Dinner with diggers or Dubai shopping - guess what Bill Shorten chose on his taxpayer funded Anzac Day trip to Afghanistan
The day UN gender-gap reporting jumped the shark.

Tracey Spicer - "Believe Women". Unless a woman says Bill Shorten raped her.

Tracey Spicer champions the rights of some but not all abused women.Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 9.14.19 pm

"Believe Women" apparently doesn't apply to Kathy.

Kathy says Bill Shorten raped her.

Bill says he didn't.

Shorten and Kathy are the only people who were there at the time.

Kathy gave a 19 page detailed statement to police.

A properly instructed jury would have had two versions of events to assess.

Kathy's - "Shorten raped me".

Shorten's - "No I didn't".

But a Victorian jury won't hear any evidence.

Victoria's Office of Public Prosecutions sided with Shorten and recommended that he not face charges.

So Tracey Spicer - why no support for Kathy?

Do we "Believe Women" except women who accuse the Labor Party's leader of rape?

Your move Ms Spicer.  I'm sure Kathy could do with the support.

Here's an article from the Daily Telegraph just after Victoria's OPP recommended Shorten not face charges.



A WOMAN who claims she was raped by federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has accused Victoria Police of failing to investigate properly because of his position of power.
Earlier this year, authorities decided not to press charges against Mr Shorten because prosecutors felt that “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction”.
The woman, Kathy, asked that her surname not be published, but agreed to be photographed.
Interviewed by the Herald Sun in Queensland, she said the trauma of what she says happened to her had been exacerbated by what she sees as an inadequate police investigation.
“I had three main witnesses ... I gave them the phone number of one, her maiden and married names, told them she lived in Melbourne.
“The police told me they couldn’t find her,” Kathy said.
“But they went to all of Bill’s friends,’’ she said.
Mr Shorten’s press secretary Ryan Liddell last night referred to Mr Shorten’s statement in August: “The claim has now been thoroughly and rigorously investigated by police, as is entirely proper.’’


Mr Shorten said then: “I fully co-operated to clear my name. And that is what I have done ... The police have now concluded the investigation. The decision speaks for itself.”
A Victoria Police spokesman said the force was satisfied that the matter had been “fully investigated”.
Kathy told the Herald Sun she felt let down and devastated by how police had handled the matter.
“With another witness, the police tried to say she was influenced by the media, which doesn’t make any sense.
“I don’t think I had a hope in hell with the police because of who he is,” Kathy said.
“If Bill was just a regular guy I think it would have been different. The police would have had a load of evidence to do something.
“I left it in the hands of the police, and they did nothing.”
Kathy, now 44, alleges Mr Shorten raped her at a Labor youth conference in Portarlington in the winter of 1986, when she was just 16.
The community nurse completed a 19-page police statement with detectives from Victoria Police’s sexual offences squad last October 23.
“The police rang me up in April and told me they had called Bill in for questioning.
“They then said the case was closed and that they weren’t going to reopen it,” Kathy said.
“They said I would not be able to get access to any of the evidence. They said I could apply through Freedom of Information but I wouldn’t get it.
“I never really had a leg to stand on. They have tried to bully me,” she said.
“ I have got rights, and they are trying to take away my rights. People are treating me like a nutcase.
“It doesn’t mean I’m stupid or I’m fabricating things.”
Kathy had a rapid rise in Young Labor when elected to the rural policy committee.
She became a delegate for party state and national conferences in 1986.
Soon after joining Labor she says she came to know Mr Shorten — himself a rising star in the party.
After he travelled to Wodonga to meet local members, Kathy says she began speaking to him on the phone regularly about party and policy issues.
Kathy says she and her sister went to Portarlington for the youth Labor conference during the winter of 1986.
Kathy says she was raped by Mr Shorten after being pushed into a bathroom in the early hours of the morning.
She says no one else was present. A number of Young Labor members had spent the evening drinking and smoking marijuana, she says.
In her police statement, Kathy outlined how she came to know Mr Shorten and what she said happened on the night in question.
Kathy says she was raped after a group had arrived back from going for a drive.
“There was a knock at the door,” Kathy says. “I thought it was my sister. I opened the door and it was Bill.”
Kathy says she and her sister left the camp the next day.
The Herald Sun has seen a police statement by Kathy’s sister, completed on October 23 last year, in which she confirms details about the location of the Labor youth camp and the people who were present.





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Perhaps Kathy should photoshop Bill leering at her? Oh wait. That only works if it's Abbott, who by the way never received an apology from this B grade celeb ex newsreader for her vile slur.

