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Tony Abbott's speech to the Heritage Foundation about President Trump, energy and the things that.........

Chairman Mal going on about "climate policy" as if he can dial up the global temperature

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Australia needs reliable, cheap energy.  We've got coal, mines and railways to ship it - so what are we waiting for?

What we don't need is feel-good, expensive, UN-friendly, trendy schemes to appease the climate-gods.

Turnbull has as much chance of changing the global climate as he does changing global tides.

But listen to him on the South Australian blackouts, "(South Australia's error) was a failure to integrate energy and climate policy. We're correcting that with the NEG".

Total crap Chairman.  What the hell is 'climate policy'?

SA's problem was an aversion to reliable, cheap energy.  The trendoids running the show were trying to seem on-song with their climate alarmist mates so they'd have something interesting to say when they meet at expensive conferences.

Turnbull's doing the same things as SA did, just dressing it up differently.  Wake up to yourself Chairman Mal!  You're there to run the show for Australians!  If you can't get electricity prices down when we've got a coal supply that's the envy of the world then get out of the road and give Tony his job back.