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Ms GILLARD was admitted to practice law in WA on 4 May, 1992

Thanks to Seeker of Truth for this important find.

GILLARD was only admitted to practice law in Western Australia on 4 May, 1992. 

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That is around the time that the AWU Workplace Reform Association application for incorporation was refused on the grounds it was ineligible.

Here' Seeker of Truth:

Now this date being 4 May 1992 is important. Gillard was working and advising on that AWU Fatal Accident & Death Trust Fund Deed prior to that date. Preparations for the Deed began in February 1992 when she opened her S&G file
The Deed was signed in March 1992. It is mentioned in the AWU WA branch minutes of 30 March.
It was stamped in 23 April 1992.
At all material times, Gillard was not registered to practise law in WA in her early dealings with this Trust Fund. She was admitted as a solicitor in WA on 4 May 1992 and therefore she could give legal advice to the Fund members who attended the Boulder Town Hall hearing on Saturday 16 May 1992
Therefore whatever she did in WA as a solicitor on and after 4 May 1992 was permitted under the law and what she did prior to that date, she had no capacity to act as a solicitor in WA.
Why did she choose the May 1992? From my understanding of interstate solicitors seeking registration in WA, you had to apply to the Supreme Court of WA. I know that an Affidavit and notarised documents were involved but I am unsure if a person's attendance before the Court was necessary. Maybe others can assist on this protocol.
This listing was right before our eyes but we overlooked it. I hope Michael can do something with it.