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God Save the Queen! George Brandis is in the Australia House!

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.30.00 pm

George Brandis has out-Slippered Peter Slipper!

Remember Pete?

Fond of regalia, Gillard, lace and dress-ups?


Well forget Pete because George B has arrived.

Today the Palace released this announcement - 

Subject: Audiences at Buckingham Palace today included.... 


30th May, 2018

The Hon. George Brandis was received in audience by The Queen today upon his appointment as High Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Australia in London.


While George is in London and in costume, let's revisit some of his more memorable performances at home.

Remember that one time Attorney General Brandis intervened to allow this lovely Muslim boy to go home from jail?  Such soft, beautiful hands and so misunderstood!

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And then there was that well known conservative cause yes, Yes, YES!!!


So from whence sprang the legendary anti-Abbott bias?

One of these Oxford men represents a lot that's good about Australia.

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The AG spot carried certain - perks!

Damn that lividity rising!

Staffer, "No one noticed, you looked gorgeous - as always!"
Well might we say welcome to London George.

Or perhaps it'd be more on the money to cut to the chase.

God Save the Queen!