Wayne Shaft

Post MEN apausal Tracey seems to be a real man hater, I recall how she wrongly verballed Tony Abbott . 👧🏼👧🏼👧🏼🚀🚀🚀🤓👻

Up The Workers!

What an amazing coincidence that the solicitor for the A.L.P.'s Victoriastan Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (and Highly Selective Non-Prosecutions) goes by the name: "John Cain".

The name "John Cain" also just happens to be the name of the bloke who was Premier of Victoria from 1982 to 1990 (and taught "Miss Piggy" everything she didn't know - including bankrupting the State Bank of Victoria - no mean feat) and also of another "John Cain" who was Premier of Victoriastan, way back in 1943 and from 1945 to 1947.

I suppose that if there is a suspicion that the Victorian A.L.P. office of the D.P.P. (and Highly Selective Non-Prosecutions) is following long-established party tradition and "looking after the little maaates" by turning a blind eye, deaf ear and bent attitude to instances of alleged child molestation and rape committed by prominent Party colleagues, you could always call in the A.L.P.'s much vaunted "I.B.A.C." to investigate the A.L.P.'s D.P.P. (and Highly Selective Non-Prosecutions).

I.B.A.C. has a new Chairman who commenced a 5-year term on 1st January this year. His name is Robert Redlich, Q.C., which by another amazing coincidence is the same surname as one of the late Partners of prominent Labor law-firm, "Holding, Ryan and Redlich". The eponymous Clyde Holding of that firm, was A.L.P. Opposition Leader in Victoriastan for 10 years. His Partner in that firm was the late Peter Redlich.

On the other hand, if the absence of physical/D.N.A. evidence is an insurmountable problem in achieving a conviction in cases of historical rape allegations, is the Victorian A.L.P.'s Office of the D.P.P. (and Highly Selective Non-Prosecutions) about to declare the trials of everybody else ever convicted in similar circumstances, a "mistrial" and let them all out on the streets to reoffend?

On the other hand, maybe we need to get the A.L.P.'s I.C.A.C. to investigate the A.L.P.'s I.B.A.C., and the A.L.P.'s I.B.A.C. to investigate the A.L.P.'s Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (and Highly Selective Non-Prosecutions).

Alternatively, maybe the idea of having crooks in Parliament running the State for their own pecuniary benefit, wasn't such a good idea, after all?


A raging feminist makes a statement that unsurprisingly only focuses on her favourite gender and the Sydney Writers Festival thinks it needs to be repeated in case some people didn't understand it the first time.

I would have thought "believe people telling the truth" would have been much more inclusive, but there you go.

Getup would be all over this raising the money for a private prosecution if Shorten was on Team Turnbull, bit it appears that Bill is safe as houses being a member of the Turnbull Duopoly.


Come on you women, so quick to damn Craig McLachlan, Geoffry Rush and seat sniffing politicians, that is if they are conservatives, but Bill? with his record/ untouchable in both this and the TURC where he evaded any real questioning. They sicken me as does Shorten, To think, that many people would have this despicable slug represent us on the world stage, shows how low and ignorant we have become as a nation.
It is said the higher you climb, the harder you fall, I am praying Karma is about to visit Shorten and the fall from grace absolute. What a legacy he leaves his poor kids and what would induce any woman to leave her husband for such a sleazt creep'


Bull Shitten....accused rapist, and prefers duty free shopping to having dinner with the troops. This low life is going to make a wonderful PM !!

Just Thinkin'

Isn't it funny how they are chasing Cardinal Pell
on hear say but are doing nothing about Shorten?

We KNOW where their loyalties lie, don't we?


Didn't some lawyer offer to help Kathy after Shorten was "let go" by Vicpol?? Never heard the outcome of that...perhaps Kathy or the lawyer could enlighten us ? Not sure whose interests the lawyers was going to look after. If Kathy's fine, but if Shorten's did Kathy get a settlement ???? (a confidential settlement of course) but her financial circumstance may have changed House/car, etc, and if it has that would be a good out come for her. But it would alsomean that we would be getting seriously dudded if Shorten was to lead Australia in Government. Tracy Spicer is two faced and will never support Kathy.


Thanks for highlighting what I raised again the other day Michael. I hope my suggestion that perhaps some of our wonderful women on this site may see fit to raise the matter with their peers in the hierarchy of the movements below, is taken up. I'd be happy to do it myself, but I don't think anything a white 85-year old male with very old fashioned values had to say would be taken too seriously, if at all!

Me Too. Reach Out. NOW !



Oh dear what has happened to the posts. The truth affecting the servers?

Political speedbump

Surley Michael that you dont expect us to believe that a Police force and state Government both fully controlled by the friendly law abiding funsters down at the CFMEU would be derelict in their duty to investigate serious crimes allegedly committed by yet another senior Labor person .

