Labor confirms it in writing - "Women's bodies are normal"
IDAHOBIT for LGBTI is VICPOL's focus today. Marauding African gangs not so much.


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"The Daily Telegraph columnist Devine tellspodcast Behind the Media, speaking about her decision to label supporters of deposed prime minister Tony Abbott “delcons”, ...", sic!

I think not. She is not worth my time!

Liz of Vic


I do not mind her, but she does love Turnbull, better not mention that!

Hope it goes well, Vic Police are a disgrace, but I do believe that it is the boss, who is the problem, friends with Andrews, as the photo shows!

Jeff of FNQ

You may wish to discuss this Smithy:

Hundreds of local school students will throw paint-filled water balloons at the Fawkner Police Station today to create an explosion of colour and celebration for LGBTI communities.

The event is held as part of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), which is celebrated annually to promote acceptance and inclusion of sexual and gender diverse communities.

Community Engagement Acting Inspector Troy Papworth said Victoria Police is excited to support Merri Health on this special event, which is a fantastic way to show LGBTI communities that they are supported, celebrated and respected.

“The rainbow artwork will form a permanent 80m mural on the police station fence and is a symbolic way for the community, including police, to show that we’re taking a stance against violence and discrimination,” Acting Inspector Papworth said.

“Through the mural, police are also hoping to increase confidence and trust between LGBTI communities and police, and encourage everyone to speak to us if they need help.


Arcipluvian, surely! ...and, a many-splendoured thing, or not? ;)


Perhaps you could ask her opinion on this Michael, and why the 'Me Too' and 'NOW' members haven't been all over this, supporting Kathy and seeing how many more women come forward with allegations against the same alleged perpetrator if it's exposed more fully.

Woman who accuses Opposition Leader Bill Shorten of rape says police failed her
David Hurley, Herald Sun October 2, 2014 12:05am


A WOMAN who claims she was raped by federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has accused Victoria Police of failing to investigate properly because of his position of power.

Earlier this year, authorities decided not to press charges against Mr Shorten because prosecutors felt that “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”.
The woman, Kathy, asked that her surname not be published, but agreed to be photographed.
Interviewed by the Herald Sun in Queensland, she said the trauma of what she says happened to her had been exacerbated by what she sees as an inadequate police investigation.
“I had three main witnesses ... I gave them the phone number of one, her maiden and married names, told them she lived in Melbourne.
“The police told me they couldn’t find her,” Kathy said.

“But they went to all of Bill’s friends,’’ she said......

Kathy told the Herald Sun she felt let down and devastated by how police had handled the matter.
“With another witness, the police tried to say she was influenced by the media, which doesn’t make any sense.
“I don’t think I had a hope in hell with the police because of who he is,” Kathy said.
“If Bill was just a regular guy I think it would have been different. The police would have had a load of evidence to do something.
“I left it in the hands of the police, and they did nothing.”

Kathy, now 44, alleges Mr Shorten raped her at a Labor youth conference in Portarlington in the winter of 1986, when she was just 16.
The community nurse completed a 19-page police statement with detectives from Victoria Police’s sexual offences squad last October 23.
“The police rang me up in April and told me they had called Bill in for questioning.
“They then said the case was closed and that they weren’t going to reopen it,” Kathy said.
“They said I would not be able to get access to any of the evidence. They said I could apply through Freedom of Information but I wouldn’t get it.

“I never really had a leg to stand on. They have tried to bully me,” she said.
“ I have got rights, and they are trying to take away my rights. People are treating me like a nutcase.
“It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or I’m fabricating things.”

Kathy had a rapid rise in Young Labor when elected to the rural policy committee.
She became a delegate for party state and national conferences in 1986.
Soon after joining Labor she says she came to know Mr Shorten — himself a rising star in the party.
After he travelled to Wodonga to meet local members, Kathy says she began speaking to him on the phone regularly about party and policy issues.
Kathy says she and her sister went to Portarlington for the youth Labor conference during the winter of 1986.
Kathy says she was raped by Mr Shorten after being pushed into a bathroom in the early hours of the morning.
She says no one else was present. A number of Young Labor members had spent the evening drinking and smoking marijuana, she says.
In her police statement, Kathy outlined how she came to know Mr Shorten and what she said happened on the night in question.
Kathy says she was raped after a group had arrived back from going for a drive.
"There was a knock on the door " Kathy says. "I thought it was my sister. I opened the door and it was Bill."

