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Dan Andrews and the CFMEU Government have the Craig Minogue parole situation under uhm, uhm, uhm, something

Senator Hinch "I shall introduce a bill to ban hunting of Dugong and Turtle."

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That's the discoverer of the fountain of youth Derryn in the middle surrounded by tireless campaigners for Dugong and Turtle Colin Riddell and Bob Irwin.

A couple of days ago Senator Hinch introduced a bill to ban live exports of animals.

Colin saw his chance and quite pointedly asked the Senator, "Will you introduce a private members bill to ban hunting of Dugongs and Turtles?"

"I shall," said Derryn.


At present "traditional hunters" using tinnies and metal spears can hunt, butcher, put into eskies and by all accounts trade in Dugong and Turtle meat with apparent impunity.

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Colin and Bob have been relentless in their efforts to stop it.


We'll keep an eye on the Senate for Derryn's bill!