed our enemies.

Around a dozen former SASR and RAR soldiers were at the court yesterday just to let Ralph know they have his back.

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Behind Ralph is a former member of the Commando Regiment (4RAR) who served two tours of East Timor, and a former SASR member, later a Detective Sergeant in the WA Police Force.

The Brotherhood are men of honour.

They do not tolerate thieves and liars.  Their bullshit detectors are pretty effective.

Thank you for your service men.

Every touch leaves its trace.