The documents that show Ralph Blewitt was arrested, ready to be charged over the Gillard/Wilson Kerr St purchase
Avi Yemeni locates and identifies Melbourne racists cheering on genocide


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I had to unblock [temporarily] my access to FaecesBook, to view the clip!


'Allo 'Allo! - Anybody out there? Planet earth come in, please! ;)

Up The Workers!

In the immortal words of that great American philosopher, Forrest Gump:

"Stupid is, as stupid does!"

She'd look just a bit silly trying to convince us that "Allah is gay", if her head was sitting on the trestle table while her body was lying in a pool of blood on the ground next to the member of the "religion of leftard peace" holding the dripping machete in his hands.

Sixth-century head-loppers, like idiot leftards, are extremely intolerant of any ideas other than their own.


A totally predictable result...and the police back the Muslims every time, as they are shit scared of them. If the boot was on the other foot, and the head hackers had a table with things offensive to Christians, you would not have seen a copper in sight.

England is well and truly stuffed, thanks to the idiot politicians and the nutcase left.


Modern law. It's about the consequences, not the intent.

Over to you Mr Hitchens -

Christopher Hitchens - Don't waste my time with Islam [2010]

Brilliant on Q&A


So who is indoctrinating these stupid is, as stupid does ABC employees to peddle the stuff that has created so much angst to the listeners and viewers.
Turnbull has his finger prints on so much that is causing so much stress and damage to Australians.
Water. NBN. Communication. Prime Minister.


Lauren Southern, the young Canadian blonde in that clip, is a courageous young woman but 'courage' doesn't make her the sharpest tool in the shed.

She has done some marvellous work in producing her Farmland film series, a real exposé of the ongoing genocide of white South African farmers by the brutal black idiot footsoldiers of the black SA Govt leadership. Dutton was right ... those whites have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

But setting herself up in the Luton town square to bait Muslims by declaring Big Mo 'queer' is just plain stooopid.

Yes, he WAS a paedophile AND a homosexual but only for pre-pubescent boy children. In his writings he described "beardless boys" as having the "lustre of pearls" and, following Mo's example, such children are bought and sold today, but if these poor abused sex slave children have the audacity to practise sodomy after they mature and grow whiskers, then they are hung by the neck or thrown from tall buildings.

If Lauren wanted to make her point about Islamic depravity, perhaps she could make a film about Bacha Bazi, however if I was making such a film I'd be asking WHY the USA and Allied Military have turned a blind eye to the plight of these children in Afghanistan.

The fact is, leading Afghan Govt officials, police chiefs and military officers ALL participate in the trafficking and sale of these boy children and defend their heinous activities by saying "it's cultural, it's traditional, it is sanctioned by the sacred word of the Prophet". Yeah .... right.

I'd want to know why OUR best and bravest are being sent into harm's way to defend the hedonistic and barbarous lifestyles of those people ... the fate of those little boys bedamned.

Now THAT is a story that should be told.


Could she do that again, with Jesus is gay. Let’s see what the police do then.OOOO


Not Aimee Mann! ...that's for sure. ;) See "Long Shot" from her "I'm With Stupid" album, -

P.S. A great album. - - "you leave me no choice in the matter" ;)


Jeez! Gizzlam, or not.

Michelle Two

Those that don't understand the snake will be bitten by it just to get the experience, but how lucky are they that the cops saved them they were not only offensive to that one faith but not many other religious beliefs would go and behead you for having a different opinion..
So all is in divine order for the snowflakes are a part of the problem not the solution and they are a bit naive and live in a different reality, where they feel powerful and compasionate about helping souls that don't need protecting as they are not victims of society but are responsible for their own actions and reactions to how things are in the world.. The snakes of the world have sucked them in and brainwashed them big time..

Wayne Shaft

Very Dangerous ! So many Tall Buildings ! 😨😨😨😮😧😬😬😬


So now I can go out and be publicly offended by “progressives”, threaten them with violence and the police will make the Progressives take their crap and go home because I might hurt them. Good.

darcy cummings

Yes when I first heard this I thought there was a mistake and she had mistakenly landed herself in North Korea, not the UK and I note that the police officer stated that 3 or 4 people found it offensive and this resulted in her being BANNED from entering the UK. I am utterly speechless that this is the UK today. I fear its beyond salvation and they have allowed so much Islamic immigration that the country is now dictated to by the Islamic population who are now exerting their power and political agenda. Politics is just like most things just a numbers game and when you are outnumbered you are outvoted which is why its so important to control immigration. If they dont accept or want to live by the laws and customs of the country they immigrate to they should not be allowed to stay. The old saying "when in Rome do as the Romans do" still applies.

Over It

Seriously? Is this real or did they get the outcome they expected. Surely they could't be that naive?


Poor little Muslims. Offended! FMD

I'm offended by Islam and the apologists for it. Germany will probably end up having a form of religious war over it. Merkel has started something that the German people will have to step in and fix. When I say fix, I mean that the German people will take matters into their own hands. You can only turn the other cheek so many times.

Why should we have to tolerate having bollards placed in streets for our protection, or the occasional 'mentally unhinged' Muslim driver who mows down a few innocents? How about the countless $$$ spent on counter terrorisn as a result of our bloody stupid refugee progams.

