Joyce/Campion parliamentary expenses report - "We'll take your word for it Barnaby"
Marvel at Chairman Mal holding the phone while he basks in the Thailand rescue limelight


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Wayne Shaft

Sue the A Hole ! 😡😠😤😠😡

seeker of truth

This isn't the first time Professor Chapman has defamed people. He was forced to publicly apologise for a deliberate distortion of the truth (ie a lie) concerning Sarah Laurie who was a thorn in his side as regards wind turbines and the damage to people's health.

Apologies aren't worth the paper they are written on if there is no sincerity to them.


Foul idealogue. If he merely played with parliamentarians it might be different, but he targets people like these:

Appalling bully.

Michelle Two

These political advocates are having a bit of a rough time at the moment with their lies coming back to haunt them, their ideological ideas seem to be hitting a dark place and returning to them while the apologies are forth coming whether forced or not they are having to retract and take responsibility for their actions when they are called out..
So the call outs need to happen more often so they can correct the record of lies but also so they can face the truth of their political ideals.. and maybe research more before mouthing off ..

Up The Workers!

Notice something missing from the above letter?

I cannot see any apology for calling the man a rapist.

As a man, surely he is due such an apology, as is every other man other than the cowardly, accused child-molesting rapist who leads the Crim's Party, and all his peers both those inside prison and those still awaiting sentencing.

Up The Workers!

This Dr. Joe Kosterich has been round the block a time or two.

He evidently knows the golden rule..."Speak softly and carry a Big Lawyer!"


He might say "sorry" more often than Kevin Rudd.
He was sorry for many things - and so he should be. Rudd is a very sorry individual.


" Simple Simon " has been a PITA for many years...another deluded fool hiding in academia.

Michelle Two

G'day xx I have been playing nanny this morning babysitting and he didn't want to go down ..
Interesting dream last night it had Sarah Hanson Young in it.. we were at this big sports arena and she had to go out and face the crowd with her confessions, I think she lost the case and walked off feeling so embarrassed... It just left me with a feeling of being paraded and shamed in front of a big crowd.. Not sure why it featured SHY though or the message in.. maybe a sign of things to come with politicians having to face the people for their actions.. and also facing fears.. and a public trial which would be why if made me feel like being shamed to admit their actions.. I was in the crowd though with another lady, not sure who that was but I was packing stuff in my handbag getting ready to leave after SHY walked out....

I just drew the angel messages using the answer deck the first one out is "No" so you will know what this is about and the questions you have been asking, it is not necessarily a negative for it may just mean it is not time and to look a bit deeper as you may of missed something or you are just not seeing it at this time.. So dig deeper for the answers you seek and listen to your heart speak, and express that to others for the card "Communicate Clearly" has come out again so let your feelings be known and where it is you stand for that way you can face the truth, see the truth and then act on it accordingly.. it is also a message to come from a place of understanding where others are concerned as they may not always see what you do, so have a different perspective this doesn't make them wrong or unknowing it just means they may not have the knowledge you do from all you have learned along the way so that is what you have to make clear and simple to bring in your experiences and find a happy medium and to work from there so you may some times need to compromise to get the best result.. so just ponder on the results or outcome that would be best with what you know so far also without trying to control the outcome but making the best with what you have as more might come forward at a later date if the information is available it will show up at the right time.. Always trust your intuition anyway to get you to the next stage and don't overwork your self, take time out to play as soul will have your intuition come in with clarity if you are not filling your mind with fears and information that may need sorting through at least in your mind and minds eye over how you perceive the sequence of events and if they match up with your main communication points.. so getting down to the nitty gritty and fine print before the next step .. open your mind and heart and be ready to change on learning more and advancing the cause you are working on in all aspects of life.. love and light xx
When NO comes out it may also mean look for another direction if you are straying from the path which would also work with the timing not being right because within your heart you may be thinking you are ill prepared.. always look for the light when your fears come up because in your fears you find what it is that is hidden so not all souls will see that with their naked eye but the third eye will pick up what others miss if you are in the right frame of mind it will come to you with clarity so watch those thoughts but don't overthink as you have the information it may just need sorting out within your mind so the soul can process it and move ahead accordingly but within yourself you will know when the timing is right as it creates synchronicity and a chain of events that just match as the pieces of the puzzle slot together when you have a greater understanding of the situation at hand which might be what you are waiting on the go ahead.. from other sources so use your soul energy to bring the results you want but it has to be with intentions from the heart that will help improve humanity but you also need to accept the answers and move on from that point as not everything is within your control even when you understand how to use energy, you have to allow for the freewill of others to play their part when they feel it is the right time as well.. love always xx

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