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News Ltd reports Emma Husar & police inspector fly to Bris & share taxpayer-funded hotel room for Bruno Mars show

UPDATE from the embattled single-mother, domestic-violence-survivor, therapy-dog-owner, horrified-recipient-of-staff-complaints and concert-going VICTIM MP



The Australian's Brad Norington has more about Emma and her special friend Tracy the police lady.

"Come at me baby", said Emma on Facebook.

'On my way" said Tracy the police lady.

It was "Adventure Time"!!!!


Emma Husar skipped NDIS hearing for concert

Federal Labor MP Emma Husar went to a Bruno Mars concert in Brisbane with a close friend who is a police officer, months after other officers from the same area command in western Sydney were called to her house over an alleged incident involving a ­family member.

The Australian has confirmed from large deleted portions of Ms Husar’s personal Facebook page and parliamentary expenses records that she skipped the second day of an NDIS parliamentary hearing in far north Queensland in March and travelled instead to join the friend at the concert in Brisbane.

Ms Husar’s friend, Chief ­Inspector Tracy Stone, a police officer from the MP’s western Sydney electorate, took leave from her position in the Nepean area command, flying north for the musical rendezvous. Ms Stone called her Brisbane trip “adventure time” in a post on Facebook. Ms Husar commented: “Come at me baby.” Ms Stone replied: “On my way.”


After the March 14 Bruno Mars concert at the Brisbane ­Entertainment Centre, the two dined at the city’s ­riverside Blackbird Bar & Grill, ­according to a ­deleted Facebook post.

Facing an internal party investigation into alleged staff bullying and misuse of entitlements, Ms Husar appears to have expunged all material before April this year from her personal Facebook ­account but left a second, official MP’s Facebook account intact.

The reason for expunging the material remains unclear.

Labor MP Emma Husar.
Rabbit in the headlights Ems
Ms Husar had attended the first day of NDIS hearings in Cairns, before flying to Brisbane to meet Ms Stone. Ms Husar’s parliamentary colleagues remained behind in Cairns and travelled to Townsville for a second day’s NDIS committee proceedings. A spokesman for NSW Police said Ms Husar and Ms Stone had been friends since attending school together.


.....she did charge $570 for a Comcar before leaving Sydney, $114 for a Comcar on arrival in Brisbane, and $186 for another on arriving back in Sydney.

A spokesman for Ms Husar said last night: “Of course no work expenses were used to attend a concert. Any assertion otherwise is preposterous. Emma was in Cairns on 14 March to attend a day-long committee hearing on the National Disability Insurance Scheme. She also met with Ruth’s Women’s Shelter in Cairns on the 13th. On 15 March, she attended meetings in Brisbane with two ­organisations — The Micah Project and DV Connect — to discuss domestic violence policy matters, specifically the development of consistent best-practice national standards for women’s shelters.

“These meetings were relevant to Emma’s role as secretary of the opposition status of women caucus committee and noting her involvement in domestic violence policy development.”

The spokesman said the concert tickets were a birthday gift.

After the Brisbane engagements, Ms Husar boarded a flight for Sydney and attended an Ed Sheeran concert at ANZ Stadium.

ABC cop-out over Paul Bongiorno's slur against Warren Mundine AO

We've been following Warren Mundine AO's complaint to the ABC about Paul Bongiorno's slur against him on Twitter.

Today Mr Mundine received this cop-out from the ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie - in summary, there will be no consequences for Bongiorno.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.41.54 am

Warren's written again today:


31 July 2018


Dear Ms Guthrie

Thank you for your response to my letter of 15 July 2018.

I think you have misunderstood the purpose of my letter and the nature of my complaint against the ABC.

I am not holding the ABC responsible or accountable for Mr Bongiorno’s tweet. I am not claiming that the ABC had editorial control over his tweet. I am seeking a response from the ABC as to the consequences under ABC’s policies and standards for Mr Bongiorno having made the tweet.

Since writing to you I have been provided with a copy of the ABC’s Social Media Policy. It is written in very clear and plain language and states:

“Personal and professional use of social media by ABC staff and contractors must not bring the ABC into disrepute, compromise effectiveness at work, imply ABC endorsement of personal views or disclose, without authorisation, confidential information.”

Under the heading “Who it applies to” it states “All Workers”. The expression “Workers” is defined as:

“Any person who carries out work in any capacity for the ABC, including work as: an employee; a contractor or subcontractor; an employee of a contractor or subcontractor; an employee of a labour hire company who has been assigned to work at the ABC; an outworker; an apprentice or trainee; a student gaining work experience; or a volunteer.”

Mr Bongiorno is a paid contractor of the ABC and a “worker” as defined in the policy. Therefore, the policy applies to him.

The policy lists four specific “standards” that “apply to work and personal use of interactive services by Workers using both ABC accounts and personal accounts at any time”. These include:

“1. Do not mix the professional and the personal in ways likely to bring the ABC into disrepute.

2. Do not undermine your effectiveness at work.

3. Do not imply ABC endorsement of your personal views.”

Mr Bongiorno’s tweet calling Sky News commentators such as myself “Uncle Toms” was made in a specific defence of the ABC. He was seeking to counter a claim that the ABC’s Insiders program did not have a politically balanced line up.

His tweet received widespread publicity and a great deal of condemnation. It included a racial slur. He is a paid ABC commentator and highlighted on the ABC website as key talent. Also, contrary to the statement in your letter, Mr Bongiorno has not deleted the tweet. As at today’s date it remains on Twitter.

