Geert Wilders at the British Embassy in Den Hague on Tommy and free speech
Could you do with a few words of encouragement right now?

There's a lot to be said for "till death do us part"

First the caveat - let he who is without sin etc.  I'm in the LQP (least qualified persons) group to proffer advice on marital matters.

But I often wonder about the alternatives in marriage law.  

Are we the better for liberal divorce laws which give state-sanctioned authority to breaking a solemn vow?

The vows used to mean what they said - till death us do part.

Until the mid 70s people put up with imperfect marriages.  You've made your bed, now lie in it.

Not now.  Not happy with your decision?  Just come back and exchange.

The tragedy is that ugly, damaging spectacles often follow.

Few, however as ugly and spectacular as this one.

Barnaby's an old mate and a legislator.

I wonder how he'd have voted on the Family Law Act, 1975.