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ADF invites Taliban & other Afghanis to invent and submit rumours about our troops

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Yesterday we heard from former SASR trooper John Anon who wrote:


Right now the Chief of Defence Force is doing immense damage to our troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Australian taxpayers are paying for ads in the Afghani press encouraging Afghanis to dob in Australian troops for war crimes. How idiotic is that?  What a propaganda gold mine;  and you can be certain the enemy will be using it against us.

I have to admit to a fair bit of scepticism when I first heard the story of the ads in Afghan publications - so I checked.

You can see the artwork in the Dari language above - and the "Military Justice" ADF website  with the words "Notices Placed in Local Afghani Newspapers" below.

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It's bad enough the ADF is inviting our enemies to submit allegations about us.

But the ADF is specifically asking for Afghanis to get in touch with rumours. 

A rumour is "A currently circulating story or report of doubtful truth".

Rumours are generally made up by people with malicious intent. 

Now who might be motivated to make up stuff to cause problems for our soldiers?


And the Russians?

Yesterday we also brought you the Russian news agency Tass's report about the investigation into our military.

Here's the official statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry - based on reports of rumours that've been published by the ABC.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When first we allow the ABC to deceive.

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Stand by for the next phase in the PC military genii engagement strategy with those who would do us harm.


"Hi, we'd like to invite you to complete this online survey after your contact with our special forces troops.

How did you contact us today?

Were you:

  • Laying in wait to ambush us?
  • Placing an IED inside a dog's carcass?
  • Firing at us while surrounded by a group of school kids?
  • Pretending to work with us in one of our bases?


On a scale of 1-5, how would you rate the troops you shot at on the following attributes:

  • Gender balance including fluidity and expressions of individual gender identity 
  • Cultural diversity - did our unit members reflect the communities they serve, including yours
  • Politeness while being shot at
  • Adherence to OH&S and the other 1,098 policy statements designed to nail our soldiers somehow no matter what they do
  • Treating you with dignity during the contact while respecting your humanity and deep-seated cultural/religious need to kill us

Please answer yes or no to the following questions

  • Did our soldiers remove their boots before entering your booby-trapped hideout?
  • Did we respect your 5 daily prayer times by ceasing fire at the Muezzin's call?
  • Did we comply with your laws and customs about gay people?
  • Did we give you sufficient opportunity to enquire about our operational plans, policies and rules of engagement?
  • Were you given enough time to prepare your ambush of us?
  • Have we given you an easy way to complain about our troops and to tie them up in endless bullshit paperwork while you Allah uh-Akhbar away to your heart's content?

Thank you for choosing to attack us today, we hope you enjoyed the experience and look forward to serving you again when next you choose Jihad against the West.