Courageous young Muslim woman at Sydney's Free Tommy Rally
There's a lot to be said for "till death do us part"

Geert Wilders at the British Embassy in Den Hague on Tommy and free speech

When I was at school crimson marked the British Empire on maps around the classroom.

The crimson bits were part of a system that's been one of the world's greatest forces for good.

The British brought with them the rule of law, democracy and other gifts that constructed great civilisations.

At the heart of British society is the individual's freedom.  Freedom to move, to assemble, to worship, to demonstrate, to grow, to get rich - or poor.  

It's personal.   My right, my freedom.

Freedom of speech underpins it all.

Britain's rise and halcyon days are done now.

The tide that exported Britannia's gifts to the world has turned and Islam is flooding in.

Islam is anathema to British ideals.   

In the 1500s King Henry V adopted "Dieu et mon droit (God and my right)" as the monarch's motto.  

Dieu et mon droit thrived through the centuries. In just the past 100 years it saw off the Kaiser, Hitler, the Soviets and the European Union.

But Britain won't need a motto like Dieu et mon droit where it's going.  Because mon droit - my right - won't exist.

Britain's civilisation is being replaced by the Arab Mohammedan way of life -  in criminal justice, contracts, segregation of men and women - in everything.

And that movement's name is its underlying philosophy.

Islam - or in English - submission.