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The documents that show Ralph Blewitt was arrested, ready to be charged over the Gillard/Wilson Kerr St purchase


On 8 May 2014 - almost 4 years ago, Ralph Blewitt was arrested, fingerprinted, interviewed by detectives at the Victoria Police Fraud Squad offices and told he would be charged with fraud over the purchase of the Kerr Street property.

POL.ICE: Do you agree that you've been advised you're under arrest on suspicion of obtaining property by deception

BLEWITT: Am I under arrest?


A few weeks earlier, on 9 April 2014 Commissioner Dyson Heydon AC QC gave the opening address at the first sitting of his Royal Commission of Enquiry into Trade Union Governance and Corruption.

Those who may wish to suppress true evidence or give false evidence or interfere with documents  must  remember this....each of those offences is punishable by imprisonment for terms ranging from six months to five years.

If, despite these heavy criminal sanctions, the conduct prohibited takes place, it is open to draw factual inferences against the persons responsible. That is because, for example, the conduct of giving deliberately false oral evidence, or procuring the giving of deliberately false oral evidence, or failing to give oral evidence, can suggest that the conduct proceeds from a fear based on the consciousness that the truth would be adverse to some position adopted by the person responsible for the conduct.

It can be easy to infer that the consciousness is soundly based. Similarly, the conduct, for example, of falsifying documents, or destroying documents, or concealing documents, can suggest that the conduct proceeds from a fear based on a consciousness that the actual document would be adverse to some position adopted by the person responsible for the conduct. For who knows how much harm a particular piece of evidence can cause better than the person who wants to suppress it or destroy it?

Dyson Heydon's strength is in speeches and fine sentiments.  Action apparently is not his thing.

On the same day as Commissioner Heydon opened the batting - 9 April 2014 - Detective Sergeant Ross Mitchell met with Ralph Blewitt's lawyer Bob Galbally.

Mitchell had two things on his mind - laying charges over the Kerr Street purchase, and gaining Ralph Blewitt's cooperation in testifying against his co-offenders - plural!

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 4.50.21 am

Letter to Ralph Blewitt - April 2014 by Michael Smith on Scribd

Detective Sergeant Ross Mitchell was in charge of Victoria Police's Operation Tendement, a broad ranging enquiry into The AWU Scandal.
Mitchell had made significant progress during the 16 months his task force of detectives had been investigating Gillard, Wilson, Blewitt and others.  
He'd located Gillard's builder Athol James who'd retained reams of paperwork from the months he'd spent renovating Gillard's house.  And Mr James was "certain" - Bruce Wilson provided the money to pay for Gillard's building work, peeling off notes from "great wads of cash".
Mitchell had his share of setbacks too.  
In May 2013 Mitchell and his team raided Gillard's former law offices at Slater and Gordon.  
Ralph Blewitt waived any claim to client legal privilege over the documents Mitchell and his team seized - but Bruce Wilson fought the police tooth and nail.  And thanks to a $4M grant from Labor's then Federal Attorney General Mark Dreyfuss to the Public Interest Legal Clearing House, Bruce Wilson had a team of QCs to help him.
In April 2014 the search warrant material was still in legal limbo with Wilson's federally funded team stretching proceedings out.  
Mitchell didn't know it then, but he'd struck gold at Slater and Gordon, with the hand-written notes of former Slater and Gordon managing partner and now Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy:

(Wilson) instructed us to set it up (Workplace Reform Association).

he had then received monies into it improperly.

he spent the monies improperly

he involved us in criminal wrongdoing, re the house (Kerr Street Fitzroy purchase)

Agreed I wld contact John Cain from MB on behalf of Wilson to negotiate a redundancy package + resignation for Wilson in the hope that if he left there wld be no further investigation.