Mr Bongiorno has a clear case to answer to the ABC under its Social Media Policy for bringing the ABC into disrepute and breach of the other standards.

I am not seeking any particular consequence for Mr Bongiorno. It is up to the ABC as to what disciplinary action, if any, it takes.

What I do expect of the ABC, as a public agency, is to formally review Mr Bongiorno’s tweet under its Social Media Policy (and any other policies that may be applicable), make a formal decision whether the policy has been breached and, if so, determine what, if any, disciplinary action should follow. I also expect those decisions and the reasons for them to be communicated to me.

The ABC has in the past taken a very strong stand against racism and its news and current affairs highlighted the impact of racism on Aboriginal people. It has ensured arts and culture programming includes Aboriginal performance and stories and has given great opportunities to Aboriginal talent in the arts. I find it difficult to reconcile how the ABC could take the view that one of its paid commentators using a racial slur does not bring it into disrepute, without even taking the time to properly review and apply its own standards.

It would be very disappointing to see the ABC wash its hands of one of its paid commentators abusing others with a racial slur in a public forum and fail to apply its Social Media Policy which very clearly applies.

Yours sincerely

Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO

Justin Milne, Chairman ABC
Senator The Hon. Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications  

Fmr DETSGT McAlpine writes to Victorian opposition leader and shadow attorney general

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.29.54 am

In November Victorians will make their choice in a law and order election.

One sleeper issue is the appointment of John Cain Jr as Solicitor for Public Prosecutions, along with Graham Ashton as Commissioner of Police.

The trajectory of the investigation into the Gillard/Wilson/Blewitt/Thiess slush fund took a steep turn for the worse after the Andrews CFMEU government's election.

I hope the Victorian Liberals make that an issue in the upcoming election.

Yesterday, Dave McAlpine sent this open letter to opposition leader Matthew Guy and his shadow Attorney General John Pesutto.


David McAlpine




The Honourable Matthew GUY MLA

Leader of the Opposition, Victoria

[email protected]


Dear Sir,

I was the Detective responsible for the 1995 to 1998 WA police investigation of payments from Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd to a slush fund established by Julia Gillard, Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt.

On 16 March 2017, Ralph Blewitt was arrested and charged with 31 offences in WA case number 09099610007489, the case number assigned to my investigation.

On 22 May 2018 the WA DPP dropped all charges against Blewitt. 

He is the only person charged with offences arising from my investigation (and further investigations conducted by the Victoria Police Operation Tendement Taskforce.)

Blewitt has contacted me and passed on files containing prosecution evidence served on him. He told me he wanted to plead guilty to offences associated with unlawful and corrupt secret commission payments from the construction contractor Thiess, however, rather than secret commission offences, Blewitt was charged with defrauding Thiess in other words deceiving the construction giant into making corrupt payments.

In short, Blewitt says Thiess was “in on it”.  Much of the offending took place in Victoria.

I have now seen the huge amount of evidence collected by Victoria Police Operation Tendement, I have also seen thousands of files obtained by the journalist, Michael Smith of Those files contain overwhelming prima facie evidence of serious indictable offences with named and known offenders. The evidence includes confessions and hand-written statements from offenders.

As a result of my analysis of that evidence, I allege that the senior employees of Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd made corrupt secret commission payments to the Gillard/Wilson/Blewitt slush fund.

Gillard/Wilson/Blewitt went to considerable lengths to conceal the true nature of the slush fund and the payments it received. I believe the evidence supports one finding – that a criminal conspiracy existed between: 

  • Bruce Wilson - WA AWU Secretary
  • Ralph Blewitt – WA AWU Assistant Secretary
  • Julia Gillard - WA AWU Lawyer, Wilson’s secret de-facto wife and lover
  • Bernard Murphy - Gillard’s managing partner at their firm Slater and Gordon
  • John Cain Jr - AWU lawyer in Melbourne at firm Maurice Blackburn
  • Martin Albrecht - Thiess Contractors managing director
  • Nick Jukes - Thiess Contractors WA and later national general manager
  • Joe Trio - Thiess WA manager
  • Paul Darrouzet - Thiess HR and industrial relations manager

I am making serious allegations about serious crimes.  I've been public in making those allegations because of the inaction of taxpayer funded investigators and the procrastination of both Vicpol and Wapol over these matters.  

The official inaction on this matter can at best be characterised as negligence - it may well be corrupt.

Do you seriously think Bruce Wilson, Ralph Blewitt and Julia Gillard were entitled to the money they received from the AWU Workplace Reform Association slush fund?  Do you believe that money was obtained by them lawfully?  Do you honestly believe that they acted alone in this conspiracy or offences, there is absolutely no doubt they were assisted by others from within Thiess Contractors Pty Ltd.

Secondly, and more importantly, how is that one man, Michael Smith, an investigative journalist and very well credentialed former police officer, operating a website on the smell of an oily rag can locate me, then fly from Australia to Roi Et in Northern Thailand to interview me while neither the Trade Union Royal Commission nor any other investigative agency has even bothered to contact me.

As the officer in charge of this investigation while I was a serving WA Police Detective, I’m amazed that Smith has been able to collate such a wealth of compelling prima facie evidence of serious indictable offences - and that he's been able to travel to see me not once, but twice to advance his investigations.   In part Mr. Smith has taken this investigation much further than I was able to while I was serving because I was instructed by the DPP to cease working on the file - however a $60M trade union (royal commission) and two state police task forces should have been able to do what Smith has done. 

I will not drop the matter until justice is done.

Yours sincerely,

(original signed)

D McAlpine



Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.25.22 am