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Australian media reporting - "Muslims face mobs in mosques"

The Australian today has this sensational pointer on the front page of its website.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.17.36 am

Muslims face mobs? 

To face is "to be positioned with the face or front towards (someone or something)".

According to the pointer, Muslims have actually been confronted by more than one mob inside more than one mosque.

Sounds worrying, so what's in the actual story?


Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 8.17.36 am

The headline's changed - Muslims "fear" mobs in mosques.

Read on and you'll see a group of men asked to be let inside a Brisbane mosque to film there - on one occasion.

The single group of men then apparently went to another mosque but didn't get beyond the locked gates.

For that we get the blanket "Muslims Face Mobs In Mosques"

It's not like The Australian of old to run a story like that - but it is consistent with the way stories about Islam and Muslim victimhood are reported in Australia's mainstream media.

The Islamic Council's Ali Kadri called the men "uncivilised animals".

Personally I'd rather face the "uncivilised animals" from a Baptist Church in Ipswich than the Muslims with bombs who blew up 3 Christian churches in Surabaya a few weeks ago.

Uncivilised animals?  Let's look at the tally for the past 30 days and see how the Baptists with a camera stack up.

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2018.07.05 Syria Manbij 1 22 Terrorists bomb a demonstration near a school, killing one protester.
2018.07.05 Afghanistan Ghani Khel 2 5 Islamic Emirate members kill two local soldiers.
2018.07.05 Afghanistan Deh Yak 2 0 Two policemen are brutally ambushed and killed by ISIS activists.
2018.07.05 Iran Khash 1 0 Sectarianism is suspected in the shooting death of a Sunni cleric.
2018.07.05 Iraq Badush 4 0 A father and his three sons are brutally murdered in their own home by Islamic militants.
2018.07.04 Iraq Najaf 1 0 An aide to a Shiite cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.07.04 Afghanistan Tor Kotal 3 0 Three Afghans are laid out by an Islamic State bomb blast.
2018.07.04 Iraq Baghdad 1 11 Muslim radicals set off a bomb that eliminates a bystander.
2018.07.04 Nigeria Mararaba Kola 5 0 A woman is among five shot to death by Miyetti Allah on motorcycles.
2018.07.04 Syria Ajraf 5 0 Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid use a bomb to kill five rival Sunnis.
2018.07.04 Afghanistan Burka 3 2 Islamic militants enter a house sheltering voter registration workers and kill three.
2018.07.03 Somalia Galmudug 5 0 Five villagers are killed by al-Shabaab for resisting having their children 'recruited'.
2018.07.03 Somalia Sanguni 3 2 An Islamic group lobs a shell that claims three lives.
2018.07.03 Afghanistan Baharak 2 7 The Taliban stage a brutal attack that leaves two others dead.
2018.07.03 Somalia Hodan 1 7 A civilian is leveled by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2018.07.03 Afghanistan Pul-e-Alam 2 3 A woman and child are disassembled by fundamentalist bombers.
2018.07.03 Syria Raqqa 2 0 An ISIS IED takes out two members of a rival Sunni group.
2018.07.03 Afghanistan Andar 4 0 The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan plant a bomb that claims four lives.
2018.07.02 Iraq Hawija 1 0 A 17-year-old shepherd succumbs to Islamist shrapnel.
2018.07.02 Pakistan Boya 2 2 An Islamist attack kills two and disfigures two others.
2018.07.02 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A civilian is tortured to death by Islamic State loyalists.
2018.07.01 Niger Bla Brin 10 7 Ten border guards are left dead following an attack by Boko Haram.
2018.07.01 Nigeria Sabon Angwa 6 0 Muslim terrorists kill six villagers and burn their church.
2018.07.01 Somalia Mogadishu 5 0 al-Shabaab members send mortar rounds into a residential neighborhood, killing five.