It made sense to wait for the courts to finalise Wilson's claim over legal privilege before interviewing Wilson or Gillard.
But Mitchell didn't need to wait to interview Ralph.  Ralph had waived his legal rights and was champing at the bit to cooperate with police - even if it meant incriminating himself.
Bob Galbally sent his 11 April letter to Ralph Blewitt by email.  Minutes after he received the note, Ralph was booking flights.  He couldn't wait to get back to Melbourne for his interview with police, even though he'd have no immunity from prosecution.
Ralph's wife Ruby packed his Sunday best - and he'd only discover when he put his suit on that Ruby had also packed his pockets.
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 5.25.20 am
On 8 May 2014 Detective Sergeant Mitchell arrested Ralph Edwyn Blewitt and placed him in a CIB interview room.
Blewitt stayed in that room for a gruelling four and a half hour video and audio recorded interview with Mitchell and another detective.
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 3.45.32 am
Ralph and the police sat down at 10.37AM.
The transcript goes for 167 pages.
Detective Sergeant Mitchell spoke first - here are a few direct quotes taken from the transcript, Mitchell speaking:

O.K. So the reason you're here is - and it's been widely publicised is in relation to certain things that happen with you, Bruce Wilson and also the ex-Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. 

And certain things were done, whether in Victoria or Western Australia, but certain things were done in Victoria to - and this is what I want to interview you about......

Now, Ralph, would you agree that the - fundamentally how we came to be here this morning is that via your solicitor, Robert Galbally, I requested to formally interview you in relation to certain allegations of a premises in Kerr Street, Fitzroy, that was purchased, I believe, with funds that were stolen 

And I advised Bob Galbally that subsequently you'll be charged in relation to your - the criminal offences that took place in Victoria and as - the obtaining of the Kerr Street property by deception 

Right at the outset, confirmation that Ralph would be charged over his role in the Kerr Street purchase.  

And so would others.

Mitchell delivered the legal niceties, covering off the caution without which Blewitt's answers might be inadmissible in court:

I wish to talk to you about obtaining property by deception and that is fundamentally the purchase of a premises in Kerr Street, Fitzroy, in your name for the benefit, I believe, of Bruce Wilson, that occurred in the early 90s. Before I do, however, I advise you that you're not obliged to say anything unless you wish to do so and anything you do say or do will be recorded and may be given in evidence. You can answer some questions and not others. Do you understand what I've just said?
It was a broad-ranging and very detailed forensic interview.  Mitchell was interested in Gillard's role in the incorporation of the sham Workplace Reform Association - particularly the appeal against the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs in his decision to knock the incorporation back:

You've now gone to Victoria to meet with Julia Gillard, Bruce Wilson is with you and you say Bernard Murphy is there. O.K. Now, you're doing that because you've attempted to incorporate an association called the Workplace Reform Association and it's been rejected by the commissioner on the basis it sounded too much like a union.
That's correct.

But the reason that you've applied for this association is so Thiess can pay the AWU, is that right, for a workplace representative at the Dawesville project?

From the policeman's own mouth, the reason for getting the sham incorporated wasn't to set up an election fund, it was so Thiess could make the payments from the Dawesville project.

The Fraud Squad detectives asked lots of open questions.  There's no attempt to lead Blewitt in giving his answers.   And they'd persist until they got what they wanted, like this about the slush fund:

Q. What's another term used for this kind of money?

A. Slush fund.

Q. O.K. It's been bandied around in the media again in relation to the slush fund, O.K., and that term was used, I believe, by Julia Gillard in her exit interview. Have you ever heard about the exit interview she did with Peter Gordon? 

I have heard of it.
O.K. So she used that term. Is this the slush fund you believe she was referring to?

And Mitchell was pointed about where some of the slush fund money went - particularly given what he knew about the strength of builder Athol James's recollections and evidence about Gillard's renovations: 

There's been certain allegations raised about some of the money being used for renovations on Julia Gillard's house. Have you got any comment to make about that? 

