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Victoria Police losing control

I despair at Victoria Police today.

The Force has lost the plot.

From the head of the internal affairs department trolling our website, to the chief himself "forgetting" about The AWU Scandal.

I hate to sound like an old codger or armchair critic, so let me lay out my credentials.

I graduated Dux of my double-squad intake at the Victoria Police Academy and was awarded the Angela Taylor Memorial Prize as well as the Mayne Nickless Award.

I had a commendatory entry noted after citizens of Clifton Hill wrote to the Chief Commissioner about my partner and my performance, just the two of us at a riot involving dozens of drunken youths.  Back up took more than 5 minutes to arrive and we held our own - with no long batons, no capsicum spray, no tasers.  For former coppers in the know it was the George brothers and their mother at a 21st on a quick-changeover Sunday afternoon shift.  And it was bloody frightening.

I watch with despair as the coppers of today usher the blacks shown in this video outside - without a single arrest.

They're armed to the teeth with all the mod cons and a heap of backup - but not one individual is put in the back of a van.

We would have taken at least a few of the biggest and rowdiest away and interviewed them until they talked.  And interviewed them hard.

The crooks are in the wrong here but what sort of Police Force allows their cars to get smashed up like this without retaliation?

When my late mates Steve Tynan and Damian Eyre were shot and killed by a small gang of crooks, we as a Force put Victoria's criminals on notice.  The raids started immediately.  Every old and bold desk sergeant came out of retirement.  We hit crooks hard and we hit them fast.  The amount of outstanding Warrants of Apprehension and Commitment started falling overnight as offenders handed themselves in - out of fear of what police would do if we came looking for them.

Police today are encouraging these African louts by their obvious fear of taking action. 

Police don't want to touch them because they are black.

Well what about the poor buggers who've worked so hard to live in the lovely area where this noisy and violent party took place over the weekend?

What about the owners of the apartment trashed?

What about everyone else and their insurance premiums skyrocketing?

And most importantly what about all those living in fear of the day that the African mob will surge into their place?

When I was in the job local sergeants and inspectors could be certain of one thing - a charge of "lack of adequate supervision" would follow incidents in which property or people were damaged due to police inaction.

Why no charges against police bosses today?  The neglect of duty is outrageous.

It's not like the current batch of Victoria Police men and women can't or won't act - it's just that their judgement and leadership is so bloody awful.

And that leads to scenes like this, just a few weeks ago.

What a horrible situation.  The police appear to act like an out of control gang themselves - but only when facing a weak old pensioner.

Now compare and contrast as a mob of young blacks literally walk all over Victoria's finest.

And not one arrest.

I don't know how those coppers signed off duty at the end of that shift.

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