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All charges against Ralph Blewitt have been dropped

Deweaponised road warrior in need of new computer!

Last night we had a death in the family of this website (I would have said website with an apostrophe s but for reasons that will become obvious my communicative abilities are somewhat compromised).


That is the now deceased 4 year old (about 105 inhuman years) machine that has brought us all millions of words, videos and pictures.

i am sorry that she is upside down - I have purchased an iPad today so as to have some ability to post stuff, but using it involves pecking with two fingers, each like a chook.

Manipulating photos is currently beyond us - as is sustaining the patience with this little device for more than a few frustrating moments!

to do what we need to do I will have to replace “old glory” the dead MacBook.

will you help?

you can use the PayPal icon to the right, or th NAB details below

thank you

Michael Smith

National Australia Bank

bsb 084855

ac 537650476