I attended the Abbotsford property on arrival in Melbourne, went into the house. Bruce Wilson was there, Gillard was there in the front of the house, I walked past her on the way in, "Oh, Bruce is out the back, Ralph." The whole thing was just open, you know. I walked through. Wilson was in the kitchen area. There were some renovations going on, think the verandah predominantly, but I think some of the kitchen from - but certainly the verandah outside. There were three other persons there, to the best of my recollection. Bruce Wilson said to me, "Have you got that - you bring that money?" And I go, "Yeah, mate." He then asked me to give whoever that tradesperson was - and I can't recall now - $7000. 

Blewitt was extensively quizzed about Kerr Street and the roles Gillard and Wilson played in the purchase.  Overall, Gillard's name was brought up 38 times:

I'd spend Friday night, Saturday night in Melbourne with Wilson and I'd occasionally - and most times I'd stay at Kerr Street. 
On most instances Gillard was there and around. We used to go and have coffee at the Fitz Cafe, or whatever it was, just on the corner.  And breakfast and that, and we were just good mates, you know. 

On and on they went.  And there was no "if or but" during the formalities at the end of the interview - Ralph Edwyn Blewitt was formally advised he would be charged over the Kerr Street fraud

As I said, you're gunna be charged with obtaining property by deception. You do not have to say or do anything unless you wish to do so, but whatever you say or do may be recorded and given in evidence. Do you understand this?
Do you wish to say anything in answer to the charge? No.
Do you wish to make a further statement in relation to the matter?
I've got to ask you some questions in relation to your fingerprints. You are believed to have committed the offence of obtaining property by deception. Your fingerprints are required for the purposes of identification. Your fingerprints may be used in evidence in court. If you refuse to give your fingerprints voluntarily a member of the police force may use reasonable force to obtain them.

That was May 2014 - almost 4 years ago.

Police were obliged to wait until Wilson's legal privilege claim was finalised.

That happened in late September 2014.

Just before Dan Andrews and his CFMEU/Labor mates were elected to form the new Government of Victoria.

Police Commissioner Ken Lay lasted a few days under the Andrews regime.

The puppet who replaced him is no Ken Lay.

With its new Labor government, Victoria got a new Solicitor for Public Prosecutions.

John Cain Jr, the same man mentioned in Judge Murphy's confessional notes about Murphy involving Gillard and the Slaters crew in criminal misconduct over the Kerr Street purchase.

Corruption?  You be the judge, it's hard to find good ones these days.

I posed two rhetorical questions to myself in the hope they might clear things up.

Q: What is it with this matter?


Q: Why are authorities so reluctant to act?


Man up authorities!!!!!

Cain and Ashton's circus decided no charges would be laid in Victoria.

They hospital-passed the files to Western Australia.

WA's DPP said that if Ralph behaved himself and met all the costs, he might be able to arrange to get himself charged with a criminal offence over The AWU Scandal.




DPP Response - Blewitt by Michael Smith on Scribd

And that's how Blewitt came to be before WA's courts.
There's no Mark Dreyfus with $4M from federal coffers for Ralph.
But he has a pretty good legal team and he knows his rights.
It'll be great to watch Bernard "Julia, You Bloody Beauty" Murphy get sworn in to explain his hand-written notes about Wilson and the Thiess secret commissions.
Thiess executives Nick Jukes and Joe Trio should pull a court-room crowd too.
And it'll be lovely to see John Cain Jr and Ms Gillard jump the box.
But why aren't they in the dock?
I will shortly file charges against Gillard.  I am proceeding carefully - as I become aware of the existence of new evidence I'm waiting until I've secured possession of that evidence - and done so in such a way as to ensure it can be admissible in court.
But seriously - I shouldn't have to do it, and it's most unbecoming to see this unfinished business and to have to ask for your support to keep our little operation limping along in survival mode.
Where are the weak-as authorities?
The AWU Scandal was just that, scandalous.  But it's the coverup that gets them in the end.
And the cover-up in The AWU Scandal is a lot more than just scandalous.
It's a serious perversion of the course of justice.
And the perverts will be held to account.
That's a promise.
Every touch leaves its trace.