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Tony Abbott "I'd fix power prices and immigration levels" if returned to PM role

Tony featured at a book launch today:

...where he was asked if he'd run for PM again......

Tony Abbott outlines what he would fix if he was PM again

    Tony Abbott has not ruled out a comeback as prime minister, identifying power prices and reducing immigration levels as the first issues he would tackle.

    Accepting his fate rested in the hands of his party room and Sydney electorate, Mr Abbott said he was “here to serve in whatever capacity I can serve.”

    The former Liberal prime minister was asked if he would run again by a staffer from the Kyle and Jackie O radio show towards the end of the launch of a new book, How political correctness is destroying Australia, by education commentator Kevin Donnelly.

    Speaking in Sydney, Mr Abbott said he was in the hands of voters from his northside electorate Warringah, and then in the hands of his party.

    He did not mention Malcolm Turnbull by name, or suggest he would seek to displace Mr Turnbull from office.

    Asked to nominate one thing he would “fix” if prime minister again, Mr Abbott picked two.

    “Let’s try to do some things that we can and must,” he said. “We could take the pressure off the cost of living by doing something about power prices … the next thing we could do is slow down the rate of immigration, because while we’ve got stagnant wages and soaring house prices and short of infrastructure, why are we adding 250,000 people to our population? It’s just mad.

    “Unfortunately if you touch on these things you are a climate change denier, and you are anti-immigrant. It is a suffocating political correctness that has descended over so much of our common sense.”