God Save the Queen! George Brandis is in the Australia House!
Where are the cricket or AFL selectors?


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"as we have a vested interest in coal..........."

I wonder who & whose relatives have a history of direct involvement with the biggest merchant bank which stood to gain the most from Carbon Trading & currently have direct interests in wind farm operators?


In total agreement and lock step with that other "believer" and poseur, Kevin Rudd, so sayeth Malcolm Turnbull, chief "climate scientist" for Goldman Sachs! Show us da money!


Malcolm is a technical dunce.

The idiot tried to ban incandescent light bulbs back a while ago after a glass or two of chardonnay whilst talking to some greenie lunatic. His grasp of why we need reliable base load power is non existent, and the fact that the world climate has been changing since day one and will continue to change with very little man made interference also escapes him.

So, as his technical intellect is almost non existent, he became a banker...good choice, and his total disregard for others and a love of money made this an excellent choice.

Then for ego driven only reasons, the PITA decided to try politics. So now we have a person just slightly right of Gillard and Rudd, and about as incompetent, as our " Glorious Leader ".


Straight from the Labor hymn book. Great ad material for Labor.


Channeling Al Gore. Both so phoney.
The debt that has been created to pay the renewables is a disgrace.


Honest Government Ad | Renewable Energy


Slick production. I don't agree with much, if anything she said. But she said it well.

Whatever it takes to earn a dollar I suppose...


Margaret Gallin

I got to 43 seconds.

Ron of Brighton

Note also that is was at the ABC - that organisation that acted as Turnbull's chief sycophant, and that was Abbott's chief saboteur, while Turnbull was Minister for Telecommunications.

Strange how some coincidences occur.

Austin Ayforti

What a loathsome money-grubbing opportunist. The creep will say and exploit anything if there is a dollar in it for him. Either that or he is just plain demented.


Goldman sacks man. I read on I forward this am that the Vatican is pushing a former Jesuit into the race for elections in Italy. No borders / Goldman sacks man

Dennis Thompson

The greatest challenge of our time in Australia: Malcolm Turnbull.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Another emotionally unbalanced soul the pressure cooker is mounting in the LNP camp, it looks like Hunt might be thrown under the bus if he doesn't toe the line.. Factions controlling and looking at you with nowhere to run or hide from the current agenda .. shape up or ship out and follow the leader..

You can see the stress lines and aging of these ministers that feel like they have no control over their lives as they are being manipulated, some may be aware of it others not so much and are fighting to survive in a party or political system that is rupturing and they are in the position to change things if they are not in fear of stepping over the line..
Tony Abbott has no fear of the situation he actually calls it out and gives reassurance to those conservatives within the party that they still have hope if they don't falter or aren't manipulated.. I am sure Tony Abbott is much wiser after his experience with these bed wetting souls and having no loyalty to the party.. because if they are in ego it will be all about self and the Globalists agenda that moves away from the public voices..

The positive of being thrown under the bus is that you then have full control of what you can say, how you think and you are no longer being manipulated or controlled so it won't be a bad thing for these ministers if they are on the right side of the fence and have integrity they should let it show as the energy will be pushing that in all souls in order to lift their consciousnesses to a higher frequency.. Some souls can't handle this energy so that is why they so easily lose their cool and get frustrated as their souls are holding onto the past and how things used to work, but those systems are breaking away which would be why they feel they have no control.. The old way is an illusion of lies which they are trying to push on society so it is busting wide open for all other souls to see.. it is not pretty and you may feel as if you are losing but there is much you won't see if your soul is not in a higher frequency or you are not being true to yourself.. As you did come to earth at this time to step into the light of truth of who you are which means listening to your heart and breaking away from your ego, though it will still exist the karmic energy it contains won't control you, but rather you will know how to use the energy to help you by also not trying to control other souls as you know you can't and it takes fear and anger to do that.. So it is not worth it because of the toll it takes on your own soul..
So you do learn to walk away from the things that don't serve you, but you also learn to listen to what the ego is bringing in because they are aspects of you that still need healing from past incarnations so if it isn't complete your soul will draw situations to you to help you complete this task..
How are you this morning as soul has been feeling a bit subdued, like a bit of worry energy creeping in over things not getting completed.. I was trying to remember my dream it had my Aunty Heather in it and she was double parked so I was telling her she had to move her car to a different spot, but we were heading off somewhere with my mum also..
It looked like I was moving but I was holding a canvas that I had not finished and I had to fit it in the back seat of a car that had a big teddy in it that was my sons when he was a baby and something else.. So soul moving on maybe without having finished that canvas. I was holding a paint brush that had white paint on it but I was concerned about getting that brush washed so it didn't go hard I suppose and I could finish my canvas.. Maybe soul has more to finish off yet the vehicle is usually about the body but being double parked not sure what that means.. maybe it was in reference of being alone when moved.. a lot of white as the car was white, the paint was white that may mean cleansing so soul is pure energy.. to get your power maybe and releasing that what isn't working.. xx love and light xx

You have to love the journalists description like a 71 yr old grandmother to make it feel like she is a poor defenceless old woman and victim..
Hell you wouldn't cross an old lady that would be like swearing at your mum, who would remind you of your earlier childhood lessons of respecting others as it will start with how you treat your mum.. and she would put you in your place..

