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New information on GILLARD and Commonwealth Criminal Code offences

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I've been forwarded some material from a barrister which may represent a turning point in the life of Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard made many denials about the AWU matter while she was the Prime Minister. If any of her denials, made whilst Prime Minister, are proven to be “dishonest”, and if as a result she dishonestly obtained a benefit - or someone else suffered a detriment - she may face 5 years imprisonment under Federal law.

This transcript records just one press conference,

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Amongst other things, Ms Gillard told a crowded press conference

"...obviously at the time these matters came to the attention of the partnership they came to my attention too. I did not have in front of me any evidence of criminality or wrong doing."

"At the time" Gillard's partner Bernard Murphy took these notes of Wilson's admissions. 

The "us" refers to the partnership of which Gillard was at all relevant times a member,

Furthermore, he (Wilson) had lied to us about WR Assoc. He had instructed us to set it up.

 He had then received monies into it improperly.

Then he had spent the monies improperly.

Lied to us and involved us in criminal wrongdoing, re the house. 

Partners very angry about that.

Gillard also stated:

What I did was I provided advice as a lawyer about the incorporation of an association.

Did she?  

The application for incorporation was lodged on 23 April, 1992.  

Gillard was not admitted as a practitioner in WA until 4 May, 1992.

Section 142.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act provides a penalty of 5 years imprisonment for a Federal MP acting “dishonestly”.

A complaint under section 142.2 alleging dishonesty by the former PM, Julia Gillard, may be lodged with the AFP by anyone.

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 The test for “dishonesty” appears to have a low threshold (see section 130.3 below).

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Consider Gillard's 8AM call to News Ltd Chief Executive John Hartigan in the context of "exercises any influence".

8am call that put Julia Gillard's old news on front page 

APPROACHING 8am last Monday, John Hartigan was walking into his office after a session of boxing, stairs and weights at a park in Sydney's inner-city Glebe when his mobile phone rang. It was Julia Gillard.

"I presume you know why I'm calling," the Prime Minister said.

Hartigan, chairman and chief executive of News Limited, had no idea. He soon did, as the Prime Minister voiced her displeasure at the publication that morning in The Australian of a column by Glenn Milne, which revived 16-year-old allegations about Gillard's one-time relationship with former unionist Bruce Wilson.

According to Hartigan, Gillard put a series of demands that she wanted addressed in 15 minutes. The deadline was later pushed back to 9am.

As well as a public apology and the Milne article being taken offline, she wanted a commitment that the allegations never be repeated again in The Australian. This demand was later extended to all News Limited newspapers and their websites.

"She said they were very damaging accusations," Hartigan said. "She wanted some action and she wanted it quickly."
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