Though Im surprised the Tracey Spicer and her fellow "metoo" warriors would be quite happy to have an alleged rapist as their preferred PM ,instead of pressing for a proper investigation for his victim ..... maybe we are all just on another parallel Universe .

I think when Rape and (lack of) justice is merely another political football that types like Tacey Spicer may or not flick pass dependant on thier own political persuasion . I think its high time she and her ilk hands in thier media credentials and wander into the sunset of shame .....and for gods sake take Gillards protector Dyson Hayden with you

Julie of Geelong

Tracey Spicer - just another Network 10 reject taken on by @theirABC.

Only thing I remember her for is her vile tweet about Tony Abbott.

She is a disgrace!!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention again Michael. I 100% believe Kathy’s story!!

Needs to be highlighted again when the election gets nearer!!!


Pickering post has some extensive interviews with Kathy , and it shines a very poor light on the predator Shorten , rubbing his hands up and down her legs , and plying alcohol on her .
Did Bills staffer get a good payout for her problems , noticed shortly after that the woman's day ran a puff piece on him and Chloe , much like they did one for the handy knitter Gillard.

Michelle Two

I wonder what mates are on the Lifeline boards .. The Chairman has his cheque book out he may be expecting an influx of calls as he moves further into the socialists agenda..
I wonder if Lifeline pays anything to Beyond Blue for advertising??? a great money washing service on the backs of the volunteers..
Sorry I am just very cynical of so much money washing through the charity sector and being propped up by government once they took the volunteers fundraising means away with all the green and red tape they changed the sector so it is government run the Club of Rome rules come to mind in changing the volunteer sector to having advocates and not souls volunteering but being paid for services rendered but only those in the hierarchy of the services provided get remunerated..
Check out the Lifeline directors and Chairman John Brogden he is a property developer for Government owned properties.. (2nd Link)..

Malcolm Turnbull says a $34 million funding boost for Lifeline will enable the mental health helpline to continue to save lives every day.

The Prime Minister has recorded an online video with Lifeline volunteers to highlight the importance of the organisation’s role and the four-year funding package which will be included in Tuesday’s budget.

“Thousands of volunteers taking calls from people who are lonely, who are in crisis, who are thinking of taking their own lives, and their love changes and saves lives, but they need more support, they need better computers and systems,” Mr Turnbull said in the video.

“We’re providing $34 million of additional funding to support Lifeline.

“It’s going to be matched with the love of the volunteers, the practical love that is saving lives.

“I want to thank all of the Lifeline volunteers and I want to encourage everyone to support Lifeline, because what it is doing is showing that practical love that saves lives every day.”

The video also includes testimony from volunteers about the role their work plays in suicide prevention.


John Brogden AM (Chairman)

John is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Landcom, a NSW Government State Owned Corporation which unlocks surplus or underutilised government-owned sites or large institutional land holdings to create vibrant urban places with housing choices, community facilities, open spaces and access to services.

Between 2015 and 2017 he was the MD & CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), which is dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the economy by promoting professional director education and excellence in corporate governance. From 2009 t0 2015 John was the CEO of the Financial Services Council (FSC), which represents Australia's retail and wholesale funds management businesses, superannuation funds, life insurers, financial advisory networks, trustee companies and public trustees from 2009 to 2015. From 2006 to 2009 he was CEO of Manchester Unity Australia before successfully merging it with HCF.

John’s previous non-executive directorships include Abacus Australian Mutuals (Chairman), BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education (Chairman), NIA Pty Limited (health.com.au), Sydney Ports Corporation, Australian Private Health Insurance Association and the Australian Friendly Societies Association.

From 1996 to 2005, John was the Member for Pittwater in the NSW Parliament. In 2002, elected Leader of the Opposition – the youngest person to lead a major political party at a state or federal level.

Michelle Two

The #Metoo founder is working on what is next on the agenda.. $$$$ seems to be the name of the game when ever one reaches "Victim" status in the left field..
The greed in our society is so astounding how they, who speak the loudest get on their moral high horses with the begging bowl in hand.. While they put other souls down.. instead of lifting them up.xx

The #MeToo movement’s founder says the time has come for sexual abuse victims to organise to provide resources for all who experienced similar trauma.

The global anti-sexual harassment, assault and abuse campaign has felled high-profile men across many industries, from Hollywood stars to top media personalities and politicians.

“Me too was just two words; it’s two magic words that galvanised the world,” Tarana Burke said during a roundtable at the United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles.

