Last look at HMAS Tobruk for the non-divers among us - tonight, she sleeps with the fishes.
Lucy Gichuhi gets zero 1st round votes for endorsement on Liberal Senate ticket

Meet Kevin Rudd, Australia's Global Voice for Social Justice, Equality and Diplomacy

Thanks to Underminder for pointing out the obvious deficiency in our first boring photo of Rudd.

Given that he's introduced the topic of his ancestors, it's only fit and proper that we update the photo, just for the record.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.12.46 pm

Await Gillard's next shot to up the ante.

Further update and correction!

I mentioned that Rudd doesn't have an Order of Australia.  He knocked it back after he was apparently recommended by Tony Abbott and it was then "urged on him by Malcolm Turnbull".


Let me know how far you get, I dropped out at him praising her shoes in Chinese.


In the interests of balance and fairness (to Social Justice, Equality, Diplomacy and the rat-f*ckers) here's some Kevin Rudd international statesmanship he prepared earlier.