Courageous young Muslim woman at Sydney's Free Tommy Rally
There's a lot to be said for "till death do us part"

Geert Wilders at the British Embassy in Den Hague on Tommy and free speech

When I was at school crimson marked the British Empire on maps around the classroom.

The crimson bits were part of a system that's been one of the world's greatest forces for good.

The British brought with them the rule of law, democracy and other gifts that constructed great civilisations.

At the heart of British society is the individual's freedom.  Freedom to move, to assemble, to worship, to demonstrate, to grow, to get rich - or poor.  

It's personal.   My right, my freedom.

Freedom of speech underpins it all.

Britain's rise and halcyon days are done now.

The tide that exported Britannia's gifts to the world has turned and Islam is flooding in.

Islam is anathema to British ideals.   

In the 1500s King Henry V adopted "Dieu et mon droit (God and my right)" as the monarch's motto.  

Dieu et mon droit thrived through the centuries. In just the past 100 years it saw off the Kaiser, Hitler, the Soviets and the European Union.

But Britain won't need a motto like Dieu et mon droit where it's going.  Because mon droit - my right - won't exist.

Britain's civilisation is being replaced by the Arab Mohammedan way of life -  in criminal justice, contracts, segregation of men and women - in everything.

And that movement's name is its underlying philosophy.

Islam - or in English - submission. 



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Michelle Two

Our soul is from the Crimson Circle that fought hard in tge mystery schools to bring in those very freedoms.. Long fought battles to retain the philosphy to bring freedom through their own belief and free thoughts to guide souls the seeds were planted long ago so souls are awakening to the old ways before ego guided them.. but first the dark shadow of humanity is rising in this energy in order to delete it from the new world but it is going to take a lot of chaos to awaken the sheeple.. Tommy is a freedom fighter that only brings the truth that the darkforce will try and shut down..
There are going to be more Tommy's created the more they try to control our souls..


Jeff of FNQ

Another cartoon that says it all:


Thanks Michael, other than yourself and XYZ - no one is even reporting this disgrace in Australia. WTF is going on? This is going to have massive implications.

Jeff of FNQ

Excellent article by Stefan Molyneux The War on Tommy Robinson

JohnG of Woy Woy

++ absolutely. If it is as it appears to be then it is SO SO wrong.


Stadium announces anthem won't be played, crowd sings anyway


Tommy Robinson is voicing the opinion of many Western citizens. UK has the highest number of mosques second only to Saudi Arabia. Sharia law is used in many cases (instead of family law) in the UK - their loyalty is to their religious ideology first & foremost.

Looks like the UK is sleep-walking into becoming an Islamic Republic as govt authorities try to keep the peace in the rising Muslim population in the UK & across the West. Terrorism is another threat. Non-assimilation. Unemployment, increasing statistics of serious crimes (overtaking New York), rising cost of generational welfare benefits, British citizens from various countries of origin, who have no English language ability, PC/multiculturalism/diversity ensures that the nations lawmakers try to please all cultures/religious ideologies.

In Australia we have seen 'anti-racist' socialist-PC activist protestors/university students, who invaded the Australian Parliament on the last day of sitting in 2016 and closed down Parliament by yelling,super-gluing their hands on the handrails in Parliament, protesting about Manus-Nauru in support of boatpeople from Islamic countries who transitted various safe Islamic countries to get to Australia via Malaysia-Indonesia. Vilification of Diggers on Anzac Day by those who have been rewarded with Australian citizenship, privileges and taxpayer funded education, health services,welfare & career opportunities.

Geert Wilders has been highlighting the facts about where the Western nations are heading but are our elected representatives prepared to listen?


Tommy Robinson is the bloke who originally blew the whistle on the Muslim gangs of child rapists and traffickers, but why would the Police, Judiciary and Govt cover it up? Because the gangs were the pipeline that supplied paedophile police chiefs, judges, lawyers and politicians with under-age girls and boys.

Last time he spoke out Robinson was thrown into a prison (with an 80% Muslim population of inmates) where he was bashed, bones broken, teeth smashed out and bleach thrown over him. Even a batch of sugar water was boiled (sticks like glue) all ready to throw over him when he was released on bail.

This time, when the court-assigned lawyer told the judge that a prison sentence would be tantamount to a death warrant, the judge said: "Well ... he should have thought of that shouldn't he?"

British Justice ... Govt-sanctioned Execution Warrant for political prisoner ... sentence to be carried out by criminal gangs of Muslim inmates at a time and place of their choosing.

Therefore ... nobody in authority is accountable. Robinson brought it on himself by his "hate speech" of demanding Justice for abused and murdered British children.

200 years ago they'd have "disappeared" him onto a convict ship bound for Van Diemens Land, just as they did Irish and Canadian political prisoners - men who fought for the freedom of their homelands too.

God Save the Queen! ... because nobody else will. Cat got your tongue Ma'am? Nothing to say as your sovereign nation goes to hell in a handbasket?

"Perhaps another garden party might distract them, dear. Call the caterer again Ponsonby - we need more bread and circuses".


Good on you Geert.

Tell it like it is.

May should be dismayed.


Those activists who super-glued their hands on the hand rails should have just been left there for 12 hours or so until they had all pissed / shat themselves, then freed, escorted out without recourse to the toilets, and left to make their way home in their soiled clothes.

Liz of Vic


I am very pleased, that you have taken the trouble to put it on your site.

This is very important for all of us, this is worse than what the Nazi's did during WW2, this is a shocking decision to have been made by their judiciary.

I can only hope that the Judiciary in this country is not on the same path.


Well said,Emu.These Politicians have had 40 years to stop the rot and have done nothing.These"Child Rapists"and"Grooming"gangs,have been doing this for a long time.The only way out for Western countries,is to stop importing these"Barbarians",Take the"Sugar"(welfare)off the table,no more Halal,no burka and no mosques.So, who is going to step up to the plate?


So well said. I can’t think of any other recent event which has enraged me more than tommy Robinson’s injustice. The (UK) is done and it’s tragedy to witness its decline. God bless tommy I met a woman yesterday who gets all her news from the BBC she had never heard of tommy Robinson but was intending to make discovery with the little piece of paper I handed her. We must keep talking

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