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Fairfax's Latika Bourke explains how SHY and Ms Gillard are victims of Australian sexism

Reader John Greybeard eviscerates the Government of Turnbull's energy spruikers

The Government of Turnbull brings religious-zeal to cutting emissions.

But it isn't trying to cut power bills.

Keeping the lights on and cutting bills don't rate on Twitter.

Chairman Mal has the social-media-data-led-insights to prove his strategy is right.

Like he was right to roll Tony.  Or sign the Paris Agreement.

Just ask him, he'll tell you.

It's tragic.  

It's astounding.  

Chairman Mal and Deputies Lucy and Julie are playing to the Beautiful People at the UN.


That they might be fawned at a little more. 

Here's reader John Greybeard on Facebook.




I have just heard an interview with the Minister for Resources Matt Canavan talking about the NEG and of some disquiet in the party room.

Well Minister you should be lucky ,I wasn't near you when you said "DISPATCHABLE BASE LOAD POWER" if that comment is the level of knowledge at the Cabinet table then no wonder we are going down the gurgle.

BASELOAD POWER is constantly dispatched unless it is dumped into a dummy load or a battery. DISPATCHABLE POWER is stored in a Battery or Pumped Hydro (water Battery) ready to dispatch when needed. I suppose you could also refer to an ordinary Hydro Scheme as Dispatchable power. But Baseload can only come from continuous generation such as Coal or Gas fired Generators.

The whole problem with the concept of the NEG and of SNOWY 2.0 is that they rely on wild fluctuations of energy pricing and that cannot produce affordable energy.

Take an example from the comments of the CEO of Tomago Smelter. Mark Howell, who usually pays $80/MWh and was faced with prices up to $14,000/MWh in a system where a shutdown of more than 40 minutes causes catastrophic damage to the smelting process and losses in the $Millions. As an aside he said the worlds biggest battery designed to keep lights on in South Australia could not even sustain his plant for that 40 minutes. That Battery Mr Minister is DISPATCHABLE POWER any time you want to pay through the nose for it.