2018.07.01 Iraq Diyala 1 1 A woman bleeds to death following an Islamic bomb attack.
2018.07.01 Iraq Kirkuk 1 20 Jihadis set off a bomb near a ballot box site, killing one.
2018.07.01 Afghanistan Jalalabad 19 20 A suicide bomber targets Sikh and Hindu minorities, killing nineteen.
2018.07.01 Mali Gao 4 31 Four civilians are blown to bits by a suicide car bomber.
2018.06.30 Iraq Makhus 5 3 The Islamic State set up a fake checkpoint from which they machine-gun five Sunnis.
2018.06.30 Syria Maarat al-Numaan 1 1 A civilian is taken apart by a Sunni IED
2018.06.30 Afghanistan Aikhanum 2 4 Sunni fundamentalists gun down two cops.
2018.06.30 Afghanistan Nangarhar 3 0 Islamic State members burn down a school and behead three attendants.
2018.06.29 Somalia Mogadishu 3 0 A student is among three people murdered by Islamic extremists.
2018.06.29 Nigeria Banki 4 4 Boko Haram invade a displaced persons camp and murder four refugees.
2018.06.29 Iraq Balad Ruz 3   Three farmers are kidnapped and murdered by ISIS.
2018.06.29 Nigeria Plateau 98 0 An additional ninety-eight victims of a Miyetti Allah weekend killing spree are documented.
2018.06.29 Mali Mopti 6 0 A suicide bomber detonates at the headquarters of a counter-terrorism force.
2018.06.29 Afghanistan Herat 2 0 Two civilians are killed by suspected Taliban.
2018.06.29 Iraq Hawija 2 0 Two young farmers are dismantled by terrorist shrapnel.
2018.06.28 Somalia Qoryoley 5 3 Five are left dead after an al-Shabaab attack near a small village.
2018.06.28 Afghanistan Kabul 2 3 The Taliban fire on a passing car, killing two Afghans.
2018.06.28 Afghanistan Takhar 16 2 Sixteen border guards are massacred by Sunni fundamentalists.
2018.06.28 Afghanistan Logar 13 4 Thirteen elders at a peace conference are vaporized by the Islamic State.
2018.06.28 Iraq Tel Sharaf 8 0 Eight Iraqis captured by ISIS are found beaten and executed.
2018.06.27 Syria Aleppo 13 20 Two suicide bombers take out thirteen civilians.
2018.06.27 Somalia Wanlaweyn 3 7 al-Shabaab murder three local soldiers with a bomb blast.
2018.06.27 Somalia Mogadishu 1 0 A guard at a market is shot to death by Islamists.
2018.06.27 Iraq Bashir 1 5 One defender is left dead after the Islamic State attack a small town.
2018.06.26 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 1 1 Islamists send six bullets into two police officers, killing one.
2018.06.26 Afghanistan Farah 1 0 A government official is assassinated by suspected Sharia radicals.
2018.06.26 Nigeria Damboa 7 12 Boko Haram slit the throats of seven villagers hunting for firewood.
2018.06.26 Cameroon Oulfo 3 1 Religious extremists kill three men and kidnap a woman.
2018.06.25 Afghanistan Taber 1 2 An Afghan activist loses his life to a Taliban drive-by.
2018.06.25 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 An Ahmadi religious minority is shot in three times in the stomach by Sunni extremists.
2018.06.25 Iraq Daquq 1 1 A civilian is shot to death by the Islamic State.
2018.06.25 Somalia Balad 2 0 Two security personnel succumb to an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2018.06.25 Iraq Mutaibija 1 6 An ISIS attack on a security checkpoint leaves one dead.
2018.06.25 Afghanistan Babar Tangai 9 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber slaughters nine local cops.
2018.06.24 Tunisia Kasserine 1 0 A young shepherd dies from injuries after being tortured and mutilated by Jihadis.
2018.06.24 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 120 6 One-hundred twenty people are massacred by Miyetti Allah as they return from a funeral.
2018.06.24 Iraq Hamrin 3 1 A mother and two daughters are viciously stabbed to death in their home by Islamists.
2018.06.24 Afghanistan Qala-e-Naw 10 0 Ten guards for a voter registration center are massacred by the Taliban.
2018.06.23 Nigeria Tungushe 5 6 A suicide bomber detonates in the middle of the night, killing five villagers.
2018.06.23 Mozambique Maganja 5 5 An Islamic group burns over a hundred homes and kills five villagers.
