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Wyndham Dix has been a great contributor to our website over the years.

Last night I was delighted to receive this email from him.

Good evening Michael,

More than two years ago I retired from commenting on your blog.  I therefore have no expectations - you may do with these things what you will, including ignoring them. 

I attach the reply I received today to a letter sent four months ago to Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter. 

The second attachment is my reply today.

It seems that Miss Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching, too, are Teflon-coated in the Australia of today - a nation with which (at the age of almost 80) I increasingly fail to identify.


Wyndham Dix


I replied overnight.

Dear Wyndham,

Don't think you haven't been missed - or envied!
I wish retirement was an easy option for me but the prospect of no one pursuing the more obvious and egregious criminal infractions we've covered is too dreadful to permit it.
I share your outrage over Senator (sic) Kitching.  I'll try to amplify it.
The obvious indictable offence disclosed by Kitching's behaviour (ie an offence for which prosecution isn't limited by statute) is perjury and/or the specific misleading/deceptive evidence provisions of the Royal Commissions Act.
I'll shortly charge GILLARD with those offences and I see no reason KITCHING shouldn't face the music as well.
It was chilling to hear Graham RICHARDSON say this about KITCHING
He used precisely the same line "She hasn't been charged and she won't be" with me about GILLARD in a private cafe conversation.
I'm pleased he's wrong about GILLARD and I think we might have him eat his words about KITCHING too.
Labor and its mates are stage-managing the path from perfidy to innocence for these crooks as if there's a secret "born again" baptismal ceremony available to members of the movement.  
That's disturbing.
But it's terrifying that it's happening with the acquiescence of The Turnbull Coalition.
Let me know what you think should happen next.
Fond regards,
PS I hope the lapse in your retirement is seductive.
PPS - the Fair Work Commission evidentiary findings against Kitching remain unpursued.


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