Indonesia bought $400M worth of attack helicopters last week - while we delivered $320M in aid
The Royal Family's thank you note

It was a privilege to speak with this young Indonesian woman and her Catholic friend from Surabaya

Last week 27 people were killed and about 50 wounded in 5 ISIS linked terrorist bombings in the Indonesian city of Surabaya.

The bombers came from 3 families and included children as young as 9.

The attacks started last Sunday when 3 Christian Churches were hit in suicide attacks.

Yesterday I was introduced to some Indonesian people from Surabaya - including a young Catholic woman whose community had been targeted by the bombers.

I spoke with Ratna, a 20 year old university student about Catholic friend, her home and how the bombings have affected them.

The past week has been the deadliest in Indonesia since 2002.

The future of that country and the security of our region depends on more and more people thinking, speaking and acting like young Ratna.

What an inspiring young woman - proud to be seen out and about with her Catholic friend, and with the guts to stand up to hardline Islamists and tell them they are wrong.

Indonesia could do with a couple of hundred million more like her!