“We have to be in a moment of strategy right now. Organising has to happen. The amplification has happened.” The activist began using the phrase “me too” more than 10 years ago, and her movement gained international momentum, spearheaded by social media activity and riding on outrage over Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse toward women long perpetrated with impunity.

mike of the shire

Here's the link to PP.

Liz of Vic


It is certainly timely to have this matter put back into the day-light, as the Police-investigation was apparently not very acceptable.

It was said at the time, that the Police had phoned the witnesses Kathy had.

I would say that with an event going back many years, it would have been completely stupid, to use that method of investigation, as it is a delicate matter and a ridiculous way to approach people in that way, instead of making an appointment and then visiting these people.

Obviously we do have the problem that the Police in this State and at present, can make and break cases.
Just recently there was a case in court, where the police-case had been built on hearsay, not on facts and was therefore thrown out of court, however as we all know, there is always some of the hearsay, which remains in the atmosphere.

Some of the so-called facts were also taken from a book, whose author was called 'an investigative journalist, I would have called her a 'writer of a scandal-sheet', there was not a fact in sight, all hear-say cases.

The only real investigative journalist I know is our Michael Smith.

In the case of Kathy, she should be believed, until proven otherwise, this has not happened.

We know that Mr Shorten has no idea what the word 'truth' actually means, we have heard too many times, that he did not tell the truth, i.e. mediscare'.

I think it is totally unacceptable, that the Police have closed this case and Kathy is not allowed to know what Shorten has had to say.

All I will say about Tracey Spicer is that I do not believe she is a person of quality, therefore I would not believe one word she utters. She is not of importance.

It is however becoming a case of importance to establish what the truth is in this case, as the man in question wants to be the prime minister of this country.



Wayne Shaft

In other news Scommo says he'll shout us a sandwich and milkshake in tuesdays Santa 🎅 Claus budget , but what about the eighty dollar a day FREE lunch that you get every day re the mug taxpayer Scommo ? 👽👽👽👻

Michelle Two

Brogden is or was a Liberal Powerbroker he was in a bit of a scandal with a few females and being a bit touchy feely the #Metoo sort of stuff happenings back in the days of the being a NSW MP..
His wife sounds like she could be close to Mrs Chairman as she is a Patron of the Sydney Women's Foundation among other closely connected government entities..

Don't you just love how you are a member for life no matter on which side of politics you are looked after in the corporate, financial and political world full of cronyism, nepotism with access to many places that share in the governments largess one way or another the taxpayer is the atm machine for their pleasure and ideology..

A former environmental lawyer, Stokes served as electorate officer (read branch stacker) to former NSW Opposition Leader (and Liberal Left powerbroker) John Brogden. Together, they actively stacked local branches with lots of small-‘l’ liberals, to the extent that the Left almost had the numbers to challenge Mrs Bishop in a preselection.

Michelle Two

Brogden ended up resigning after his shenanigans.. so you can see the double standards and that was back in 2005..

The NSW Opposition Leader, John Brogden, has announced his resignation at a press conference in Sydney this morning. Brogden has been under intense political pressure since yesterday's revelations of his behaviour at a function some weeks ago at which he referred to former Premier Bob Carr's wife, Helena, as a "mail order bride" and made advances to female journalists.

It is most likely that Brogden will be replaced by his deputy, Barry O'Farrell. The Liberal Party will meet on Wednesday to choose a replacement. In announcing his resignation, Brogden attacked the President of the Young Liberals for promoting a campaign against him.

Brogden's fall from grace will bolster the government's campaign to retain its hold on two seats in by-elections next month. The incident will boost the new Premier, Morris Iemma, following the recent retirement of Bob Carr.

Brogden said he would not be resigning his seat of Pittwater in the Legislative Assembly. He claimed that most of his colleagues wanted him to stay in the leadership. His appearance before the media today was characterised by a sense of bewilderment about his situation. He admitted he could give no reason for his behaviour and comments but referred to his 'familiarity' with people.

Brogden is accused of pinching Sunday Telegraph journalist Justine Ferrari on the bottom and putting his arm around a Sun-Herald journalist and propositioning her at the same function.

"I love being a member of parliament," Brogden told the press conference. He told a story of his work as local member, a role he compared to 'parish priest'.

Julie of Geelong

We also need to give Albasleazy’s massage parlour exploits a run when the election trash talk begins in earnest!!!


Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, Bill Shorten....All accused rapists

seeker of truth

Tracey's tweets before thinking yet again.

You can't always believe women, be it about sexual assault/harassment or other matters. Women do lie and they do lie on many fronts. The most despicable lies come from those who fake cancer so they can pull on the heart strings of others and obtain many thousands of dollars in donations, or set up spin off enterprises based on their cancer diagnosis.


