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Wayne Swan's manifesto - why he wants to be National President of the Labor Party

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I’ve put my hand up for the National Presidency of our Party because I have the experience, time and conviction needed to lead the battle of ideas. I intend to use the role to build up our party further so we can fight inequality more effectively and fiercely. 

Australia is in the middle of a huge economic and social battle. 

A strong and mobilised Australian Labor Party, motivated to advance the interests of working people, must lead the fight. 

Whether it’s the Murdoch press, the big banks, infamous multinational tax cheats or the ever-vocal Business Council, the big vested interests must be defeated. Their drive is always the same: self-interest at the expense of the common interest. 

Since being Treasurer I have worked internationally on global social-democratic bodies, contributing to the fight against economic inequality alongside people like Bernie Sanders. 

That inequality is widening and its political consequences are on the front pages every single day.  

I fear that Australia is heading down the American road, leading to a hollowed out middle class and a large group of the working poor who are denied secure jobs, decent pay, the chance of upward mobility and a strong social safety net.  

But it’s not too late for Australia to turn back, and the answer lies in the collective might and ideas of Labor activists. People like you and me. 

If privileged to be elected National President of our Party, I pledge the following: 

1. I’ll help lead the battle of ideas. Whether it’s making our tax system fairer or securing marriage equality, there’s no doubt Bill Shorten and his team are driving big, bold Labor reforms for the future. This political courage has become our electoral strength. 

2. I’ll be a National President for the rank-and-file. I commit to always being available to listen and connect to you and your local branch. My mobile number is 0451 XXX XXX.


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