Health Minister Greg Hunt has apologised for unleashing a torrent of expletive-laden abuse at a 71-year-old grandmother, six-months after the event.

Katherine Mayor Fay Miller, a former Northern Territory Country Liberal MP, told the Herald Sun that Mr Hunt told her she had to “f..king get over” herself, allegedly physically intimidating her during a private meeting in December.

Ms Miller said Mr Hunt leaned towards her, “pointed aggressively” in her face, said she needed to make NT senator Nigel Scullion her “f..king best friend”, and continued to swear.

She has since written to Mr Hunt twice, requesting an explanation and an apology, as well as last month writing to the Prime Minister’s Office detailing the incident.


Funny about that, our Climate Guru, Tim (even the rains that fall will never fill our dams) I am told has a house on the banks of the Hawkesbury river, so too I believe Kate Blanchett, another climate change champion.

Actually according to Al Gore, I think Sydney was supposed to be underwater by now?

Mal, You seem to speak from first hand knowledge, a bit like Kevin07.

Michelle Two

They all speak the same language those that are getting instructions from the UN and its agenda 21/30 or any offshoot it has in its program.. All the re-education summits, meetings, conferences those in politics go to are well versed in the language they hardly have any understanding of what it is they speak of as they are drawn into the illusion of fear and lies that they try and con the rest of us with.. All roads lead to Rome..


B's and W's get confused regularly. My money is on the W's

Michelle Two

I did just draw your message from spirit and it is one again of it is not time "Don't rush into making big decisions right now; take your time" so the message would be there is more that you are not seeing or understanding yet so step back and let things unfold a bit so take it easy and relax into it for soul will show the way when it is time for you will get that nagging feeling of soul being ready and you feeling prepared.. so you may feel as if everything isn't as it should be if you have had a change of direction so more may just show up so give it time for the exposure of what needs airing .. there is no hurry as everything is as it should be and you are almost there so let go of the worry and let the energy flow to where it is you need to go, so direct your soul towards your dreams keep that intention your focus and steer soul in the right direction for now.. so take it slowly go day by day and see what comes up on the horizon as it might be what you never expected that will come out of the blue .. as it has done before.. so keep seeking the light and be the light and beacon of hope that you have been just guide your thoughts to a different direction and releasing the past as it will not work going into the future as it is totally different energy and so things will work when it is time and other souls may need to be put in place to help guide things along, so you can call for these souls to come forward with positive energy of completion but go with the flow and see what comes up later as you will know when to proceed .. love and light xx

Have a great afternoon the energy is a bit thick today, so feeling a bit tired this afternoon so don't fear change but be guided by your heart so listen to your intuition and it will lead the way.. Don't overthink but continually release that worry and fear that blocks the way of getting your answers.. love always xx

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all ok
And not to worry because worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I will not be made useless
I won't be idled with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear
My hands are small, I know,
But they're not yours they are my own
But they're not yours they are my own
And I am never broken
Poverty stole your golden shoes
But it didn't steal your laughter
And heartache came to visit me
But i knew it wasn't ever after
We will fight, not out of spite
For someone must stand up for what's right
Cause where there's a man who has no voice
There ours shall go singing


So we are all up in arms a bit strong language from the Minister of Health.
Not good but the ABC let that and more through to the keeper.
Any cockatoos in the Cabinet Room to let us know about the standard of language there?

Dennis Thompson

Is everybody aware that in early 2016 Chairman Mal succeeded in securing a new carbon tax by stealth that is expandable without more legislation and currently levied against coal fired power stations to make them less competitive against the not cost effective without taxpayer funded subsidies wind and solar farms.

A contributor to JoNova Science posted the following today ....

May 31, 2018 at 9:56 am · Reply
Meanwhile with the evil of oil companies like Chevron proven, our Federal Government is secretly planning to force everyone into little electric cars..

“The Australian can reveal a 105gCO2/km emissions target, which only two of Australia’s top 20 cars come close to meeting, remains a live option for the government, which plans to sell the policy as a win for motorists.”