Kathy says she and her sister left the camp the next day.
The Herald Sun has seen a police statement by Kathy's sister, completed on October 23 last year, jn which she confirms details about the location of the Labor youth camp and the people who were present.

H/B: Perhaps some of the wonderful women on this site might consider getting in touch with the 'Me Too' and 'NOW' organisations and ask why they are not supporting Kathy, given her very credible account given to police.

Up The Workers!

"...Vic Police are a disgrace, but I do believe that it is the boss, who is the problem, friends with Andrews..."

Friends with him?

I hear that they are openly I.D.A.H.O.B.I.T.S. together!

I suspect that neither of them intend attending I.D.A.D. (International Day Against DECENCYPHOBIA).


Lost respect for Miranda with the way she spoke about conservatives and also her love of Turnbull - the latter being a complete dud as PM.

Up The Workers!

Half your luck!

Sometimes I wouldn't mind "being on with" Miranda Devine, myself - but I thought she was already spoken for.

Sure beats "being on with" Benny Wong, Sarah Halfwit Bung or Lee Rhiannon.


Bill Cosby vs Bill Clinton. It's institutionalised racism I tells ya...

Wayne Shaft

Tell Miranda that the Delcons send their love ❤️ 😛😛😛 oh and Don't forget to plug the Blog !

Wayne Shaft

Before all the Anti - Multicultural bigots Start , just think about all the wonderfull African Restaurants we now have ! 😒😒😒

Mike G

Has someone got a link to this ? I can find archives of old shows and people saying it exists but no links. If its pay-walled I wont bother.


Best of Luck, Michael.
I have an inkling you will need it!

I very much doubt that Miranda Devine will be interested in the 'truth'. All stops will be pulled out to preserve the false reality.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).

seeker of truth

Here's the link courtesy of the Daily Telegraph's website. Just click on the listen to section


Miranda, Mother of DelCons.

Without her the anger may have just faded away from lack of direction, but thanks to Miranda we had a name to rally around.

Conversation Australia owes Miranda deeply for reminding us all that we were not alone in thinking that Malcolm Turnbull is a backstabbing useless COUGH!

Love you, Miranda <3

Julie of Geelong

Michael - I just missed it can you put interview on your blog!

Julie of Geelong

What a hoot Up the Workers - love your work!!

Also, don’t forget “Sulky Tania”!!!!!

seeker of truth

That was a good interview. Miranda let you speak on the topic with very little interruption and she gave the listeners' a heads up about your website. You should be chuffed.

Michelle Two

I just missed it as well I got the end where she gave a promo of your website..

Wayne Shaft

Brings to mind the parable of the lost conservative sheep 🐑


Maybe a media rehearsal for the big forthcoming event Smithy? Go you good thing!

Liz of Vic

Just go to Michael's 'HERE IS THE LINK' which will bring you to Miranda's page, scroll down to where the talk is and listen it starts at 31 minutes.

Liz of Vic

One would have thought that this matter needs to be cleared up, if he wants to be prime minister, surely we cannot have another 'you know what'!


I used to read her column, but for various reasons, I too decided she wasn't worth my time.

The radio interview with MPS reminded me why.

She's the 'smiling assassin' with the carefully modulated voice who shakes your hand while she slips a blade between your ribs.

She could have mentioned that the call was long distance, but to be specific about where it came from was, in my book, unnecessary, nobody's business and a betrayal of an unspoken confidentiality.

But hey! ... leaving listeners with the impression that the reach of her show was substantial, her influence beyond these shores is the name of the game isn't it?

Is plugging MSNews a fair quid pro quo? Perhaps. If click bait is the name of the game. Integrity? Not so much.


thank you Jenny , my thoughts exactly,
her columns have lost all credibility written from an overwhelming Bias against T Abbott

Wayne Shaft

Yes , but now if she would just Dump Turnbull ! I mean she really could do better . 😐😐😐

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