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Media Statement on Senator Hanson-Young

28 June 2018

In the Senate this afternoon my colleague Senator Fraser Anning moved that the Australian Government lift the ban on the importation of non-lethal methods of self-defence such as pepper sprays, mace and tasers and for state governments to be encouraged to actively promote such devices to women for their personal protection.

The defeat of the motion 46 votes to 5 was disappointing. The recent spate of horrific crimes against women has shocked us all.

Greens Senator Janet Rice spoke against this motion. During her speech fellow Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young interjected, saying something along the lines of all men being rapists.

I responded by suggesting that if this was the case she should stop shagging men.

I did not yell at her.

Following the division, Senator Hanson-Young approached me and called me a creep.

I told her to fuck off.

Leader of the Greens Senator Richard Di Natale subsequently approached me and said he planned to report my comments to the president.

The president subsequently advised me to withdraw my comments and apologise.

I informed the president I would not be doing this.

I do not agree with Senator Hanson-Young’s sentiments about all men being rapists and I believe I have the right to voice my opinion accordingly. That Senator Hanson-Young took offence from my comments is an issue for her, not me.

However, I am prepared to rephrase my comments.

I strongly urge Senator Hanson-Young to continue shagging men as she pleases.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Senate will return to the business of voting down all common-sense proposals that might make society a safer place for women to exercise their right of freedom of movement.

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