2018.06.23 Cameroon Guid-Zeleved 3 0 Three innocents are murdered in cold blood by Boko Haram.
2018.06.22 Nigeria Dowayan 18 5 Miyetti Allah attack a small village, burn homes and murder eighteen.
2018.06.22 Afghanistan Maidan Wardak 2 9 Sunni militants send shells into a market, killing two patrons.
2018.06.22 Nigeria Barkin Ladi 2 0 Two young children of a Christian cleric are hacked to death.
2018.06.22 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 4 43 The Taliban target a road construction crew, kidnapping dozens and killing four would-be rescuers.
2018.06.22 Afghanistan Ab Kamari 16 0 Sixteen Afghans are massacred by Sunni extremists.
2018.06.22 Afghanistan Herat 1 0 A Shiite cleric is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.06.22 Iraq Khanaqin 1 1 Terrorists kill a young girl and injure her brother.
2018.06.22 Afghanistan Nimroz 7 0 Seven others are left dead when the Taliban storm a voter registration center.
2018.06.22 India Srigufwara 1 1 Islamic militia fire on a house, killing the father and injuring his wife.
2018.06.21 Iraq Babil 1 0 A passport official is brutally assassinated by Muslim gunmen.
2018.06.21 Afghanistan Baghlan 2 3 Two police are killed by Sunni terrorists.
2018.06.21 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 4 Six police are killed during a Taliban attack.
2018.06.21 Syria Idlib 5 35 Jihadis blow up five civilians with two car bombs.
2018.06.21 Pakistan Hayatabad 1 0 Terrorists on motorcycles gun down a local cop.
2018.06.21 Nigeria Kaduna 1 3 Shiite radicals attack a group of police, killing one.
2018.06.21 Syria Suwayda 3 2 A group fighting for Sharia sends shells into a neighborhood, killing three residents.
2018.06.20 Iraq Diyala 2 0 The bodies of two kidnap victims are discovered executed.
2018.06.20 Afghanistan Ashtar 1 0 Islamic militants assassinate a bus driver.
2018.06.20 Afghanistan Balamerghab 34 0 Fundamentalists kill thirty-four Afghan security personnel in two attacks.
2018.06.20 India Kandizal 1 2 Muslim terrorist throw a grenade from a bypass, killing one person in a passing car.
2018.06.20 Nigeria Kai 4 0 Four members of a Christian family are slaughtered, including two children.
2018.06.19 CAR Ippy 1 3 Muslim 'rebels' fire into a Catholic church, killing a worshipper.
2018.06.19 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 2 Two civilians are blown to bits by Mujahideen.
2018.06.19 Afghanistan Kotal Laili 3 1 Three cops are gunned down by Sunni hardliners.
2018.06.19 Mozambique Lipandacua 5 0 A sleeping child is among five villagers murdered by Islamists.
2018.06.19 Nigeria Gajiram 9 2 Nine local security personnel are ambushed and killed by Boko Haram.
2018.06.19 Iraq Albu Issa 1 1 A woman in a car is aerated by Jihadi shrapnel.
2018.06.19 Iraq Mosul 6 0 Six ISIS kidnap victims are found executed.
2018.06.18 Afghanistan Jorm 17 0 Seventeen Afghan security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
2018.06.18 Afghanistan Ghani Khel 1 1 A local official is assassinated by religious hardliners.
2018.06.18 Afghanistan Faryab 4 2 Four Afghans are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.06.18 Bangladesh Bazar 1 0 A leader critical of terrorists is himself hacked to death by them.
2018.06.18 Iraq Tlul al-Baj 7 0 Seven shepherds are kidnapped, handcuffed and shot in the head by Islamic militia.
2018.06.17 Iraq Khanaqin 2 3 A Mujahideen bomb placed under a family vehicle kills both parents and injures the kids.
2018.06.17 Afghanistan Jalalabad 18 45 A suicide bomber on foot targets an Eid celebration, killing eighteen.
2018.06.17 Kenya Wajir 8 0 Eight border guards are blown up in their vehicle by al-Shabaab.
2018.06.17 France La Seyne-sur-Mer 0 2 A woman in a veil slashes customers at a supermarket while yelling praises to Allah.
2018.06.17 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Two truck drivers are stopped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.06.17 India Kelam 1 0 Islamic militants barge into a home and gun down a resident.
