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The paper-thin veneer of Kevin-The-Expert Rudd

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This week John Garnaut, an Australian expert on China affairs, gave an address to the US House Armed Services Committee in Washington. He spoke on how China brazenly manipulated Australian society to ‘tilt the political and strategic landscape to its advantage’.

Compare this address to the US Committee with that of the self proclaimed expert on China affairs, Kevin Rudd on 5 March 2018.

"We will need a generation of leaders who understand this integrated Chinese reality, in order to make sense of and engage with the China of the future. With our eyes wide open. And with our minds wide open as well. Open to new challenges. Open to new threats. Open to new possibilities. Open to new areas of cooperation and collaboration."

Paper thin Rudd.  No substance.  No intellectual rigour.   Just a thirst for the front page.

Thanks to the researching giant Seeker of Truth.

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