Egyptian government pays for RAN celebrity Muslim Mona Shindy & Anne Aly MP to show off
Lovely to see people having so much fun!

Australia's "Missile Commander" Mona Shindy's speech "on the greatness to bend history" in the Islamic Middle East

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.06.34 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.06.34 pm
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.06.34 pm

Here's how the folks from head office see Australia's Naval Missile Commander!


And here's our reader and super sleuth Earl!!


Earl said:
Something doesn’t smell right here. The apparent timeline is - Anne Aly renounces Egyptian citizenship May 6, 2016 - Elected to parliament July 2, 2016 - Attends Egypt CAN 2 conference July 2-3, 2017 Just how “government” was this conference? According to the write up it was an initiative by the Egyptian government/various Egyptian government ministers and the Australian Embassy in Egypt (HE Neil Hawkins). Does this mean it was sanctioned/supported by the Australian government? Did they contribute any funds to this like undeclared air fares or accommodation for the “Australian delegation” who also went on to meet the Egyptian Minister of Health with visits to Parliament and the Navy? If the Australian govt did not contribute and this was not a government level event then the participants must have attended in their private capacity so why is Mona Shendy clearly promoting her Australian Navy credentials? What was the nature of her visit to the Egyptian navy. Was the Australian Navy briefed on this visit and given a report of what was discussed? Does the Navy know that “our” Mona, in full naval uniform, features in a number of youtube videos including one of her speech at the Egypt CAC 2 conference. Is the navy concerned that to the casual viewer “our” Mona may appear to be a spokesperson for the Australian Navy? And again the same question has the Navy received a briefing on all these videos and what has been presented by Captain Mona Shendy, Missile Commander of the Australian Navy – as one video caption claims her rank to be. The Shendy video links: (Captioned Missile Commander) (the main conference one, also captioned Missile Commander) Turning back to MP Anne and if this was not an official Australian government involved lovefest then “our” Anne must have attended in an unofficial capacity and just traded on her MP status. Assuming this is correct what passport did she travel on? Can she travel on an "official" one (Grey-asparagus Cover) – Issued to individuals representing the Australian government on official business. (42 pages) because of her elected status or only use it when on official business? If she did travel on the asparagus one then surely the parliamentary mob responsible for issuing these would have done the necessary checks as far as her right to hold one back in 2017 or do these passports not have date of birth, location of birth, nationality trivia printed in them? If she does hold a grey-asparagus covered one, even if she didn't use it on this trip then Short Willy only needed to have checked internal records rather than bother the Egyptian embassy? If she did not use an official one then what one did she use? Must have been her other Australian one – the one that does need details of date of birth, location etc. In fact what are the database requirements for dual citizenship people who travel? Is it possible to leave the country on your Australian one and come back in with your say Egyptian one in "error". Since she gave up her Egyptian citizenship in May 2016 poor Anne would have had to pay the $US25 visa fee when arriving in Egypt. Mmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder. Oh and if you can read Arabic some of the comments under one of “our” Mona’s vids (the 2nd one linked above) make for interesting reading. I would assume that the potential for these kind of comments from viewers would be why such an august body such as the Australian Navy would normally try to keep a clear divide between what are private matters and what are public (true representative of the Navy) matters: Lola none (1 month ago) “There is no god but that Australia is in a war with a Muslim country. Is this the mirror that fights with the Australian army? The Muslim state or retreats from this war? The rules of the forces are to be the protector of their homelands.” (Seems that despite all the great PR of fronting up in your Navy uniform was lost on this viewer who remains positively negative. ) And directly underneath we have: Ibraheem baghdady (10 months ago) “Pussy your mother stupid dumb ignorant son of a dog”. Anger seems to go with the surname baghdady…