ABC takes sudden interest in Trump Foundation as US watchdog releases report on FBI Clinton investigation
Clinton Foundation fave Julie Bishop says Australia "absolutely" should giveaway more $$$$ foreign aid

NY AG sues Trump & Foundation - apparently for unlawfully failing to support Hillary Clinton


If you:

Set up pay-to-play operation while US Secretary of State and pull in hundreds of millions in suspect donations from foreign powers.

And if you:

Operate the unlawful scheme through unlawful private communications networks to defeat FOI scrutiny and government oversight.

But you are Hillary!

Sorry, no prosecution is apparently yet possible.


However, if you lack Clinton immunities and your Foundation

Takes in $18.8M but gives out $19.2M to US charities while you are Donald Trump in a public place........


Here's what the New York AG says:


And here's what the Trump Foundation says

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.36.16 am


Barbara Underwood's law suit against Donald Trump and the Trump Foundation by Michael Smith on Scribd