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New information on GILLARD and Commonwealth Criminal Code offences

For graduates of Victoria Police Academy - powers of arrest and the definitive "finds committing"

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(32 years after graduation, comparing battle scars - if you'll permit me the rare indulgence!)

Her Majesty's Constables of Police in Victoria will recall the first week of training at Glen Waverley and the Friday morning exam on Powers of Arrest.

Two words struck terror into us at exam time.

Finds Committing (CAPS and BORG were up there too!).

 To arrest someone in Victoria the arrestee must be "Found doing the act or in such circumstances that from his behaviour or conduct or circumstance you can show (Believes On Reasonable Grounds - BORG) that they committed the offence".

If only we'd had the poo jogger, it would have all dropped into place.


If you've ever wondered what it takes to complete the Constables' Course have a look at the following, this covers week one (in part) and to pass the exam at the end of the week you'd have to be able to repeat these answers verbatim.

a) Arrest is total restraint of a person for however short a time
b) Seizure, touching with a view to detain is arrest
c) On arrest, the person must be told that they are under arrest and for what offence, unless its impossible (violence) or evident and the offender knows what they are been arrested for
d) If an offender feels compelled to submit, there is an arrest
e) A person improperly arrested has grounds for action