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Tortuous travel today ahead of a decisive few months in court


On the move today so posts will be light.

On Friday the self-confessed bagman for Wilson/Gillard/Ludwig's secret commission schemes appears in Perth's District Court for the first time.

Ralph Blewitt is facing trumped up charges that allege he alone deceived corporate construction giant Thiess into believing it received training services from the secret sham entity Gillard set up.

Even though the invoices were backdated 4 months when the scheme started.

Even though the invoices continued for 8 months after construction on Thiess's building site finished.

Even though Thiess hastily closed the vendor-code for the "AWU - Workplace Reform Association Inc" when the WA Corporate Affairs Commission initially rejected the application for incorporation.

Even though Thiess then made out cheques directly to the AWU - but redirected the cheques to Wilson's secret post office box.

Even though Thiess paid GILLARD's secret incorporated entity hundreds of thousands of Victorian taxpayer dollars under a Kennett Government outsourcing contract for Melbourne Water.

Even though Thiess appointed GILLARD's best friend Robyn McLeod and their boyfriend Bruce WILSON as directors of the board of a Thiess company.

Even though Thiess then directly employed Robyn McLeod - and even though McLEOD's hand-written initials are written on a slush fund invoice approving payment from Thiess.

Even though Thiess cheques from the Kennett contract were still paid out to the GILLARD/WILSON slush fund 5 months after Wilson and Blewitt left the AWU.

Even though former Slater and Gordon lawyer Bernard Murphy (now Judge Murphy, appointed by "Julia, you bloody beauty") made hand-written notes on formal legal files confirming Wilson's confession to secret commission crimes.

Even though now Victorian Solicitor for Public Prosecutions John Cain Jr hand-wrote a letter to the Commonwealth Bank falsely claiming the AWU did not own $160,000 and asking the bank to give the money to Wilson and another official.

Even though Cain as the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions declined to lay charges in Victoria.

Even though all of those things are facts and have happened - BLEWITT's the only person facing trial.

For now.

He will call many, many witnesses.

He has a legal team well supported with enthusiastic helpers who were close to the crimes.

Former policemen, corporate officials, senior public servants, hand-writing experts, lawyers and the best team of investigators in every conceivable discipline - you, the readers of and contributors to this website.

So a very important few months lie ahead of us.

Every touch leaves its trace.