Tracey should ask Geoffrey Rush if he thinks women should be believed about sexual assault. I can't wait for his court action to be heard. His legal team has had a few victories in the lead up to a hearing. Thoughts of the judge -

"Justice Wigney said News Corp's "truth" defence suffered many deficiencies and raised many questions.

"What exactly was the 'scandalously inappropriate behaviour' or 'inappropriate behaviour' that Mr Rush was said to have engaged in?" Justice Wigney asked.

"What exactly had he done which was said to meet those descriptions? If the inappropriate behaviour was said to be the inappropriate touching, how exactly had Mr Rush 'inappropriately touched' the actress during the production of King Lear?

"Where had he touched her and in exactly what circumstances? Was it said that the touching was intentional? Why was the touching 'inappropriate' and 'so serious' that the Sydney Theatre Company 'would never work' with Mr Rush again?"


Why has it taken Cate Blanchett so long to claim that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her? She is not one for holding back yet has only come public now on this but has declined to give specific details of how Weinstein "sexually harassed" her.


Some women just have a need to belong to a popular movement else they are not part of the sisterhood/brotherhood.

Cate on climate change - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRumgJV0zxo

Liz of Vic

M Two,

I am just wondering about the funding of LifeLine, the extra $ 34 M,
whether it is gong to a certain Chairperson at Beyond Blue?

I did some work for Lifeline years ago, I know the office and the phones were paid by the government, but all the people who were attending the phones were volunteers, no payment to any of us at that time.


“Kathy, now 44, alleges Mr Shorten raped her at a Labor youth conference in Portarlington in the winter of 1986, when she was just 16.“

According to this statement, she was born in 1970. So in 2018, she must be around 48?


Kathy tells a very believable story.

She has much more credibility than Bill “The Rapist” Shorten. Shorten will rape Australia too, if he ever becomes PM.


Another case of “His word against mine - make your mind up”?

"The Global Serf"

2 Glen,

That's only if enough "sloppy & half-comatose couldn't care less &
brainwashed reading, (if still possible) MSM : (Main Stream Media), reading (& Sponge-Bob types) & other rather highly dubious & rather foolish & or totally
"Brain-Dead" & Insanely Stupid Voters actually do put in this mad hat
"Clown" & His tag-along Cohorts in !

But: (If, of course) you don't go for the MSM (Fake political News) outlets & realise that Australia is now at a "Water-Shed" moment in our History & is in very serious trouble.)

*(Want even more out of control & highly idiotic Socialistic BS & 18c type PC dumped on you for yet another round, + & a savage further round & assault on your Wallet) (one more time) ?........ THEN WHAT ?.. had enough ?

& sadly Ditto: for The Liberal/LNP (& now a new-born soft far left & sympathising) & non-listening type of Animal, (mainly comprised of)
dead-beat "Sitting Members" or even the Ones who just sat there totally Mute in each of these "Outfits". ( Politicians Real or Not).

There are other Options(rather than being an ignored & an insulted Victim).. you know.

....... Get on the Net & enter (One Option),

Vol 53/43 Louis Cook

832 VS.24.7 Million People
by Louis Cook

Your choice.


44 at the time of the article was published. So apart from your error what is the point of your comment....to offer proof that Shorten's story is somehow enhanced???


I agree - I hope Kathy brings up this alleged rape story prior to the next election and there is a definite need for a proper police investigation. Also the story about the woman worker that was supposedly pregnant from Bill should also be fully investigated. I truly cannot understand how Bill Shorten's current wife can put up with this dreadful creature as a husband.

Wayne Shaft

No I don't think that we need to go down that Trashy American Road so sick of hearing About that Whore Sloppy Daniels ! ☝️🚀 I put a lot of 💭 thought into my EMOJIS !💩💭😳👻👽🚀🐘🍫☃️👻

FB of Perth

To be fair no msm media in Australia has told this story but it does not take away that Spicer has such double mind boggling standards.

Up The Workers!


Wasn't the $100 Million of taxpayers' hard-earned cash she put a 5-fingered deposit on as she was booted out the door of Fed. Parliament, enough?

Still, if you hang about with the world's most accomplished and well-known global charity frauds all day, I suppose something is bound to rub off.

A.L.P. - Always Looting the Peasantry!


Can't believe Bill Shorten (BS) is about to become our next PM after hearing about his abuse of women. This doesn't look good for Australia. Surely something can be done to stop BS becoming PM.


Can't believe Bill Shorten is about to become our next PM after hearing about his abuse of women. This looks so bad for Australia. What can be done to stop BS becoming PM?

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