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As a publisher, Greg Hywood would've run a nice shoe shop.

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Paul Keating's comment about Nine pus oozing into Fairfax makes more sense considering Packer's 60 Minutes story about Keating's piggery

Packer was worried about publishing.  He put his people through hoops to prove their claims.

It apparently took "quite a session" to get Packer over the line.

In the end a real journalist Paul Lyneham told Kerry, "If you don't like a bit of heat why don't you go and start running a shoe shop? You're a publisher and you should publish".


60 Minutes executive producer John Westacott nailed the central issue.  It didn't matter if the story was right or wrong.  It was about a Labor Prime Minister and there would be repercussions.

"Both Lyneham and I lost friends in the Labor Party who didn't think this was right or wrong but that it was beyond the pale to besmirch a PM.

I know the feeling.

The once formidable Fairfax publishing empire folded when Julia Gillard said she was troubled by publication of Bob Kernohan's recollections of The AWU Scandal.  

Rather than tell the truth about Gillard, Fairfax told lies about Kernohan and defamed him terribly. I'm amazed Bob hasn't sued.

Hywood will wear that, to quote Keating, like a crown of thorns.  

The AWU story told by Bob is true now and it was true then.  Fairfax and Hywood knew it.

Fairfax had former AWU chief Ian Cambridge's affidavit in its possession.

Fairfax had all of Cambridge's exhibits - bank statements, conveyance file extracts and the application to incorporate the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

It also had critical new expert evidence proving that parts of the application were made out in Gillard's handwriting.

Fairfax had $25,000 worth of specialist defamation lawyer Bruce Burke's advice on the story.  Burke cleared a pre-recorded 30 minute interview with Kernohan for broadcast.

The Fairfax radio network promoted the story for two days.  It pulled the pin ten minutes before broadcast.

When it came to the crunch - or slight rustle - Hywood and his managers squibbed it.

That Labor protects its people should be to journalism as tides and waves are to a sea captain.

Deal with it, don't succumb to it.

Greg, you would've been better fitting Bata Scouts.