It's only OK when Obama does it, OK?
Not placed to kill police hey High Court of Australia! I heard Minogue and his mates talking about it.

High Court believes the bomb outside Russell St Police HQ wasn't placed to kill police


The remarks of the sentencing judge contain no reference to the plaintiff's state of mind concerning the identity of the police constable who was killed. That is understandable, given that the offence committed was indiscriminate in its possible effect with respect to victims. Whilst it was possible that police officers could be affected, so could persons working in the court and other public buildings, or people making their way along the street. No particular person or class of person was targeted by the common enterprise and this would seem to be required by s 74AAA(1) and (6).

The High Court of Australia has apparently decided that a bomb placed outside the largest police station in Victoria wasn't placed there to kill police.

That apparently clears the way for this disgusting cop-killing-creep to be released on parole.

I won the Angela Taylor Memorial Prize at the Victoria Police Academy, just months after she was murdered by Craig Minogue and others.  The late Constable Angela Rose Taylor holds a very special place in my heart.

My squad mates and I picked up the disgusting fat creep MINOGUE from Pentridge every day for his committal for trial, strip searched his filthy body and sat in the dock with him and his gang members.  I heard the evidence against them and more importantly heard their self-satisfied smug conversations about killing police.

Let him rot in jail.

Thanks for nothing High Court. 

High Court of Australia decides that Cop killer Craig Minogue can be released on parole by Michael Smith on Scribd