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We follow the money from the Workplace Reform Association slush fund into Gillard's home renovations

On Friday, 18 May 2012 I heard Peter Gordon (former Slater and Gordon boss during GILLARD's time) say, "I could never go on the record, but I f*ckin' sacked her.  Keep going, you've only scratched the surface on her renovations".

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Thanks for the advice Peter, 6 years down the track it's starting to bear fruit.

On 11 September 1995 Gillard told Mr Gordon in her tape recorded exit interview, ""I can't categorically rule out that something at my house didn't get paid for by the association or something at my house didn't get paid for by the union or whatever. I just, I don't feel confident saying I can categorically rule it out".

Here's part of the reason why. 

The Trade Union Royal Commission found that Gillard's builder Athol James was telling the truth when he said the money that paid for Gillard's renovations came from Bruce Wilson.

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But the TURC left a lot of stones unturned.  Here's some of what it missed.

Athol James was involved in two building related entities, Tamarill Park Pty Ltd and a family partnership AE, EM and BMA James.

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The TURC's Commissioner Heydon incorrectly reported that Mr James started doing building work for Gillard in March 1993.

Commissioner Heydon and his $3M Counsel Assisting Jeremy Stoljar missed this entry in Mr James's 1993 work diary.

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He got the go-ahead the next day.

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And he called and made an appointment for 8AM on 18 January.........

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To come by and pick up $509 which was noted in his cash book here.

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.....and banked the same day along with some other money.

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Yesterday we saw how Bruce Wilson channeled $6,000 - first from the AWU Workplace Reform Association into Ralph Blewitt's joint (with his wife) Home Building Society Account

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Then from Ralph's Home Building Society account into Wilson's CBA account.....

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Then on to Ms Gillard.

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Below you'll find a post from StevenJ setting out the sequence of events that follow the money from Wilson to Gillard to Mr James in payment for the renovations.

Here's part of what happened.

Commencing 15 March, 1993, Athol James makes 6 entries in his work diary for Ms Gillard.

Works were apparently progressing, and on 26 April 1993, Mr James phoned with money on his mind.

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That triggered a flurry of activity with Bruce and Julia.

On the same day, 26 April, Bruce wrote out a cheque to his defacto Ms Gillard, banked it, had it very quickly cleared and deposited into her account - all on the same day!

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Athol James made an 8AM appointment for 18 January to attend Ms Gillard's house to collect a part payment for his work.

He was a man of habit.

He made an 8AM advance appointment for 28 April too!

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And they all lived happily ever after, with the slush fund Julia set up for Bruce paying for Julia's renovations.

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Now here's more detail from StevenJ

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Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 5.01.56 pm

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