Dan Andrews 10 yr jail for bosses who underpay workers - but steal $400,000 from taxpayers & get nothing
1st UK woman to join infantry quits after 2 weeks

Victoria Police's warm embrace of Islam.

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The Victoria Police Muslim Association (VPMA) hosted its annual Iftar dinner with Victoria’s Muslim community to commemorate Ramadan on Tuesday night.

More than 200 people, including local youth from neighbouring schools and mosques, as well as respected community leaders came together at the Bosnia-Herzegovina Islamic Society in Noble Park, to mark the end of a day’s fast with Victoria Police members.

Among the attendees were Victoria Police’s Acting Chief Commissioner Wendy Steendam, Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill, Commander Stuart Bateson, President of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Islamic Society Mirsad Dzelalagic, and Aboriginal Elder Aunty Elaine Taylor.

Established in September 2013, the VPMA was formed to promote social harmony and cohesion, and raise the profile of Muslims working in Victoria Police with Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton as its proud patron.

Representing the Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, Acting Chief Commissioner Wendy Steendam said she was honoured to host the fourth VPMA Iftar Dinner.

“Victoria Police is proud to have hosted Iftar dinners since 2005 to strengthen friendships and build harmony and trust through the powerful act of sharing of food, hospitality and reflection.”

“We are proud of our relationship with the Islamic community. Hosting Iftar dinners is a way of publically displaying our continual commitment to strengthening our partnership with the Islamic community.”

“We are grateful to the Bosnia-Herzegovina Islamic Society for allowing us to host our event in their beautiful space, testament to their dedication in embracing and supporting their local communities.

“Victoria Police values our vibrant and multi-faith communities. We embrace the many backgrounds and faiths of our society and support everyone’s right to be themselves and practice their beliefs, safely and confidently.”

“These events are important ways to connect people, encourage respectful conversations and learn more about the people in our communities.

“On behalf of Victoria Police, I would like to wish our Muslim community, including our employees, a happy and blessed Ramadan.”


Victoria Police can't get control of noisy parties featuring marauding African gangs.

It stands by and watches 4 taxpayer owned vehicles getting trashed - without a single arrest, or a single charge.

But when it comes to Islam it's prepared to pretend it's all vibrant, multi-faith and respectful conversations with connected people.

On the other hand......here's Victoria Police promoting harmony, cohesion and raising the profile of Victoria's Catholics.


Watch as Iftar patron Graham "The Job Stresses Me Out" Ashton and the boys publicly display VicPol's continual commitment to strengthening its partnership with the Catholic community - demonstrated by its treatment of the world's 2nd most senior Catholic.

(Allege something against Bill Shorten and Victoria Police flick you to the kerb.  Same for Gillard, Cain, Murphy, Wilson etc.  But allege something against a senior Catholic cleric and you'll find yourself in a warm embrace.)


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Meanwhile, back at Jihad central.

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Graham Ashton knows what side his morning box of donuts are buttered on!

Iftars are all the rage since Daniel Andrews took over!


Even if the Council of Imams condemns Australia at the UN.


In favour of the Jihadis at Hamas.