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Yeah, he's a Republican, but the job comes with a house and car with driver!



Kim Beazley named WA Governor

Nick Butterly | The West Australian

Former federal Labor leader Kim Beazley is to become governor of WA.

Mr Beazley, an avowed republican, was named the Queen’s 33rd representative for the State by Premier Mark McGowan today.

Mr Beazley said he was honoured to be considered for the role, while acknowledging it was both daunting and overwhelming.

He said he saw no conflict in taking the role, despite his long support for a republic, though he confirmed he would resign from his role on the republican advisory committee.

Mr Beazley entered Federal Parliament in 1980 and was a minister in the Hawke and Keating Governments, holding the various portfolios including Defence and Finance.

He led Labor in Opposition in two stints and narrowly lost the 1998 election to John Howard.

Mr Beazley was appointed Australian ambassador to the US in 2010 and is highly regarded locally as an authority on US politics and regional defence issues.

The Premier has long acknowledged Mr Beazley as a friend and mentor.

In 2016 Mr Beazley was caught in a difficult position when another long-time friend and factional ally, Stephen Smith announced he would challenge Mr McGowan to lead State Labor.

Mr Beazley replaces Kerry Sanderson, WA’s first female governor.