The 'do-gooders' in our society have well and truly stuffed what was once a great country. The Muslim experiment at integration has failed! All we have imported is disharmony and victimhood. There are no pluses!

Just as Turdball is in denial about his leadership skills and longevity, so are the MSM and SJW's in denial about the problems they have inflicted on this country with their constant defence of Islam. To even suggest that there is a problem results in claims of being 'Islamophobic' etc.

The leaders of the countries in the west need a good bloody kick up the backside. Like him or hate him, Trump is one who at least is direct and confronting re these issues.

Do we have a Trump here? No! There is not a single politician in Australia who has the cojones to call a 'spade a spade'. They are all weak as p!$$!

We need a change. Stuff the major and mini-major parties. They all seem to be going down the path of destruction All are deluded. I believe the only chance is for a new conservative party to rise up. It may take a couple of elections, but it appears to be one of very few options available to us.

Tony H

No the Christians would be called rascist and told to move on. The Muslim table would stay.


Pity the police arrived.


The UK is on it's way to becoming the next state of islam. One judge there told a defendant that he should read to Quran while he was in gaol as it would teach him about peace and intolerance, seriously!! Then Count Dankular is convicted for teaching his Pug the nazi salute, all thee while islamic pedophile rings go unchallenged even by the cops, for 40 years. One father who had found out his daughter was being held in an islamic "rape house" called the police, they wouldn't help, then when he entered the house to save his daughter, the cops came and arrested him for breaking and even after he explained why he was there, the cops do nothing. He was taken away while he daughter remained in the house. Vile, disgusting and sickening. The UK is a sewer for radical islam. If we're not careful we'll be next. Do not vote green or labor and write to all conservative MP's about this.

Michelle Two

Snowflakes and diversity and inclusion go hand in hand like a costume to either bland in so you aren't noticed or to prove a point to your clients of the ABC or maybe to show your own ignorance and understanding of the snake and your fears being hidden behind the mask..
From Bolts blog and the ABC propaganda machine. .lol! (When I put the letters ABC the phone predicted the word propaganda automatically).


Very interesting interview with Lauren Southern and Tommy Robinson, and another with her and Steve Molineau. On you tube. Worth watching


Her name is Lauren Southern, who was arrested in Calais trying to enter the UK. She has been banned for life from entering the UK.
So sad that the immigrants have taken over the UK.

Michelle Two

Sounds like she wants to play on both sides of the fence in pleasing and defending the snakes of the world..
She might of got her point across though that the intolerance of Islam is on show I wonder what her intentions were when she thought of doing this..
Was she trying to be inclusive and diverse by employing two of the progressive causes in one battle? Hmmm!!

Michelle Two

They do that at the Sydney Mardi Gras and any other protest by progressives .. The police join in the parade along with politicians..


She wasn't saying that the prophet Mo was gay, but that Allah (God) was/is gay. Big difference.

I can only assume that she planned to set herself up outside St Paul's Cathedral with signs saying that the Christian Gd was/is gay to see how different would be the traction of passers by and the police.

Eternal Optimist

Perhaps some of the earlier commenters on this post haven’t viewed Lauren Southern talking at the European Parliament explaining what she did and what happened to her when she arrived in the UK. Don’t call her “stupid”. She said it was a social experiment. She was very brave to do it and her actions proved to be correct. It seems anyone is allowed to call Jesus gay and get away with it, but try that with Allah (or Mohammed) and the police arrive, afraid that it will start a riot, and later that person is permanently banned from the UK.

Has the UK gone so far down the politically correct road that it can’t return to the great nation it once was? I also wonder that of other western nations. They ban conservatives from entering the country to give talks that are thought will cause unrest and upset the SJWs.

Look again at Mycroft’s comment from another post earlier this month and view the videos, especially the one titled “I’m an Englishman”. I was born in Australia but I weep for what has become of the UK (and of course Australia).


It is not the politicians who are the idiots. They have been ripping us off for decades and selling us out to the highest bidder while we the idiots keep on voting for them.

darcy cummings

Yes ultimately this is about freedom of thought and expression and its a very slippery slope to go down. I find some commentary and opinions offensive too but would never insist on them being censored unless they actually condoned some criminal act. Our dislike, mistrust or disbelief and condemnation of another religion or opinion is definitely a line crossed. The problem is WHO decides what is offensive. In this case it is the Islamic religion that makes the call re Lauren so if anyone is OK with that then they are mentally dysfunctional and cannot see the dangerous precedent this sets. I am actually terrified of being outnumbered by the Islamic religion and Lauren's experiment proved my fear is legitimate, they can and do have you banned from a country for having an opinion that is different from theirs - that is so terrifying and outrageous. Lauren and the Muslim complainants should have been left to argue their opinions verbally and only if the situation became physically violent should the police be called and if that happened the only charge by the police should be for physical violence and against whomever threw the first punch or caused physical harm should be arrested thats it other than that police should not have entered this and the State should not allow it. I fear the same may have happened to Blair Cottrell I dont think we have freedom of speech or expression here in Australia either but will look into that.

Wayne Shaft

Expect to hear the Marxist term White Privilege more and more often from now on 🤠🤠🤠. NWO decree ...👽👽👽

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