As CO2 translates straight into litres/100km and if you wilfuly forget that our electricity really comes from coal, nothing less than a small hybrid or totally electric car will satisfy these new requirements. Even a small Toyota Corolla 4 1.6 litre cylinder driven sedately is 50% over this new limit. So a huge carbon tax again, this time on new cars and as evil as the RET. We no longer make cars, so all new cars are to be seriously punished with taxes, pushing the cost of all cars up $5000.

So expect to take half a day to charge your little Toyota hybrid. Like lunchtime solar, an impossible load on a system and in fact, more CO2 by far than petrol cars. Wind driven cars.

This is YOUR government planning to make you suffer more and pay much more for a new car. You see, the people of Australia are the problem. They are changing the Climate in China and the US and Europe. At least the people of Canberra are good caring Green people, wind driven. By giant hot air driven propellers in parliament where Malcolm and his appalling Green banker friends are plotting the demise of our quality of life. Green, the colour of money.

Dennis Thompson

Like Singapore registered private company investing in Australian wind business ...


Ghost of Bob C

Oh Great Fool Malcolm, take time to do some quality hard research & try to understand what all of the data is telling us - we cannot exceed 3000 ppm CO2 if we burn all of the combustible oil, gas & substances on & recoverable within our Earth - the same levels of CO2 existed many Millenia ago & the Earth did not undergo a Mars transition.
CO2 absorbs approx 90 % of the incoming Infra-red band-widths of CO2 which result in significant gentle warming -up to the first 90ppm which we have well exceeded at today’s CO2 levels & climbing… albeit harmlessly !
Like applying a coat of Black paint to a glass window-pane and measuring the warmth increase of the pane - then continuing to paint more & more black coats on the pain & expecting it to continue to warm at the same rate -which it does not !
Only fools & malcolms believe this GW crap - and those who milk it for their income streams.
God bless Bob Carter & May you rest in piece knowing you escaped this garbage which is & will cost our country and grand-children enormously into the future - unless we can somehow stop this contagious insanity called “climate change”


Look no further than his links to the Re-emerged Chicago Climate Exchange , lots of Goldman Sachs family want to regain there lost investment in the original foray in to the trading of carbon certificates , once was at a high of $7.23 and dropped to just 13 cents and suspended trading but now has risen from the ashes with the take over by one of the GS family members , follow the money in more ways than one.

Michelle Two

You can see how the energy is affecting those in ego.. I am not just talking about Pauline but all the political players are feeling the pressure at the moment as the political system breaks down.. the energy within the walls of Parliament must be so thick at the moment like pea soup fog where the political elite all fight for control and power and with the foundation of lies guiding them.. the energy is pushing souls very hard right now to be their true selves and to stop saying one thing and doing another.. So a time to come back to your own integrity and to stop being manipulated by the system itself but to stand up for what you believe in.. this is the energy Pauline is feeling like us frustrated that her voice isn't heard in the parliament and then those in her party going against her values, is hard as you think you are getting ahead when the political system eats you up because of the actual ego (fear) energy in the place..So much fear in these souls because they are being pushed and pulled against their own value systems to toe the party line, but to also play the strategic political games to retain power..
Pauline Hanson has broken down in a live television interview, ­declaring rogue senator Brian Burston had stabbed her in the back by supporting the government’s $35.6 billion corporate tax package and branding him a One Nation traitor.

Senator Hanson accused her party colleague, who she has known for more than 20 years, of trying to defect to the NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party, during an extraordinary appearance on Sky News last night.

In an interview following yesterday’s report in The Australian that Senator Burston had broken ranks with Senator Hanson and maintained his support for the government’s tax package, the One Nation leader said she was deeply hurt by Senator Burston’s decision to defy her authority. She began sobbing when pressed on whether the party was dis­integrating. She said Senator Burston had performed a “dummy spit” because he was angry at not being preselected at the top of the party’s Senate ticket.

Michelle Two

By stealth the way of the snake and the chairman.. add this to his book of tricks where the consumer always pays for the investment bankers fantasy..
Cars will be taken off the market - hence built a big railway that connects us all in the central cities of this once fairland, it makes us easier to control if we have to walk everywhere the Eco bikes plan didn't seem to work out in Melbourne they are creating an environmental hazard and the owners face big fines for dumping them..
They are trying to make things that work in other nations ours, like trying to fit square pegs in round holes as the energy of Australia is different to other nations as each nation like each soul is a part of a different culture for a reason, so souls can learn different things in each incarnation..
Businesses would be hit with an annual $2 billion compliance bill to implement a proposed carbon emissions target for cars that is under consideration by the Turnbull government.

The massive red-tape burden would have to be absorbed by carmakers, dealers and fleet managers, or passed on to consumers.