2018.06.16 Nigeria Damboa 43 18 Two suicide bombers target a World Cup screening, after which other Islamists lob grenades at those rushing to help.
2018.06.16 Syria Aleppo 1 2 Terrorists kill a civilian with an IED.
2018.06.16 Afghanistan Jalalabad 36 65 An Eid celebration is disrupted by a suicide bomber, who claims thirty-six kills.
2018.06.16 Pakistan Shawal 3 0 Suspected Taliban murder three border guards.
2018.06.15 Iraq Awainat 1 0 A mukhtar is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.06.15 Yemen Taiz 1 0 Terrorists murder a Red Cross humanitarian worker.
2018.06.14 India Kalampora 1 0 An off-duty soldier is abducted, tortured and murdered by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2018.06.14 Syria Kafr Nabl 1 3 One civilian is lost to a suicide car bomber.
2018.06.14 Yemen Abyan 3 7 A suicide car bomber rams a checkpoint, killing three others.
2018.06.14 India Srinagar 3 0 A newspaper editor who advocated for peace is gunned down by Lashker-e-Toiba along with two guards.
2018.06.14 South Africa Malmesbury 2 2 A 'mentally-disturbed' Somali enters a mosque and stabs two people to death.
2018.06.13 Iraq Aliyawa 2 0 A married couple is forever torn asunder by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2018.06.13 Libya Darna 2 0 Two civilians are tortured and murdered by militants shouting praises to Allah.
2018.06.13 Syria al-Bab 0 9 A suicide car bomber detonates at a market.
2018.06.13 Syria Suwar 5 0 Two civilians are among five blown up by a suicide bomber.
2018.06.13 Afghanistan Jalalabad 1 7 Another person is killed when a suicide bomber detonates at a market.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Ghazni 5 26 Fundamentalists claim five lives with a suicide car bomb.
2018.06.12 Somalia Teed 4 0 An al-Shabaab attack on a government base results in four dead.
2018.06.12 India Pulwama 2 1 An Islamic terror attack on a court complex leaves two dead.
2018.06.12 Syria Hageen 30 0 ISIS executes thirty members.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Kohistan 8 0 Eight security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban ambush.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Burhan Shahr 7 2 A Taliban attack on a village leaves seven dead.
2018.06.12 Afghanistan Sheikh Walol 18 0 Eighteen local security personnel are brutally killed during a Taliban attack on their post.
2018.06.12 Nigeria Antsa 4 21 A family of four is wiped out during a Miyetti Allah attack on a farming community.
2018.06.12 Mozambique Nathuko 1 0 An elderly man is beheaded by Islamic radicals.
2018.06.11 Mozambique Changa 4 0 Four villagers are hacked to death by Muslim extremists.
2018.06.11 Syria Tamanah 2 0 Two civilians are aerated by an IED.
2018.06.11 Syria Raqqa 3 0 A bomb left by ISIS claims three civilians.
2018.06.11 Bangladesh Kakaldi 1 0 An atheist poet is dragged and shot to death.
2018.06.11 Libya Derna 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber kills two other people.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Qaflatoon 3 5 Three security personnel are killed during a Taliban attack on a check-point.
2018.06.11 Iraq Qara Tapa 2 10 Islamic State members fire on a Shiite defense militia, killing two members.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Sar-e-Pul 16 42 Sixteen security personnel are murdered by a wave of Sunni attacks.
2018.06.11 Iraq Kirkuk 1 0 A musician is shot to death by suspected fundamentalists.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Ghazni 6 3 Six women and children are exterminated by Taliban bombers.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Kabul 17 13 A Fedayeen suicide bomber outside a rural development office sends seventeen workers to Allah.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Kabul 3 1 Three people are killed when a bomb explodes at a house.
2018.06.11 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 4 A Shahid suicide bomber kills one other person.
