Singer Shania Twain apologises for "admitting" she'd have voted for Trump. And that's the news from Sky in Australia. OMG
Congratulations (and goosebumps!!!!) to Christian Li, winner of the Menuhin Competition

Hillary feels so bad that people had to hide their support for her. Ask Anne Summers!

After 6 years we are right on the moment when the Slater and Gordon/GILLARD  "House of cards comes tumbling down" (as one of my legal advisors put it yesterday).

Bear with me - there are a couple of Is to dot and Ts to cross - but I can say it's the widows and orphans fatality fund that's the key to their undoing.

In the interim - on a scale of 1 to 10, where do we plot Hillary, Anne Summers et al in their disconnection from reality?