A key Nationals senator yesterday warned he would “die in a ditch” to fight the proposed carbon emissions standard, which carmakers said would force popular models off the market or significantly lift their prices.

Car dealers also urged the government not to deliver a “shock” to the industry, warning the proposed policy “may lead to a ­reduction in new-car sales”.

The Australian revealed yesterday that a tough standard — 105g of CO2 per kilometre — remains an option for the Turnbull government, which has pledged to lower the carbon emissions of the nation’s vehicles in line with its Paris Agreement commitment.


Ooops. Infowars


No, it is that we have two retards contending in challenge to outdo each other in destruction [of Australia]: Turnbull and Shorten.


Who would have thought that Greg Hunt could be so potty-mouthed?


Quintessentially madness by our Malcolm, and the LNP! - "Madness - Driving in My Car (Official Video)" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV1_7R_3cXA&index=17&list=PLqkRX9XweLzxazxxqvBMJP3v763y45rta


And the Liberal Party allowed this man to become its Leader and the Prime Minister of Australia. What more do I need to say.


Does the Country need another “No Carbon Tax” Rally ?


If our coal generator's are blown up or mothballed where is the base load power going to be coming from to power up the electric vehicles, the majority of workers work during the day so you can imagine the power required in the grid when folks power up for the night. Now let's not forget the .409 cent per ltr fuel excise that pulls in abt 10 billion a year in tax revenue. So are electricity prices going to rise to fill this hole or is the fuel excise going to rise? And to think of our gallant troop's in WW2 in particular New Guinea who gave up their life just to see Australia's resources being given away or not utilised to its full potential so all Australians can prosper, maybe close neighbors might need it more than us.

Dennis Thompson

Professor Bob Carter, another voice of reason and common sense.


Grey Coat

2 Mon,
Read instead of "Renewables" supplement instead Un-Reliable,s & gains from Old Man Coal which has done an excellent job for well over a Century (& kept us out of the stone age) are now being ignored !

Instead we get now we get "Trendy" Idiot "Politicians" messing with something that doesn't need to be Messed with.

& Yet Scads of "The Sheeple" I, recon have rushed out fed on Green BS propaganda & have been conned once again on this one !

These "Sheeple" Idiots will find out the hard way when the Grid finally fails ! ( & sadly along with the rest of us.
(unless the wake-up in time).

Daft !

(& didn't The "Desal-Plants" work out so well) ? NOT !

Dennis Thompson

A UK based group of electrical engineers signed a submission to the UK Government regarding the plan to convert the transport fleet to Electric Vehicles, and questioning where the electricity would come from for recharging them.

They calculated that based on the typical average capacity factor, nameplate is the design maximum output under perfect continuous conditions, average being 30 to 40 per cent of nameplate, to provide the electricity would theoretically require all of Scotland to be covered in wind turbines.

However, when the wind doesn't blow, blows too hard or too low, wind turbines are useless.

Michelle Two

Yes he has the baby face look about him like butter wouldn't melt..
But you can see how much these ministers have aged, and the stress lines which would come from a workplace that is not in harmony with their own values..
They know the truth but evade it as they are in fear of being outside of their own groupthink circle.. have you noticed they hardly make media appearances until they are in some sort of scandal this would be the Chairman manipulating the system if they are not towing the line all these little leaks in the media play with their minds and if they are not emotionally balanced you will see the stress lines but also the frustrations as like I said a soul that feels they have no control over their lives and are living their true belief or values is like a loose cannon where the emotional energy gets ready to burst at any provocation..
Hunt blamed the situation as life and death as it had to do with cervical cancer funding but any ego excuse will do to try and explain what really is going on inside they will not share that.. the mind game of the totalitarian will start in the party as they are tested who is in and who is out.. So the Chairman will want to oust anyone who dares have an opinion outside of his own globalist elite plans he is bringing in.. Mal himself is known for his short fuse so he is always in a mask as he controls those around him with fear..


Any thing Turnbull touches ends up being a disaster

Dennis Thompson

Yes we do Mon.

Tony H

What a two faced lying grub! The Liberal Party is dead in the water under the Turd! This is probably the real reason Turd threw Barnaby under the bus, not the affair. Barnaby has obviously said something out of line behind the scenes nect thing you know it's dirty laundary every where!! Hence the look of shock on Labor frint benches faces, as it has had nothing to do with them. This guy ( Turd) is more st home with Labor and the Greens.


I'll say it again! Turnbull and Shorten are in cahoots!


He understands baseload power. He's just an evil corrupt psychopath who doesn't give a damn if he destroys Australia as long as he has more wealth!
He's a grub.

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