2018.06.11 Iraq Kirkuk 3 13 Jihadis set a bomb that kills first responders to an earlier shooting.
2018.06.11 Afghanistan Qala-e-Zal 15 0 Fifteen security personnel are brutally slain while sitting down to a meal.
2018.06.10 Syria Tell Rifaat 4 4 Four civilians are shredded by a terrorist IED.
2018.06.10 Afghanistan Arghandab 13 4 Thirteen local cops are killed by the Taliban during an attack on their check-post.
2018.06.10 Syria Deir Ezzor 3 7 A suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonates at a checkpoint, killing three others.
2018.06.10 Nigeria Mubi 1 2 A Boko Haram bomb disassembles one boy and pulls the arms off two others.
2018.06.10 Nigeria Kwall 2 0 Two innocents on their way home from church are hacked to pieces by Muslim radicals.
2018.06.09 Somalia Kismayo 0 7 A suicide car bomber maims seven others.
2018.06.09 Syria Idlib 5 0 Five captives are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2018.06.09 Saudi Arabia Jazan 3 0 Three civilians are blown to bits by an Ansar Allah rocket.
2018.06.09 Afghanistan Qala-e Zal 25 0 The Taliban storm three checkpoints and murder two dozen cops in cold blood.
2018.06.09 Mali Boni 3 0 An al-Qaeda attack leaves three others dead.
2018.06.09 Iraq Hadar 2 0 Two guards at a police station are shot dead by the Islamic State.
2018.06.09 Iraq Khalis 1 23 Terrorists bomb a vegetable market, killing a bystander.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Zawol 17 13 Fundamentalists ambush and kill seventeen local security personnel.
2018.06.08 Iraq Kirkuk 1 14 A woman succumbs to injury after Mujahideen bomb a shopping area.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Shindand 7 2 Seven worshippers at a mosque are machine-gunned by their Muslim brothers.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Mehtarlam 4 12 Rival bombers pick off a religious scholar and four three others leaving a mosque.
2018.06.08 Cameroon Mangave Foya 6 0 Jihadists murder six people during a raid on a village.
2018.06.08 Afghanistan Jalalabad 3 4 Two civilians and a guard lose their lives to a suicide bomber outside a lawmaker's residence.
2018.06.08 Syria Albu Kamal 30 0 A wave of ISIS suicide bombers results in thirty other deaths.
2018.06.07 Mali Gossi 1 0 An al-Qaeda shooting attack leaves one dead.
2018.06.07 Afghanistan Khost 4 3 Four people praying at a mosque are shot dead by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.06.07 Pakistan Maidan 3 2 Three individuals bleed to death after being hit with an explosive device.
2018.06.07 India Keran 1 1 A border guard is murdered by suspected Hizb-ul- Mujahideen.
2018.06.07 Iraq Baqubah 2 2 Suspected ISIS rake a passing car with gunfire, killing two occupants.
2018.06.07 Thailand Sukhirin 4 0 Four members of a family are brutally gunned down by eight Islamic 'separatists'.
2018.06.06 Mozambique Namaluco 5 2 Five people are hacked to death by Islamic radicals.
2018.06.06 Thailand Bacho 1 0 A former village head is gunned down by 'insurgents'.
2018.06.06 Kenya Harar 5 3 Islamists plant a landmine that kills five Kenyan border security.
2018.06.06 Afghanistan Pul-e-Khomri 2 2 A bomb targeting a voter registration center leaves two dead.
2018.06.06 Nigeria Tse Shan 9 5 Miyetti Allah storm a village in the middle of the night and murder nine sleeping residents.
2018.06.06 Iraq Baghdad 18 90 Eighteen worshippers at a Shiite mosque are disintegrated by a double bombing.
2018.06.05 Niger Diffa 6 37 Three suicide bombers slaughter six people at a rival mosque.
2018.06.05 Syria Idlib 2 0 Hayat Tahrir al-Sham execute two people on suspicion of membership in a rival Islamic group.
2018.06.05 Afghanistan Baghlan 2 1 Two civilians are blown to bits by a suicide bomber.
2018.06.05 Pakistan Mastung 3 2 Islamic State suicide bombers storm a checkpoint and kill three officers.
2018.06.05 Somalia Balad 5 3 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves five dead.
2018.06.05 Somalia Elka Gelow 12 0 Two lawmakers and ten body guards are taken out by an al-Shabaab rocket.