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God Save the Queen! George Brandis is in the Australia House!

The ABC is piling in on President Trump - called him a fascist, sociopath & like an Islamic terrorist today

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Jon Faine hosted the US singer and noted Trump hater Kurt Elling on taxpayer funded ABC Local Radio today.

Do you reckon Faine would let me get away with spouting off about Gillard like Elling was allowed to do about Trump today?

Elling said Trump is "a fascist", "a sociopath", and "Trump mirrors the threat of fundamentalist terrorists who spread fear around the world'.

Faine laughed and encouraged Elling as he said all that about Trump and much more.  Didn't pull him up a bit.  Egged him on with smiles all around.

Faine listened occasionally giggling while Elling said President Trump's administration "Is based on ignorance and fear", and 'The President is a man without a moral centre".

According to Faine's program today, "President Trump is the worst of the vile creatures that inhabit the swamp.  And Trump surrounds himself with like people".

Elling on Faine on Trump, "The serpents are in the garden and Washington DC has become a playground for madness".

Que approving giggles.

There's more.  Listen in.

And they were out in full force pushing the very expensive 4 Corners 3 part expose on the struggling discredited Mueller probe looking for Russia links.