Hey Barnaby, if the photographer files charges today, get some advice on beating them from Gillard's ex Bruce Wilson
Good coppers exude authority, lesser ones could at least muster some decorum. Until..........

Channel Ten's The Project sent Lisa Wilkinson to help Bill Shorten out

Lisa's very chummy with our next PM Bill and his 1st Lady Chloe!

We learned that Bill wants to be PM "a great deal".

But he doesn't want the job just for himself. 

Bill only wants to be PM to help billions (he said it) of our fellow Australians have a better quality of life.  

At home, Bill helps out by doing the grocery shopping while Chloe does the cooking.

Chloe thinks Bill is cute.

Bill doubts Chloe's sense of humour.


It was all sweetness and vaso-lenses for Bill and Chloe.

The shade and balance came from lining up Michaelia Cash.

Lisa managed to get a fair slab of Michaelia Cash's performance from last February at Senate Estimates into Bill's promo video.

That's when Bill, Lisa and Chloe got to hook in to Michaelia about her evil reference to rumours about Bill's women.

Bill said he didn't want to give those unworthy comments any oxygen at all.  

Well maybe he did want to give them a little bit.  

It turned out to be a fair bit actually.  

Bill went on about why powerful women shouldn't denigrate women.  

And by the time they'd done Michaelia over, there was no time to talk about why powerful men shouldn't denigrate women either. 

Gotta give Bill one thing - he's very good at keeping a straight and earnest face.

Maybe it's something with the music, but I think this expose gives us a bit more of the real Bill.